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How to Choose Happiness and Freedom Show

Season 3 | Episode 87:

"The Magic of Affirmation Power!" with Special Guest Michele Blood! 

Divine Oneness Teacher and Transformation Expert Michele Blood!

Michele Blood is a successful, multi-talented lady. In addition to creating Musivation™ products and seminars worldwide. Her public Mystical Success Events have been held in over 26 countries. Her largest audience was 50,000 in Kuala Lumpur. Michele has co-written and created over 80 books, audio programs, TV shows, videos on positive thought, mind transformation, meditation, and more. She has appeared in hundreds of podcasts, radio shows, and magazines in over 26 countries. After many years of meditation Michele’s Kundalini awakened and transformed her consciousness. She now teaches others how to live a Mystical Life and experience Divine Oneness, which is the true heart of genuine happiness, success, and purpose in one’s life.


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During our interview we talked about lots of personal development teachers, but the one that really got Michele out of her head and on the road to recovery was "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Highly recommend! 

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Transcript from Today's Show

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Lauren Gabrielle Foster 0:01
Hello and welcome to today's episode of the How to Choose happiness and freedom Show. I'm your host Lauren foster happiness teacher, and founder of be happy first. Before I welcome our guests for today I want to tell you a little bit about what we've been up to over at be happy first. First of all the big thing we have been putting the finishing touches on my new book happy and free on purpose, daily practices to live and love your life, which will be available on July 1 2021 depending on when you're watching this video that may be coming up or it may be past but if it's before, head over to Lauren g foster calm because we have some great gifts that we're going to share with you on July 1 One of which is a chance to win the be happy first prosperity pendant, and I don't know how well you can see it on this video. But it is a wonderful handcrafted and custom designed exclusively for be happy first pendant using magical stones like Citrine and Tiger eye and turquoise and green Tourmaline. And over on the website I'll tell you all about what the magical and mystical properties of the Stan's art it's so much fun. So Lauren g foster calm is where you're gonna go to learn more about how to get the book how to enter the drawing for the free gift. And we're also working on a companion course the happy and free on purpose live course that's going to be launched this September. So you definitely want to be in the loop and in the know about that. So again, it's Lauren g foster.com. And now on to today's show.

I am so happy and grateful and thrilled and honored today to have as my special guest Michelle blood. Michelle, I'm going to tell you a little bit about her but then I'm gonna let her do most of the telling you about herself because she's the one who actually lived it. But Michelle is multi talented and successful and has spent all kinds of time touring the world teaching people to be happy with great names like Bob Proctor who is a personal hero of mine son, very excited to hear about your experiences hanging out with him. Her mystical public, her public mystical success events have been held in over 28 countries I think are to say not 16

her largest audience was 50,000. She has co written and created over 80 books, audio programs, TV shows videos on positive thought mind transformation, meditation and more. And she now teaches others to live a mystical life and experience the divine oneness, which is the true heart of genuine happiness, success and purpose in your life. So welcome, Michelle, thank you so much for being here.

Michele Blood 2:49
Thank you, Lauren. I mean, how could I? You know, I mean, choose happiness podcast. Yes. Hello.

Just saying it will make people feel good. Jerry's happiness. I mean, it should be bumper stickers all over the world with Lauren's choose happiness. Right. I do wonder stickers. I hadn't even thought of that.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 3:11
Okay, so tell us about you. We're going to really focus a lot today on the power of affirmations. Last week's show was about magnificent manifesting mornings. And part of the morning ritual that I teach is to always do affirmations and I am statements and setting your intention for who you want to be that day. So I'm really excited to hear your take on affirmations and different ways that we can incorporate those into our lives. But first, I want to hear about about you about who you are and how you came to be here.

Michele Blood 3:46
Well, it's the most unique story, Lauren, it's it's amazing. Obviously, you can hear my accent. I'm Australian. And I was a professional singer in Australia nearly my entire life. First time on TV at five years of age singing. And I had great rock bands, we toured all over the country. And at one stage, we toured nonstop, literally without a break for seven years, and toured with great bands. Anytime the big international bands came out, like the pretenders or whoever it was at the time, we got to tour with them be there, you know backup band, and then we got bigger and records out and videos. And so my life was wonderful. I was the lead singer was the manager of the band. And I was the main songwriter. I would co write some songs, but I was the main songwriter. And so to look at how I came to be doing what I'm doing now is quite fascinating because I didn't want to stop anything. We were just back to be offered an international record deal as well. And so my life was great. But then what happened was it sounds like the worst thing in the world but it was the best thing in the world. On the our way home from a gig It was 12 hour drive because Australia's huge in between the gigs is crazy. The truck driver fell asleep and crashed. And as the passenger, I was pretty much, you know, in and out of the world for quite a few months in the hospital, many, many long operations, broken bones, I mean, just incredible, incredible pain. I mean, anyone who says emotional pain, physical pain is not as bad as emotional pain, they don't know, physical pain when you've gone, but when you're in that sort of pain, of course, it's emotional as well. But it was just agony, absolute agony. And so I was always a very, very focused, bright, happy person I loved singing, I loved having an audience filled with happy smiling faces. I always just loved that, ever since I was a little girl. And if I sang, everyone would start laughing and smiling. And so our band was very disciplined, which is why we went far, you know, we did really well. And and on my way home from that car accident, you know, that was, well, how could that be the best thing that happened to you? Well, I'll tell you why I learned because people started bringing in tapes for me to hear to cheer me up. You know, and I hadn't heard of, I knew that people went to seminars or did something like that. But I didn't know about that side of the metaphysical world, or the seminar will motivational? Well, because why would I was the most motivated person you'd ever meet. My life was great, you know, I had no need to look at self improvement things. The only thing I ever did for self improvement was do better with my songwriting, do better as a singer get the band really tight, be really good at what I did. And so one of the tapes, I hated the tapes, absolutely loathe them. Because when you are resonating at a lower vibration, it doesn't mean that your consciousness is low. But when you are in physical pain, your vibratory frequency is slower, let's not say lower, it's just slower. And so if people would come into the hospital, oh, happy and smiling, you know, like, you know, they had daisies for breakfast. It would be it would be horrible for me, because you can't stand when you are vibrating. They're up here. And you're here in physical pain. And so I would want them to turn those tapes off because they would drive me insane. You know, I didn't want to hear all that positive stuff. But Napoleon Hill's book on audio program with the beautiful rich baritone voice of his friend Earl Nightingale speaking the book, Napoleon Hill's book thinking grow rich. Now, why would a book about

Unknown Speaker 8:01
successful millionaires

Michele Blood 8:02
back in the 1920s in America, like Henry Ford, help young female rock singer in Australia,

Unknown Speaker 8:12
you know,

Michele Blood 8:14
none of the book I didn't care about any of the book except for one chapter, where he was talking about how his little infant son was born deaf. And so he would go into the little boy's room every night, and do these affirmations this auto suggestion, you know, into where his son, you know, is was supposed to be, you can hear perfectly, you are strong, you are beautiful, you are loved, you love people, you can hear perfectly, you're amazing. And he did this every night for years, the little boy ended up going to a normal hearing school 30% hearing came back. And he went on to be this successful entrepreneur, the hearing aid industry. So I've thought I'm going to give it a go these affirmations because I've got nothing to lose, I'm lying here, I can't move in this hospital bed. So I've got nothing to lose. So he said, Napoleon Hill said, the affirmation has to be stated, or he called it auto suggestion in the now because the subconscious mind only knows this moment, which is where God lives anyway, we all know that now, that is only in the moment, not the past or the future, just focusing in the moment, as if it's already happened, so that it can be planted as a new seed and you go into a tree of manifestation of that thing that you're affirming that you already have. So because I wasn't healed, and I was told I'd never be completely healed or walk again properly. And this is a girl that did handstands and cartwheels on the stage and jumped up on top ropes, huge stacks of speakers. So for me to not be able to be an entertainer because it's not just being a singer, was as you could imagine, Lauren extremely depressing in But to not do that thing that you've done all your life that you adore. And so I said, Okay, I am healed, because I wasn't healed. So okay, um, that's the first live, he said, you got to say it as if it's true emotionalize it, I love myself, I am my friend, all these affirmations. And after a week, see what happens with an affirmation, while a lot of people give up on affirmations is because it has to go into your subconscious mind. Otherwise, it goes into the short term memory. And it the doubting mind bounces in a way that is not the truth bounces it away. So you have to be in a vibration when you do your affirmation that is beyond the doubting mind. How do we know if that's working? Well, we don't. So my doubting mind just said, Look, the doctors telling me and never be healed. I've just said that doesn't work. I did it for a week, over and over again. And then the miracle happened. Lauren, do you want to know what that is?

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 11:00

Michele Blood 11:03
I'm a singer. I'm a songwriter. I've even written jingles for advertising agencies over the years. And you know, to help support the band financially, and you can't get a jingle. And I'd sound jingles as well. You can't get a jingle out of your head, which is why advertising agencies to this very day, spend billions not millions on music on jingles. They attempt to get whenever they can a really well known song worldwide and get that to lyrics to be changed. So you can turn it into a jingle. I mean, I remember this jingle I did from rock set that European band, you know, she's got the look. This guy and I did it. We did it changed it for eyeglasses, I mean, see

Unknown Speaker 11:50
what I mean.

Michele Blood 11:52
It's like people can't get that out of your head. You got the product then. So I said, I've got to sing them, I've got to turn them into music. So I started singing my affirmations as a singer started recording them on my little recorder I always had with me, in case I had a songwriting ID. So it wouldn't fly out of the short term memory. Mick Jagger knows about that. Anyway, otherwise, we wouldn't have that song can't get no satisfaction, which isn't exactly a very positive affirmation. But that's nothing to do with this.


I am healed on No I am. I love myself, I am my friend. As the healing light of the universe. I just kept singing, you know, surrounds me, I'm healed, I'm healed. And I filled a 90 minute cassette and just kept getting the nurses to turn it over, turn it over. And to make a long, long, long story. Very, very short, and sweet like me. I had miraculous healing, the doctors couldn't believe it. And so because I was well known singer, journalist started hearing about this miraculous healing through music through the singer. And I started getting interviewed magazines, TV, all that sort of stuff. So then, and I had no intention of putting these affirmation songs out into the world. But what I did do when I got out of out of the hospital is I did go into a recording studio, and we wrote and recorded tons of other affirmation songs that I knew would assist my life to be more successful and happier, and, you know, it was so much fun. And then these journalists because of this, promoters who are promoting well known motivational, transformational speakers like Bob Proctor, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, I can go on and on. Anyway, they asked me to come and sing in between the speakers at these huge conventions all around Australia, as they were touring, and to you know, speak about my story. And then I could sell my affirmations in CD or cassette form, that's how long ago was at the back of the room. And, and I said, I'm not creating these for the public, or you have to they'll love them. Anyway, so I did that. And I couldn't believe the first gig that I did was in Adelaide, with an I had never heard of Wayne Dyer Deepak Chopra. I'd heard of Stuart well, because I started getting interested in if other people had done affirmations and stuff, spirituality more after the car accident, and I liked his Cockney irreverence, and Australians, lovely, reverent people, we like taking the Mickey out of everyone, you know, don't take things so seriously. So did I'm backstage at the first gig with Deepak Chopra. And I said, Are you one of the speakers is started laughing, because he's so well known. I know who he was. And he said, Yes, my name is Deepak and Oh, nice to meet you. And That night, they're all laughing because I didn't know who any of them were, you know?

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 15:07
There There are that there are some egos in the names that you're mentioning. And for them not to be known with that that would be a learning moment for them. So

Michele Blood 15:16
anyway, I thought it was funny. They were great. I thought it was hysterical. And they loved what I did. They just said the whole audience was on fire, saying, you know, because we put the lyrics up on big screen and, and they loved it. They had me to the rest of Australia with them. But then when I worked with Bob Proctor, the first time I worked with him, he did his own event all around Australia. And the promoter said, we're going to have the singer sing a few times during the event. And he said, No, you're not. I'm Bob Proctor. I have singers. I don't have dancing girls. What are you talking about? And they said, Look, we're the promoter. We're paying you we're paying her. She's, she's gonna do it. And so at the first break in the back greenroom, he came up to me and he said, I did not want a singer at my event. No, wait, we'll get at me. Happy you. Nice anyway. And he said, however, I loved it. I couldn't remember every lyric. I've been teaching this for years. He said, all over the world, auto suggestion affirmations. He said, but with a song, you can't get it out of your head. He said, it goes straight into your subconscious mind. He said, Do you realize what's going on with this? And I said, gifts, kind of? You know, of course I did. I wrote them. And he said, because the left side of the brain is the logical sides of all the lyrics going there. And then the right side of the brain is the melody. It's a whole brain experience. It goes straight into your subconscious mind. I said, Yes, I realized that. And then he wants to know about my story, then he want to be at each event talk about my story. Then when he left Australia, he said you cannot not. I don't want to do a gig without you there. He said the whole audience was on fire. And so he is in such high consciousness. He said, I'm going to write some lyrics. You do the music and the melody. And so he started faxing me. Tell me that was Lord faxing me all these lyrics. And they were great. They were great. And so I started I think, altogether, I got about 400 songs. But I think altogether, we did about 16 songs together. And we created products called new paradigms that had had like the action song or the success song or the persistence song. And then it would get he put his message, his message to go with the song and talk about how it worked. And then his wife, Linda, she coined the name Muse ovation for what I did. Anyway. So that's halfway through the story. And you haven't had you haven't had to say a word. But go ahead, ask a question.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 17:51
Now, this is exactly that. This is why I love having guests, because all I have to do is enjoy. Yeah, to tell the second half of the story aren't. No, go ahead, please. Yes. So I mean, so you create music vision, but that wasn't where it ended, you continue to evolve in your own spirituality and to create different products and programs and, and things like that, too. So so just tell us a little bit about that and how you're, how you're serving. I can't that I have a mission to help a million women live happy and free. Like, like you were born living, you know, that being happy and being able to understand that you're in charge of your own destiny and being able to embrace the tragedy of a terrible car accident, and move past that to an even greater place of awesomeness. So this is your story is perfect for all of this. And so I really want to hear how you're continuing to spread that word.

Michele Blood 18:54
Yeah, I must admit, though, me leaving Australia didn't make the band's wives very happy. I gave them six months notice. Anyway. Anyway, so I went on to have great success working all over the world, particularly in Malaysia and all over the different Asian countries. I sang and worked and end up having hit songs in different languages that I would write, write and learn how to phonetically sing them in different languages, but with the Bahasa Malaysian language, because I lived there for years, I ran Bob Proctor's entire business while I was doing these huge concerts all over, and it was fantastic. I would have like huge bands with brass section, backing dancers, the whole nine and a half yards. It was amazing. Making really really good money, writing books and doing audio programs and helping Bob with all of his stuff and getting him lots of gigs and all over the world and but what was happening was I was feeling like When your frequency when you're getting everything that you want in your life, and you still feel so sick, it's because you're not here to just get stuff. You are here to evolve. You are here to awaken. It's called enlightenment. It's a very rare thing. But that is why every person on the planet has come here is to have an opportunity to awaken. So what happened to me, Lauren is, I could feel like this hot glow. And I was like, Oh my God, I've just got to find God, I've got it. I'm like searching, I understood them why people can't climb Mount Everest and do these things. Because you just want to find that thing, which is your own spirit. Right? You know, da look in the mirror, there it is. It's in the tree. It's in the puppy dogs and the kittens. It's everywhere you're on. Everyone's on the person with the spirit. So the frequency, my frequency, because I've been doing so many affirmations, and doing this work every day and having crowds of people singing them along and writing and creating more of them. My frequency was so fast. Like even Bob would say, when I walked into a room, he said, Oh my god, he'd say to people, she is tiny. But the energy when she works in a room, he said that Shakti I can feel it. And I could always feel it from him too. It's the vibration of a high frequency. And it is what is required for us to awaken. But I decided to go on a search all over the world to find someone who knew God who was enlightened. And I've met all of these great people that were very, very high in consciousness, and really wonderful speakers and transformational leaders like Bob Proctor awesome guy. And, but I wanted someone who knew God who actually had that had that experience of oneness, real oneness. And so I looked all over the world, I went everywhere, went back to India. So So I barbered a few other people, but they, I didn't know if they are enlightened or not, but you know, who cares if they can manifest gold out of their hands or dust or whatever, he might be a holy man, but that's not gonna be my teacher. It's not, you know, when it's your teacher, you know, when you found, you know, and I only found three enlightened people, one in Japan, one in India, and one in Taiwan. But none of them spoke English, and they're all older guy. That's what I expect an enlightened teacher to be, would be an old Asian man, you know, even older with long white hair.


14 years later, living in America, I finally found an enlightened teacher, American young woman, walked into the room, I could feel vibration, like I'd never felt before. And she's enlightened. She's talking about her enlightenment and, and I just went, Oh, my god, she's got to teach me she's got to teach me I've got to know God. And so after a few years of really intense, not doing all those big events anymore, just totally focusing on meditation, meditation, meditation, going to all her events, doing everything that I was told to do, to practice feeling her transmit, this light made me go into higher and higher and higher frequencies, meditating for hours, I became enlightened. After going through the Stargate and having so many Kundalini rushes, I finally, and I realized I've been enlightened before. And it was just that it did come back. And so now, I teach people, she's retired from teaching, she's doing something else to help the world. And so now I've got students,

Unknown Speaker 23:43
all over the world,

Michele Blood 23:44
all different countries, all different people that can't speak English as well, that I transmit light to, they're not all on a deep path for mysticism, but they all want to release some sort of suffering in their life and improve their life. So I save that if you come on board, and you begin to practice a little bit and just let me transmit like to you come to the zoom events, and let me assist you to at least get the things that you want in your life. Because you're doubting mind is stopping you. And these people that are attracted to do this practice, you know, why should they suffer? Why should they be not healthy or have the the abundance, the money, the stuff that they want, when it's so easy to do? You can do it so easy, so easily. Once people learn how to do it and get released that attachment to it, and they don't have a longing for it. You want to get rid of the longing for stuff, get the stuff and then you can really focus on your spirit and the truth of what it's like to be free to be in the moment have no more fear. I'm not talking about crossing the road when there's a lot of traffic or lions coming. You know, very, very careful you don't walk into the lions den when there's tummies rumbling I'm talking about the irrational fears that everybody goes through that I used to go through as well. They're gone, your faith is stroked, so strong, you have these, the most amazing experiences. And I know if a little Australian rock singer could have this happen, anyone can do it. And some of my students are now in early enlightenment, and you know, like, doctors, lawyers, dentists, piano players, furniture, guys, I mean, yeah, building business people, all walks of life, because people say, who's attracted to this, and I say to anyone who doesn't want to suffer anymore, it's their soul that takes them to to this. Because this isn't like, even though it seems like I've got a personality and I could do all these things, all the things that I've done in my entire life, and I tried everything to find God, I went through the science of mind ministry, I did Reiki I did went back to Catholicism, I did everything you can possibly imagine for years wanting to find God within me because I couldn't find enlightened teacher. So now this is my entire mission, to be of service to others, so that they can awaken so that even if they just get even just 10 degrees, you know, faster frequency, their entire life will be 360 degrees for the better. And you can see all the videos on my websites where people give testimonials, just from their own love of what's happening, because I know it's not me, I know it is. This is now on. So I'm plugged in, and the divine, which is omniscient wisdom, that is my true highest self that divine, that diamond that has been cleared, it does the work, working on my intention, and my prayer, my affirmations for people. And it is, oh, Lord, it's exquisite to live like this. And it's not what people think people are afraid of enlightened, because they think they're going to be like, I'm not a big cloud, it makes Yes, you do have those experiences. Don't get me wrong, very, very high experiences, Shakti waves coming through, but you're focused, you're strong, you can get so much work done like you've never done before. I've never created so many products or done so many things, since my awakening is unbelievable. Because it's God working through you, your intuition is clear. So you know exactly what to do, when to do it, where to live, where not to live. And knowing that where wherever it is you want to go, whatever it is you want to do. It's, it's not just doable. It's done, the moment you set your intention. And this is the way everyone must live. Because people think, Oh, I can just I can just do this through my intention. But people's diamond, their soul, their true high self is blocked with all these sludges of things that happened in their life that gave them emotional trauma, it could have been when they were just a little kid, and they don't remember anymore. But that needs to be clear and the light

pops it away. Bit by bit. It's not easy. Right? Right. You have to hang in there. But your life will be so much better. If people think oh, yeah, I'll do it. Let me let me have it happen today. Well, that impatience is what's blocking them from their good right now. You want everything good, you've got to be resonating with the things that you want to have happen. Otherwise, you're here and each there, you have to resonate at the same frequency, or you have to resonate beyond that frequency for those things and people and great situations, to magnetize into your life and they do like Well,

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 28:54
yeah, so quick. I love that I love that so much that we that the concept of connection with God Of course, we are connected. There's nothing we can do about that and but but our work is to feel that connection and honor that connection and magnify that connection and then be in that high vibrational place where we are in love with every moment with this little kitty cat that is in my lap. You know that there Scott hanging out in my lap scratching my lap?

Michele Blood 29:26
Absolutely. I mean, and this is why the monks in nearly all of the old ashrams always had cats. Right? Egyptians always had cats they were even buried with their cats. Cats are extremely highly aware of the light. Right? You know, I the first time I really realized that with babies, little girl babies cat was I was gazing at a picture of an enlightened one babish A drawing on the wall, disguising it. And it was morphing into all these different things, just having a great meditation. And she just started going up to it and trying to get onto this picture. So then I would get as another spot in the wall, just a spot, and she would do the same thing.

To get one of these.

I was like, Oh, this is too much fun.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 30:25
Okay, so they're tell us that there's a gift for our listeners. That is yes,

Michele Blood 30:30
there is Lauren, you're gonna love this. Okay, this is a book that I wrote, The first book I ever wrote was affirmation power. I rewrote it last year, calling it the magic of affirmation power. So most of the chapters are still the same from back then when I was in Malaysia. But I've added extra chapters. And what I've done for your readers is I've put links, so they get this as an ebook. But I've put links to lots of my favorite products that I've done my favorite affirmation songs, my magnetic creative visualization to assist you to go to sleep, but also to awaken you to the possibilities of what you can, just lots and lots of extra gifts. So the people will have to remember, I think Trevor might have put it out of the book, because some people would like the Where's the rest of the gifts, will, it's on the website where you will go, which is Michelle blog, but m IC, h, e, l, e, b, l, od play my father, it's an Irish name, Michelle blood.com, forward slash, slash, choose happiness, Michelle blog.com, forward slash choose happiness. Plus, there's a place there for you to register to a free zoom event that will be coming up. And I guess I have to get Trevor to update that so that they know that there's one coming up. And when we have these zoom events, you meet people from all over the world have so much fun, I've got a huge screen in front of me. And I do two light transmissions for you. And you get to have three goals for me to pray for you for three goals that you get to write down that day. So you get the free event, you get the book, you get all the extra products, Michel blood.com, forward slash, choose happiness. And if you want to know more about becoming a student, and maybe having an experience of some light transmissions, you don't want to wait for the free event, you just go to the mystical experience.com. And you can watch free videos and do a whole lot of stuff there. And you can choose happiness.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 32:39
And just wherever you are listening, or watching this video, if you just look down, there will be all of these links that you can just click on and go to those. But you know, don't do that if you're driving. But yeah, we'll know. We'll provide those links for you. Alright, so I want to see if you can give some practical, something that our listeners can do right this minute. And I love the affirmations to music and I fan I'm gonna, and it's not the first time that I've heard of them, but just like you were talking about, like, Oh, that's a really cool idea. But then funk bounces right out of your head.

Michele Blood 33:16
Oh, Lauren, just emailed Trevor and say, just send me all the music. Michelle said to give me with all the music and he'll give you all the mp3. Okay, that sounds awesome. And unless you're old school like me and you listen to CDs in your car, we can send you the CD. I

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 33:32
don't I don't have a CD player anymore. That long.


you know what, that is not true. I do have a CD put away because I have a whole series of Bob Proctor classes that are on CD that I will never part with. So yeah, so

Michele Blood 33:53
although when you hear a little blonde girl singing with him, it's hysterical when we did his perfect weight and decision. So he started singing along. And I thought he was joking when he was singing along to my song magnet to money, and the be perfect weight song on the audio program when we were doing some new programs. And I've got my perfect way of looking. And I was like, I'm in the studio producing this and I just stopped the button. I said, What are you doing, Bob? What are you doing? He said, he said, this is actually the way I sing. Okay, I'm making a little worse. He said because I want everyone to know it doesn't matter how you sing. As long as you sing along or just listen to it. He said, you know, and it'll make them laugh and I said I'm really waiting myself laughing. I've never heard anything like it.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 34:46
That's really all he's got. He's got an hysterical sense of humor. He's very, very funny. Yeah. Um, so one of the other things that popped into my head while you were talking was about how if you're really in Not a good place, you know, you're upset, your dog died, you're in pain, you're whatever. And this bright sunshiny person comes along saying, Listen to this tape, you just want to smack both of them out the window. And so if you're if you're in a place where you're worried about paying your rent, and somebody says, Oh, I am a money, magnet, money comes easily and frequently to me that tell us how you can take where you are. And use an affirmation that to align yourself back up. And this just

Michele Blood 35:33
listened to the songs. I mean, the magnet to money song has been downloaded millions of times worldwide. And the testimonials from people I didn't want to listen to it was really annoying me. But then I got it in my head. And I realized those singing along to it. And I realized, oh my god, I just got an extra check. I wasn't expecting. I mean, just listen to the music. It you don't have to do anything that way. Even if you're like, Oh, it's so horrible sounding like a voice. Well, that's impossible. So just listen to it. But the thing to do is, if you can't even bring yourself to do that, if you can just say this yourself. This too shall pass. This too shall pass. I know, I've been through things before. And I know I'm really upset. And I don't know how to get beyond this thing in my life or this emotion because of this thing. You know that I'm not getting that I absolutely have to have so that I could be looked after. Just stop. Just stop. Do something nice for yourself. I don't care what it is just do something nice. KC and the sunshine band works. Some disco? I don't know what something funny, maybe I Love Lucy Oh, replace where she's eating the chocolate, you know, do something. Because you can shift

your state of mind very, very quickly. People's states of mind change like that, you know, not eating pizza today is smell a pizza before you know it you're walking in, your senses are guiding you. They're controlling you instead of your spirit. So just stop and just go, Okay, I don't believe life is magical. But I'm gonna say this too shall pass. Because life is magical. And even though I think it's impossible, there's a part of me that knows it's it's not impossible, it is possible for me to get this thing that is required, because I've been in trouble before and I got okay. I was okay. Okay. So it is possible if you can stop saying it's impossible, or it won't happen. Because where I live or the country I'm in doesn't do that. Just stop yourself immediately say it is possible. If it's happened for other people, it's possible for me, because this too shall pass. And life is magical. And even though that will feel weird saying it even if you have to cry saying it. It will shift you so quickly. And it works.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 38:10
It absolutely does. Awesome. Well, I think that is a wonderful note to end this interview on this has been so awesome. And I very Look, I look forward to staying in touch with you and seeing all the different things that you do. And I might be at one of the zoom events.

Michele Blood 38:25
You just don't Yeah, you gotta come on. There'll be so many so many people that interview me Come on those events. And they find so many more people to interview through coming on the show, right? I look in the chat room later. And it's like, oh, Kevin McDonald wants to interview you.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 38:43
Yeah, it's beautiful. And you know, everything is always worked out. And we don't have to know how we don't have to know exactly how it's going to happen. As long as we do have that tiny bit of, of this world is a drain the drain can be changed. Just like that. Yeah, really, it can. Alright, so again as Michelle blood.com and I think from there you can get to anywhere that you want to go. But again, look below for the link to the free gift. The magic of the magic of affirmations. Is that right? The magical power of affirmation, the magic of affirmation, power, power, affirmation, and awesome book that she's gifting you My sweet listeners for showing up for today's podcast. So thank you again, Michelle. I look forward to seeing you at another date and for the rest. And God

Michele Blood 39:32
bless you greatly. Thank you so much. This has been lovely. You're lovely. You've got cats. How can I not love you?

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 39:40
so much. And be sure to show up here next week for another great episode of the How to Choose happiness and freedom show. In the meantime, remember that happiness is a choice. You can always choose to be happy first. We'll see you next week.

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