Do You Give What You Want To Receive?

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Proverbs 11:25
If there is something that you want more of in your life, GIVE more of that something. If you want more money, give more money. If you want more love, give more love. Do this with an open heart, without expectation, but secure in the knowledge that you are in the limitless flow of abundance, and that everything you give will be given back to you multiplied.
Often we say to life, give me more of this and THEN I will give to others.  This is like standing in front of a wood stove and saying, “give me heat and THEN I will give you wood.”
Make up your mind today that you will be a generous person, a person of increase, giving freely of your time, talent, compassion, love and money, in every moment of your day.
You are creating your life!   Choose your thoughts, your words and your actions and create a life you truly...
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What Will It Say On Your Tombstone

“History has remembered the kings and warriors, because they destroyed; art has remembered the people, because they created.”  William Morris
Thinking about how you want to be remembered, the impact you want to make on the world, what your eulogy will say, is a really good exercise in deciding who you want to be.  At the end of this life, few people regret what they did; many regret what they didn’t do.  
What will your tombstone say?  When would be the right time to start living the life of your dreams?  
Today, write your own eulogy.  Include a lifetime of creation and accomplishment and start today living up to those words.
You are creating your life!   Choose your thoughts, your words and your actions and create a life you truly LOVE living!
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Are You Waiting To Get It Perfect?

Anything worth doing is worth doing wobbly, at first.”  Mary Morrissey
We often feel like we have to wait until we are perfect at something before we start.  This will forever keep us from starting.  If you have created your vision, your dream, and see a step to take in that direction, take it!  Even if you don’t really know how, yet, or aren’t good at it, yet, or don’t feel ready, yet.  We learn and grow best by doing and trying.  Remember, learning to walk involved a LOT of falling down.
As coaches, we can be plagued by the question of how we are to help other people when we don’t have perfect lives ourselves.  The answer is in another quote from Mary, “you only have to be one rung higher on the ladder in order to reach down and pull someone up behind you.”
Today, take the step you can see and trust that you will figure it out when you get there, that the next steps...
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How Do You Recognize The Voice Of God?

“Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God”  Maya Angelou
The Universe is speaking to us all, all the time, every moment.  We hear this voice in exact proportion to our willingness and ability to listen.
Someone once asked me,  “how do I know it’s the voice of god or just my own voice or even the devil?” You know the voice of the divine in the same way you know the voice of your child, your lover, your best friend. You recognize it because you have heard it many times before. You begin to learn the sound of that still small voice by paying attention. The voice of the Infinite is always loving, always kind, always expansive and joyful.
My meditation teacher davidji says, “if prayer is talking to God, meditation is listening.”
Believe that the power that breathes you exists within you and will never ever steer you wrong. Listen to your still small voice until it...
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Are You Doing What You Can?

“…if one advances confidently in the direction of their dreams…..  he will live with a license of a higher order of being”  Thoreau
Any step you take, no matter how large or small, in the direction of your dreams, rallies the forces of the Universe to start making a path for you. Your action step is the indication to the power that creates worlds that this is truly where your intention is, where you are putting your attention.
Have a vision!  And every day do what you can, with what you have, to move in the direction of your dream. Design the business card for the business you want to start. Start a shopping list of the clothing you want for your ideal body weight.  
Send an email, make a phone call, take a tour of your dream home, make room in your closet and home for the lover you want. What you can. With what you have. Do this every day and watch things start to happen, seemingly “out of the blue”....
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Did You Do Anything Scary This Week?

Did You Do Anything Scary This Week?

“One can choose to go back toward safety, or forward toward growth.  Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.”  Abraham Maslow
All successful people are willing to experience discomfort, in the interest of growth.  If you are never afraid, never feel awkward or under-qualified, you are not moving toward growth.  All advancement in your life must be outside of your comfort zone and in the zone of your green-growing edge.
Today, do something scary!  Challenge yourself and boost your confidence by learning and experiencing something new.  My coach recently made the statement that “competence breeds confidence.”  Learn something new and create a “new normal” for your self-esteem.  Then do it again!
Be sure to listen to this week’s podcast and tune in...
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Do You Have Vibration Tuners?

Do You Have Vibration Tuners?
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
― Nikola Tesla
Have you ever been newly in love and noticed how much better everything else in the world suddenly becomes?  When you are passionately in love you are on a VERY high vibration and attracting all things on that same vibration. You’re “luckier”, encounter more green lights, Have more great ideas and enthusiasm… things just work out better in general. You might even shed some pounds without  even trying.
Making how you feel the very most important priority will keep you on this high vibration and keep all  good things coming your way.  Have some tuners, or mood enhancers, that always make you feel great and flying high.  
Maybe music, or playing with your dog, or holding your baby  You could take a walk in nature, paint your fingernails,...
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What Does It Mean To Be Overwhelmed?

“Don’t tell God about your big problems.  Tell your problems about your big God.”
― Michael Beckwith


What Does It Mean To Be Overwhelmed?

The definition of overwhelm is  “to bury or drown beneath a huge mass”. Or to defeat or to inundate.  Overwhelment (is not a word) but is a feeling that whatever we are involved in is bigger than we are. This is simply untrue. We are divine beings; spirit having a human experience and the power that creates worlds is what we are made of. Nothing is bigger than we are.  So put your “problems” in their place. Tell your little problems about your big god and get on with living in joy.
Be sure to listen to this week’s podcast and tune in Saturday for a free live webinar.  The Be Happy And Grow Rich Webinar will teach you the three things that successful people do, how being happy first brings you the things in life you really want, and...
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Procrastination? Or Perfect Timing

“Never leave till tomorrow that which you can do today.”
― Benjamin Franklin
“I never put off till tomorrow what I can possibly do – the day after.”
― Oscar Wilde

Completely different opinions reflected in these two quotes present the real truth about procrastination. This is a rich and complex subject so I am going to cover it in this week’s podcast. Which I have not recorded yet. Which I procrastinated.  

The short of it is this. Figure out WHY you are procrastinating. If it’s just really something you don’t want to do, I think you should just put it off! You may find that it doesn’t really need to be done after all, someone else was inspired to do it for you….. the Universe can get things off your tomorrow to do list easily.

If it is really something important, that you do care about and do WANT to do, but you’re not, now is the time to look for the fear. Chances are there is something big wrapped up in...

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Do You Enjoy The Steps Of Your Dance?

“There can be no happy ending to an unhappy journey.” — Abraham
I love this quote from my favorite Law of Attraction Teachers. They like to say that they could boil all of their advise down to just one phrase.  “Get happy.”  This is why I named my business Be Happy First.
Many of us think things like, I’ll be happy when I’m thin. or I’ll be happy when I get a new job/spouse/house/car….  the list of outward things that we think will make us happy goes on indefinitely.  The truth is that these things won’t make you happy, but being happy will help bring you the things you want.
So my spin is “Being rich won’t make you happy, but being happy will make you rich.”
Look at your life today and choose to place your attention on the parts of it that make you happy, while keeping your compass set on your vision.  Be happy first, take steps in the...
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