How to Choose Happiness and Freedom Show: Dark Month Wrap Up

Death, fear and resentment... all parts of life, all at the mercy of our perspective and choice. All of the videos, audios, links and show notes are here. Sign up for bi-weekly newsletters with reminders and special insider sweetness just for our tribe. I love you! 

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Darkness and Neurotransmitters. 4/28/20

What part do the essential brain chemicals EDSO, endorphins, dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin play in building a happy life? We delve into the book Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek in this week's Tuesday episode. Care for yourself and the other members of your tribe are both essential!


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Darkness Resolved. Happy and Free on Purpose! 4/30/20

Our final episode on Death, Fear and Resentment. Plus! Introduction to the Happy and Free on Purpose 28 Day Challenge!


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