How to Choose Happiness and Freedom Show: Forgiveness is Good For Your Health!

Forgiveness is an art and a skill and it's vital to a happy, healthy life. Learn about letting go of resentment and embracing forgiveness. All of the videos, audios, links and show notes are here. Sign up for bi-weekly newsletters with reminders and special insider sweetness just for our tribe. I love you! 

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Happiness When Your Heart is Broken? 4/21/20

Who you are as you make your way through sadness, grief, trials and challenges informs your overall happiness. Dark times are meant to be felt fully, then woven into the fabric of our lives, creating more beauty, depth and meaning.


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Forgiveness is Good for Your Health, 4/23/20

Special guest Carolyn Maul joins us to delve deeper into the physical ramifications of the stress of holding on to resentment and fear. She shares the 4 A's of stress management and lots more great info!


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