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All About Your Relationships

Start at the beginning or just grab the title that speaks to the biggest problems you're having right now. The month on relationships starts with you, how much and how well you love your self, and then goes out like ripples to your lover, your inner circle (family and friends) and ends with your community and the world. Get great at all your relationships in this series.

Click here to go the the videos, audios and notes on having great self-love, self-esteem and self care. Fill yourself up first and watch your joy spill over onto everyone you meet! 

Click here to learn all about how to really be in love with your lover and how your "relationship status" applies to your freedom and happiness. Are you in a relationship that you don't love because you're afraid of being alone? Or are you unhappily single because you're afraid of failing at love or getting hurt? Learn how to craft your love life based on what you want, not what you fear. 

Click here to get some juicy insight on how to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of relationships with your family and closest friends. These can be some of the trickiest because these are the people that we really love and want to keep around, no matter how annoying they are. Get some great tools for family harmony in this series. 

Click here to learn more about what it means to really be in love with and feel like you belong in our global community. Who you want to be, how you want to impact the world and how best to do that.  ( Episode 2 will be posted 3/26/20)

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Soon all of the subjects and materials will be right here on this page, but while we switch over, please browse here for more topics. The Power of Words, You and Your Body, Secrets to Journaling and much more. Check it out! Here's to your Happiness and Joy! 

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