Inspired Action, Probiotics? Pink Drinks?

This is an important reminder that this is NOT a blog about health, nutrition or fitness.  It is starting to look that way because of all of the information related to banishing pounds and manifesting the “perfect” body.  I am NOT a health coach or fitness trainer, or nutritionist, I’m a happy coach!  My mission is to teach you to be, do or have anything you want, by simply allowing all that well-being that is your birthright. 

This is the magic, not what you eat or what you do, or how you move, what supplements you take.  These are all intimate details that will evolve for you, in an easy and natural and good-feeling way.  It’s YOUR journey!  Giving you the details of how my journey is evolving is my way of giving you an example of how easy and fun it is and how effective.

So, on to the newest “intimate details” of my journey.

A healthy gut has been an interest of mine for quite some time now,...

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Pitfalls and Gardening

It has been quite a while since I updated this, but I have a VERY good excuse.  First, I’ve been working on the book, which has become “Happy First:  The Key to YOUR Perfect Body.”  But most importantly, I was falling victim to all of the things I have been warning you about and had to turn my attention away from the whole thing.

About 2 weeks ago, I realized that my head was all wrong.  I was getting on the scales too much, (not every day but more than once a week) and investing way too much in whatever that readout said.  I was criticizing myself whenever I looked in the mirror, which was too often, and focusing on parts of me that I didn’t like.

I was researching nutrition and probiotics until my eyes bled.   I had thoughts like, what if I can’t lose these last 10-15 lbs. before my trip?  What if I can’t lose them before my birthday!?  And, as is law, these thoughts attracted more like them. ...

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5 more Pounds Banished!

Just LOOK at all that sunshine!  Spring is definitely on its way!  And the days are longer, the sun was up in plenty of time for a hike before work.  Beautiful!

I woke up inspired to check the scales this morning. After all my morning chores and coffee, I still wanted to. I made sure I wasn’t invested in the results in any negative way and went for it. 5 pounds banished!  I must admit that makes me very happy, but if it had been 1 or none, I would still have been fine with it.

But see what I mean about it not being important how fast or slow unwanted pounds are banished?  5 pounds or 1 in a week, makes no difference. I feel great, my journey is joyful and fun and everything is working out in my favor. 

What events occurred in the last week that might have been different from the previous 10?  I think the most significant factors are the snow and the infamous chicken incident.  I love my dogs. They MUST have exercise, 1-3 hours a...

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Cesar's Way - The Training of Lauren and Rehabilitation of Raki and Laci

As you know, I live way way out in the country, in a cabin on a mountainside, far from neighbors and civilization with 2 dogs and 4 cats. I imagined that we could all be free and happy and do just as we pleased.  Boy was I wrong about that! 

My dogs are now criminals, deprived of their freedom, convicted of Grand Theft Chicken and Aggravated Chicken Slaughter!  Horrible!  So things have changed around here and I’ve learned a lot during the process of figuring this out.

For several weeks, every time I talked with my nephew and best friend, Scott, he has laughed at the antics of my animals and my response to them.  He said, “you think you’re the alpha!  You’re just a servant with 6 masters!  lol!”  He was right!  I was sort of ok with this, don’t have any real need for power or anything like that, so I just sort of let it go.

Then, on Monday, here come my dogs and Raki has something in his...

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