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Season 3 | Episode 86:

Happy and Free Series:

"Magnificent Manifesting Mornings! "

Host Lauren G. Foster Celebrating her new book, "Happy and Free On Purpose: Daily Practices to Live and Love Your Life!

In episode 1 of this series, Lauren shares some parts of the book along with more wisdom and insight into manifesting the life you want! You're supposed to love your life and the first moments of your day have SO much power. Listen to the episode and start this very day to live your life on purpose, happy and free!

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Hello, and welcome to today's episode of the How to Choose happiness and freedom show. This is Episode One of the happy Embree on purpose series, which is the companion to my new book happy and free on purpose, daily practices to live and love your life, which will be available on July 1 2021. If you're listening to this before that date, head over to Lauren g foster.com. And get details on how you can enter to win a super special, amazing prize have a be happy first prosperity pendant, and other great gifts and prizes and things to help you to begin to really live your life the way you want to today's episode is called magnificent manifesting mornings, what we'll do is take a chapter or an excerpt or something fun from the book and then expand upon that and delve into it and really get into the meat of the subject. So that you can take these principles and put them to use in your life this very day, this very moment. First, let's talk about what we mean by happy and free on purpose. Happy is very individual, you know what happy, feels like it feels good, it feels amazing, it feels joyful, and loving, and anticipatory and exciting and content, and satisfied and fulfilled. All of those great high flying feelings are what we mean by happy. By freedom, we mean that you are creating exactly the life that you want, according to no one but you, you get to live your life waking up when you want to wake up doing work that you love, having money in the exact amounts that you want to have having love and great relationships, and really being able to enjoy the simple things in life, along with the magnificent things in life, totally in love with your life right now. And completely on fire and excited about the things that you are creating for your future, on purpose, on purpose has a double meaning on purpose means you're doing it deliberately, you are manifesting things in the way that you really want to instead of just accidentally manifesting things by default, according to the old programs that are in your brain, on purpose also means that you have discovered your path, you've discovered your heart's desire, and your unique reason for being on this earth. Trust me you were not put here by accident, there is a role that you are to play there is a vital expansion of the universe, that only you can provide the impetus for that you can only you can create that expansion for the world. And when you figure out what it is that you want, and what it is that you are here for, and you begin creating your life that way. There's no more delicious feeling magnificent manifesting mornings. First of all, let's talk about what we mean by manifesting. When you manifest something, you can see it you can hear it, you can feel it and taste it and touch it or experience it in some way. In this physical, short human life, you can prove this to yourself right now by thinking of something that embarrasses you, and see how your body responds the blood coming to your cheeks and causing you to flush. That is a manifestation of the thoughts that you are thinking. And these are good or bad. And these are happening whether you believe it or not. The law of attraction is like the law of gravity. You don't have to believe in the law of gravity in order to be able to stay stuck to the earth and not fly off into space is the same thing with the law of attraction. Everything in this universe every single atom has its own unique vibrational energy. conflicting energies cannot exist in the same spot. So you attract what you are. And all of the work that we're doing at be happy first, is to help you learn to be what it is that you want to attract. Some other examples of this are that if you're living a life that is full of stress and tension, this may manifest as physical disease, stomach ulcers, cancer,

autoimmune diseases, the the list of negative manifestations of a life that is lived at a negative and low vibration are really endless. On the positive side, maybe you think of someone that you really, really love and as you're thinking of them, you have an involuntary smile and a feeling of a melting in your heart. And then suddenly the phone rings and it's happening person, or you're inspired to call them. And when you do, they say, Oh my gosh, I was just thinking about you. These are some simple physical manifestations that you can witness in your life this very day if you are looking out for that. So if you have clear wishes and expectations about money and abundance, that can manifest as an unexpected check in the mail, a free gift from somewhere that you were not expecting, and inheritance, winning the lottery, the ways that the universe can provide you abundance are end less and infinite. And most of them, you will not have even thought of before. And you don't have to, you don't have to know how your abundance is going to arrive or how anything in your life is going to unfold. All you need to do is expect that it's going to be amazing, have an idea, and a very clear idea of what it is that you want. But don't bother yourself with the details of how exactly it's going to come about. Because the universe is all over all of that. You also don't need to be thinking about the exact subject of what it is that you want to manifest. For example, if you are wanting to manifest more money or abundance in your life, you can spend time in your garden, playing with your flowers, and spending time with your grandchildren. And taking a long bath, and doing things that make you feel amazing. And that vibration translates into every part of your life, the things that you are wanting to attract money, love relationships, great career opportunities, any of the beautiful things that you are wanting, and expecting for your life will begin to arrive. So it really is very easy to manifest a beautiful life. And really all you have to do is be happy to find the joy in the moment that you're in and get yourself in a high vibrational place. And then I promise you opportunities, ideas, resources, people, all of the physical things in this life that are required to make your dreams come true, will show up as if by magic, you manifested the life that you're living now, good or bad, right or wrong, love it or hate it, you did manifest it. Now this is not to say this is your fault. This is not about casting blame or shame or anything like that. It's only about giving you back your power. So if you can say to yourself, alright, I created this, I can uncreate this, I manifested this I can unmanifested I attracted it, I can attract it, then suddenly you are back in the driver's seat. And you are in a powerful thinking position of being a creator. And out of the power less mindset of being a victim. Life is not happening to you. Life is happening through you as you have you make up your mind right now that moving forward, you're going to create your life on purpose, you're going to manifest your life on purpose, you're going to get out of the habit of just floating along and reacting to things that are happening in your life. This is where you start. You start by making it your priority to feel great as much of the time as you possibly can. Very simple. If you didn't do anything else, if you stop this podcast right now, and don't ever listen to another word and just decide that you're going to reach for the very best feeling thought the very best feeling attitude, the very best feeling perspective that you can have in every single moment, the rest of your life is going to unfold perfectly. I promise you, you can prove this to yourself. Starting today. Your emotions are the very first manifestation of your thoughts. So if you're having a negative emotional feeling, have a look at what you're thinking about to see why you are feeling that way and choose a different thought choose a different subject altogether, one that makes you feel good. So emotions are the very first manifestation of thought.

Alright, so that's manifesting what is so important about mornings, every single day, by the thoughts you are thinking you are creating a path and your life is unfolding and you're building momentum in whatever direction your thoughts are going. This means that when you're thinking a positive, high flying thought, it attracts another thought that's like that, and another and another and another. And these thoughts and feelings manifest themselves in actions that then manifest themselves and beautiful things in your life in it. The better it gets, the better it gets. So the spiral and this momentum is building and building and building and they does the same thing in the opposite direction. If you're the focused on negative things. If you're looking for things to complain about, if you are choosing something that's going quote wrong in your life, and letting that be the star, you're creating momentum in that direction. So the worse it gets, the worse it gets, the worse it gets. Now, when you sleep, all of that momentum, good, bad, indifferent. Well, I guess there's no such thing as indifferent momentum, right. But whether you're in an upward spiral or a downward spiral, when you sleep, all of that stops. The problem with most of us is that we wake up, and we pick up our worries and our troubles right where we left them the day before, and we continue on the negative spiral. What I want to teach you to do instead is to take advantage of the magic of sleep and waking, to jumpstart yourself into manifesting your days in your life, the way that you want them. That's what's so important about mornings, this is where the most powerful opportunity to begin creating on purpose begins. Let's start as soon as you wake up, hopefully, you have created a life in which you get to sleep as long as your body and your soul in your mind want to, in order to finish resting finish. Whatever travels your unconscious is doing while you're sleeping. If not, let's take a step backwards. Maybe you wake up to an alarm clock, and you wake up groggy, and you wake up, unhappy that it's time for you to wake up, see what you can do about rearranging your life so that this doesn't happen. If you're using an alarm clock, have a play your favorite song, and get yourself in bed as early as you need to, in order to give your body and your soul time to get the rest that it needs. So that when that alarm clock goes off in the morning, you're good, you're you're ready, you're happy to be facing another day that is full of infinite possibilities. Be sure that you are completely comfortable and safe and luxuriant feeling in your bed, get nice linens, make sure that they're always clean,

make your bed a sacred space. So that all of the time that you're spending in it is enjoyable and is uplifting and is amazing. And before you go to sleep the night before, set an intention that as soon as you wake up, you're going to use those precious moments before you even open your eyes, to get yourself in a happy feeling place and hang on to that happy feeling place as long as you can. Now, when you first start with this, it might not last until you make it to the restroom for the first time. But I promise if you practice this, that that time of feeling on fire and in love with your day will get longer and longer and longer and longer. And you'll really start to fall in love with that feeling, then you'll get very protective about what you allow to come into your mind and into your experience that's going to knock you off of that high feeling place. Maybe you notice that when you turn on the news, that you're bad, your good feeling starts to plummet. Maybe you'll make a decision not to turn on the news or to wait later in the day to turn on the news or get rid of it altogether. These are decisions that you get to make for yourself when you become in tune with how you feel. Now how do you go about this, when morning arrives before you even open your eyes, bring to mind things that are happy things that make you feel good things that make you smile, you can make a list of these things and keep them beside your bed and read them. First thing if that helps you, you can put a picture of a wonderful memory are someone that you really, really love and treasure beside your bed. And look at that first thing. I have a whole menagerie of animals in this house and some combination of them are always, almost always sleeping in the bed with me. There's a couple of little orange kitties that I know as soon as I turn on the light, they're going to sit up and they're going to look at me and they're going to blink off sleepily and adore Billy and come over to be petted. And that's just an awesome, cool thing for me to think about before I even open my eyes. I can appreciate that no matter what time it is, I can choose to get up then if I want to. I can choose to go back to sleep. I can choose to read a book. I can choose to do whatever I want every single minute of the day beginning with that and that is such an awesome and powerful feeling that lights me up and carries me through my whole day and allows me to always make a choice to look at every situation from a place of positivity and possibility, maybe there's a fragrance a scented candle or a perfume or an essential oil that always makes you feel good. That brings to mind a special memory scent is a very, very powerful emotional activator. So maybe put your favorite perfume or something besides your bed and smell that first thing in the morning. But what you're doing no matter how you go about it, is you're deliberately choosing to look at your day and feel positive first thing in the morning. The Magnificent manifesting morning's chapter in the book starts with this quote, morning is an important time of day because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you're going to have. That's from Lemony Snicket. Now, make your bed. This is creating the feeling that you have completed this segment of your life and you're putting it away, you're giving it care, and you're getting it ready. For the next time you get in it. You'll have smooth sheets, you'll have a nice, neat and comfy and organized feeling around the sacred space that's your bed, you will be surprised at how powerful this one tiny thing can be. If you get in the habit of putting your bed away when you're through with it, you'll notice that your mornings begin to go much better. I like to put a big piece of Selah night which is an energy clearing stone right on the spot on my bed where I sleep. This feels like a ritual that is honoring my sleep and setting forth my intentions for the next night that I'm going to climb into a bed that has clear clean energy. Any small little touches like this that you can incorporate into all of your moments of your days ritual gives meaning and power to every single thing. The next step for your magnificent manifesting morning is to create a morning spiritual ritual.

Now this has nothing to do with religion. This has nothing to do with anything except your connection with your highest self, Pierre Teilhard de shardene, I think is how you pronounce his name was the first one to say, we are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Now you are connected to spirit you are created to your maker, the life force that is beating your heart and moving your lungs is with you all the time, that your spiritual ritual and everything spiritual that we talk about is about feeling and knowing and understanding and being in accord with that connection. Just like the law of attraction, you cannot cut yourself off from God or the universe or source or Allah or whatever name you call this. You are connected, but you may not understand or feel that connection. And a morning spiritual ritual will help you to get into a place where you do my morning spiritual ritual consists of journaling. journaling is a great place to have a conversation with yourself to get in touch with the things that are going on in your life and how you feel about them. It's also a great place to set intentions and over on Lauren g foster comm there's a whole guide to journaling for setting intentions and starting off your day the way you want it to that includes creating your magic orchid for the day the magic your magic orchid is a touchstone thought or memory or feeling that you can always come back to to raise your vibration it can be a pet or a person or a memory of any event or a plan that you have for the future anything at all. That makes you feel good and makes you smile when you think about it can be your magic orchid for the day. There's a whole story around that that is in the book and other places that I that I won't go into in this episode. But creating a magic orchid every day is a great journaling, exercise. And then affirmations. Next week on the show, Michelle blood is going to be our guest and she's created a whole line of songs that are positive affirmation set to music so that that jingle and the power of magic gets that affirmation into your subconscious. So that's a great way to do it. Another way is repetition. If you write I am worthy, beautiful, powerful, loved and prosperous, in your journal every single day. Eventually your subconscious is going to go Okay, I get it, I believe you and then it becomes a part of who you are and a part of what you're manifesting. Another thing that I do in my journaling every morning is a series of creation statements. Most of us have a very giant to do list of things that are on our minds all the time. And we're beating ourselves up because it just keeps growing and growing and growing. And we're not getting things that we're, we are getting things done, but we are giving ourselves credit. For the things that get down, we're just beating ourselves up for the things that didn't get done. So your I am creating statements are just three of the big things that are important to you. While I was writing the book happy and free on purpose, I am creating a beautiful, uplifting, best serving book went on my creation statements in my journal every single day for many months. While that was happening, and now when the the fruition of that when the proof. The first proof for the book came yesterday. And that was such a celebration of a lifelong dream that I never gave up on even though I quote failed many, many times false starts, I must have started at least 20 or 30 books in the last couple of decades. But I didn't get give up, I kept coming back to this and to hold that book in my hand, um, is such a delicious feeling. And it came about because I set the intention. And I didn't give up. And I kept at it until my subconscious, and my spirit and my mind and my physical inspired action all lined up. And the resources, the publishers, the designers that helped to make the book beautiful. All were manifested in my life as a result of setting these intentions. And doing it every single morning. Your brain has been programmed from the minute you were born. And many of the beliefs that you've been programmed with, don't serve you an idea that was planted in your brain when you were five and has been growing there. for however long you've been alive

doesn't just get uprooted in one day, it takes diligent, repetitive instructions to your subconscious to reprogram this thoughts. The final step in my journaling each morning is to spend a few minutes thinking about and interacting with the vision that I have created for my life. In the book, there's a whole chapter on how to write your vision for one year or three years or 10 years or what it is that you're really dreaming for your life. Each morning, I write vision. And then I write some keywords about what that vision means to me and how it makes me feel and just some things that will bring that vision to life in my mind. And allow me to live my day in that vibration. As if that vision has already come true. Maybe you are dreaming of having a local business, a local art studio or a yoga studio, maybe you want to create an online business, maybe you want to travel the world. Maybe you want to build an empire of some kind, whatever your dream for your future is write down a few keywords to bring that to the front of your mind as you're journaling. The final step in creating a magnificent manifesting morning is meditation, it probably should have been first because this is the most powerful thing that you can do, to sit quietly. And allow yourself an opportunity to notice that there's your mind that is thinking thoughts and generating these electrical impulses that feel like thoughts. And then there's the part of you that's really you, the spirit that is observing and translating and listening to those thoughts. during meditation, you have the opportunity to recognize that thoughts are happening, that you can choose whether to pay attention to them, whether to engage with them, or whether to just acknowledge them and let them go on by this solidifies your feeling of not being at the mercy of your thoughts. It reinforces your ability to choose how you respond to everything that happens in your day. It teaches you to be able to pause whenever any kind of stimulus comes along, whether it's a person or an event or an idea or a thought and choose how you're going to respond to that. Your mind comes up with 10s of 1000s of thoughts every day. You can choose which of those you want to give life to and engage with and let them grow and the ones that you want to let go fears and anxieties, worries, things, these things that come into your mind, you can go, you know what, I'm going to assume that that's not going to happen, I'm going to let that thought go on its way. I'm going to choose some other awesome feeling thoughts that I'm going to give my attention to. And give my perspective two and allow to manifest in my day. The meditation section in the book has this quote from Eckhart totally, I have lived with several Zen masters, all of them, cats, cats are amazing, you can watch how they are pretty much indifferent to what's going on around them. Unless it's something that happens to interest them, they are completely in charge of their perspective, and choosing how they respond that cats are amazing Zen masters, maybe you have never meditated before. Maybe you've tried meditation and gave up because you couldn't quite quiet your mind, or possibly your what my teacher David g calls a crisis meditator that you just meditate when something is going wrong in your life. And you just want to feel better, no matter what you can start with just one to five minutes and try meditating. And then once you've done that for a week, at one minute, and then the next week at another minute, and before you know what you will have a 20 or 30 minute meditation practice every single morning, and I promise you will notice the impact in your life. meditating is very simple, there's no wrong way to do it. All you do is get in a comfortable position. Close your eyes or find something to focus on like the flame of a candle or a spot on the wall. And just simply engage with your breath with your gaze on the candle. Just let yourself relax and breathe and

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for a designated amount of time. You can expand on this in a lot of different ways. My meditation practice in the morning, is very ritualized, I have a whole series of chakra candles and corresponding chakra stones that go with them. So as I light them, I think about those different areas of my body and visualize that color and visualize that energy and visualize my body being like a river that this short attention to each of my chakra centers allows to flow freely, and allows my connection with source to be a free flowing and non resistant thing that I keep with me throughout my day. I have a little cauldron and little notepads where I write intentions and set those on fire. And this is a ritual that is evolving all the time, according to what takes my fancy. I love to study Hinduism and Buddhism and Christianity and all of the religions and the wicked witchcraft. And when ever any type of ritual catches my fancy, I play with that and use it to help myself engage with my morning meditation ritual. Your rituals are very personal, intimate and unique to you. Play around with this until you find what it is that makes you feel great. And then when you find something else, move on to that your meditation ritual is an evolving type of process. The only requirement is that you make a sacred time. And you spend that time in silence. And you fill yourself up with calm with peace with love. That is a reservoir that you can draw on throughout your entire day. So that you are always responding from a place of power, calm, and never reacting from a place of fear and nature Cree actions. To recap your magnificent manifesting morning. First, start before you even open your eyes. Make your sleep sacred. Make the first moments of your day happy on purpose, using whatever tools you need to bring to mind how amazing this life, this present moment, this very day. Our next create a morning spiritual ritual that includes journaling and meditation and setting your intentions for the day. If you do this for 30 days, you will notice a distinct difference in the way your life unfolds. By the time you get to this chapter in the book you will have already done a lot of fun activities to get yourself back in touch with you to help you figure out what it is your soul is really longing for To examine what your beliefs are and how you are presenting yourself to yourself in the world by the words that you speak, assess your talents and your values and created a vision for your life. That is very clear and that makes you feel happy whenever you think about it. Head on over to Lauren g foster comm and learn more about the book and about the special gift that is going to be available for people who purchase on launch day which is July 1 2021. And I'm looking forward to being back here with you next week when I have my special guest Michelle blood from the mystical experience. In the meantime, remember happiness is a choice. You can always choose to be happy first.

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