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How to Do a Ketogenic Diet

Flip everything you’ve been told on its head! This is one symbol that really can change your life.

Everybody’s talking about keto.  What is it?  Is it safe?  Who is it right for?

What is a Ketogenic Diet

The state of ketosis simply means that your body is using fat for fuel.  Ketone bodies are the by-product of burning fat.  If you want to lose fat from your body, you must reset your body back to burning fat, instead of the carb and sugar-addicted, hungry all the time state that is the norm.  It’s not complicated or difficult.

Is it Safe?

I have to say that you should always check with your doctor before making drastic lifestyle changes.  However, our bodies were made to use fat for fuel.  That’s why we can store many many pounds of fat to call upon later.  We can only store about 600 grams of glucose so a carb-burning body has to be constantly fed.  Our natural fuel and our natural state is fat-burning.

Who is it Right For?

I teach the idea of ketosis as a tool within a healthy nutritional lifestyle.  It can be a great weight management tool, but more importantly, you can become the master of your hunger and appetite.  You can have the power to choose what you put in your body, when, how and why you eat and can skip a meal with no problem.  When you are addicted to carbs, you are powerless over your cravings.  You can get stuck in a cycle of eating and gaining inches, eating and gaining inches….  never feeling in control, never reaching your wished-for body composition, always being at the mercy of your hunger.  So the answer is…..   only you can decide.  This is a tool that you can use to not let food be the boss of you anymore.

Four Easy Steps

Step 1.  Get your head and heart straight.  Love yourself and your body right where you are; relax into the vision of the new, healthier, happier and perhaps slenderer body that you want.  No pressure, no angst, no worry, fear or beating yourself up.  This is the most important step.

Step 2.  Cure your sugar addiction and form the habit of eating a diet that is wholesome and real.  Sign up here and download a big shopping list of approved foods.  This step includes eliminating fake foods and junk food, especially highly processed and sugary snacks and beverages.   The Primal Lifestyle Primer Course will soon have more lessons and downloads, but the shopping list and food pyramid are a great first step.

Step 3.  If you’re already signed in and have downloaded the shopping list, also download the food pyramid.  Begin eating in the proportions indicated.  The biggest quantity of food will be vegetables, then meats, then healthy fats and then moderation foods like high-quality chocolate and starchy vegetables.  The final tippy top of the pyramid is where treats, supplements, and other occasional foods fall.  While most of your plate will be veggies, most of your calories will be from fat, then protein, then carbs.  Anything below 150 carbs per day is a gigantic improvement from the Standard American Diet which soars upwards of 300 carbs per day.  Thus the epidemic of obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Step 4.  Start to adjust your macronutrients to encourage your body to burn more fat.  You do this by taking away glucose by reducing your carb (sugar) intake.  Your body doesn’t care if your carbs come from rice or M & M’s, it’s all sugar.  Aim for an AVERAGE (don’t drive yourself crazy counting every bite every day)  of 50 gross carbs per day, .5 grams of protein per lb of lean body mass, then round out the rest with healthy fats according to your satiety or calorie target.  If you just relax, pay attention to the signals from your body, eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re full, you should notice excess fat melting away and your body returning gently and happily to a healthy size.

If you have questions and think this might be the right move for you, go to Time With Lauren and schedule a free mini-consultation.  We can get you on the right track quickly and easily!  Love yourself and love your body.  The rest will come easily.


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