Just A Number

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2017


Over the last year there have been a lot of changes for my body.  Turning 52 and all that goes with that and putting down my beloved electronic cigarette are at the top of that list.

A new phase of life and recovering from a lifelong habit/addiction have presented great challenges. One of those challenges;  I am carrying around about 20 extra pounds that I don’t like, but they REALLY like me!   In the summer of 2016, right before I quit “smoking” I was creating a program called “Be Happy and Grow Fit”, a weight loss and self-esteem building program.

I abandoned that program when I acquired my new friends (lbs 124-144) because I thought I had lost credibility.  I am re-considering that, however, because these challenges are teaching me a LOT that is going to be of great service to those I help with that program.  More details on that as they evolve.


For now, don’t let the number on the scales have the power to make you cry. Weigh, of course.  Weigh daily because what you measure you can change, but treat that number as just one small piece of a much larger puzzle, as just the useful and interesting information that it is.  

If you are releasing unwanted pounds and the scales reflect that, by all means take the opportunity to celebrate and milk all the joy you can from that.  BUT, if the number isn’t changing or is going up, make note, and then turn your attention to other things you can celebrate.  

Maybe you feel great, or you have fantastic energy, or your skin is glowing. Perhaps you sleep like an angel and you’re in love with your new self-care rituals.  Maybe, like my client who inspired this post, your pants are looser and you’re notching up your belt.  

Focus on what pleases you.  Be grateful and happy and basking in the thousands of things that are going “right”.  Love your life and your body and they will love you back.



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