"Happy and Free On Purpose: Daily Practices to Live and Love Your Life!" Available July 1st!
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New Book! "Happy and Free On Purpose: Daily Practices to Live and Love Your Life" Available July 1, 2021

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"...sure to inspire positive change."

The message of this book is empowering for anyone who wants to create their best life — and isn’t that what we all want? I’ve learned in my work that health and happiness are both universal and deeply personal pursuits. Lauren’s sage advice about envisioning and achieving your unique path to wellness is sure to inspire positive change.

  - Mark Sisson, Founder of Primal Kitchen Foods and MarksDailyApple.com

"What a wonderful book..."

 What a wonderful book Lauren G. Foster has written! I’ve been waiting for someone to put all the lovely, pragmatic and insightful things I’ve learned over the past 40 years in one place – and here it is. Lauren is a master craftsman – crafting a book that leads us very gently and with amazing stories and exercises  - to a place that assures revitalization, aligned purpose, and meaningful activities. In very short order, she leads the way to creating a life that flows with happiness, growth and fulfillment. Whether you are finding these lessons for the first time, or want succinct reminders, the lessons are clearly and newly relevant as we each commit to our new normal. I especially loved the “Magic Orchid” exercise. I’m sure you will too!”
Karen Flaherty - Living by Human Design

You were put here on purpose and with purpose. Happiness and freedom are your birthright. When you really believe that you are the creator of your life, and begin creating that life on purpose, deliberately and just the way you want it, the world will open up right before you. When you decide that you and only you are in charge of the way you feel, then the magic happens. You want what you want because you think having it will make you happy. It won’t. But if you learn to be happy first, then all your desires will begin to manifest. Miracles abound. 

Happy and Free On Purpose is your guide to learning to live your life in joy. Learn to be the master of your attitude, perspective, and choices as you are creating your life by the thoughts you think.  You’ll wake up the very first day feeling powerful, happy, excited, and in charge of your life. From creating a manifesting morning ritual to falling in love with your finances, food and love, everything you need to be the joyous, deliberate creator of your life can be found within these pages.

You’ll find both inspiration and practical guidance; a step-by step-process to begin living the life of your dreams. Your days can be exactly how YOU want them to be. You get to decide exactly what your relationships look like, how much money you have, how you feel in your body and how you live your life! Figure out what you truly want. Get in touch with who you really are and begin to BE that person. Be completely in love with your life right now and jazzed beyond belief at all the wonders you’re creating for your future. When you show up as this person in this amazing life, the outer parts must manifest. This is law. Learn to be so grounded in your own sense of purpose and joy that outside circumstances no longer have any power over you.

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"...still chasing Happiness?...STOP and read this book!"

“I have read other books on joy, but never finished them.  Lauren’s book kept my attention and I was hooked.  If you are someone who is still chasing ‘Happiness’ STOP and read this book.  I love the format, encouragement and exercises. I read through it once and will read it again in more detail and have a lot of fun with it.  And then read it again!  There should be a part two :) This will make a wonderful gift to yourself, family, and friends.

Cindy Fay Lybbert - Master PSYCH-K Facilitator

"... enjoyably paced and accessible primer on the Law of Attraction."

Happy and Free On Purpose is an enjoyably paced and accessible primer on the Law of Attraction. If you’re already a Law of Attraction fan, this will be a welcome review. If you’re new to the material, Foster provides a solid introduction. The summary at the end with proposed exercises that you could do with a book club or accountability group is particularly helpful. My favorite takeaway and a good summary of the essence of this book: “happiness is not something you find. I finally let life teach me that happiness is something you choose, create, and generate.” – Lauren Foster

 Caroline Ceniza-Levine, DreamCareerClub.com

"...drop what you're doing and read this book now! It delivers.

Interested in mastering the art of manifestation, while learning how to love your life more than you ever thought possible? This is your guide. Lauren Foster takes you step by step through the process of discovering what blocks you from the life you dream of having and paves the way in doable, intuitive, and comprehensive steps. This book is my new favorite reading to remind me how to get back on track with the business of living my best life. If you have a craving to understand yourself and your relationship to what you manifest in your life, drop what you're doing and read this book now. It delivers.

Nora Yolles Young, BCH – Young Hypnotherapy

"...filled with wisdom, but also very practical..."

This book is filled with wisdom, but also very practical, which is what I love most when reading a great book. I want to put the words into actions and see the results unfold in my life. The power of our thoughts is incredible and we can manifest the life we want. Even if this is a topic I teach myself, Lauren breaks this massive subject down into small actionable chunks so that everyone, regardless of how much or how little you have already learned, will reach a new level after doing the exercises she guides us through. ''We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.''

This is not a book to read once, but a guide to keep on your journey and pick up again and again.
Rachel Smets - Clarity Coach, Freedom Lifestyle creator.


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Citrine: Long known as the Merchant’s Stone, citrine is a beautiful blend of gold and white. This high vibration stone will encourage you to feel your worthiness and appreciate the abundance that is already yours and that is on its way! Citrine vibes with your sacral chakra and is good for detoxifying your body.

Turquoise: I have read about a Hindu tradition that says, if you see a turquoise the day after a new moon you will “receive an abundance of wealth”. Native peoples all over the world from Egyptians to Native Americans value turquoise for its ability to deflect negativity and invite good luck! It aligns with the third eye chakra for psychic wisdom and the throat chakra for clear communication. It has even been used as a cure for sore throats!

Tiger’s Eye: It’s high earthy vibration is balancing and grounding and prepares you to be wise and compassionate with your new wealth. Aligned with the third eye chakra for clear sight and discernment. Expect your tiger’s eye to help you make good choices!

Green Tourmaline: Green is the color of money and growth! Channel the energy or Mother Earth and connect with your heart. It can inspire creativity and propel you in the direction of your dreams.

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