Form a Really Clear Picture

Uncategorized Jun 13, 2017
“You were born into the world to fulfill a specific purpose in life. May you recognised your unique calling.”
Lailah Gifty Akita
The entire month of June, starting now, we are going to be talking about Transformation.  This is the topic we are studying in my weekly Life Mastery class.  To get more in-depth study and guidance in really transforming your life, your love, your bank account, schedule a free strategy session and see if this is the class for you.  Just decide!  Do you really want to transform your life?  Take the time to explore and please share this message with the people you love.  Go to to schedule your session today. 
The best way to create the vibration that matches your dream for your transformation is to create a really clear picture of your desires.  Just like the bank can’t cash a check for “a lot of money” the universe can’t deliver a “happier life.” 
You have chosen an area of your life to transform this month, now create a vivid picture of what that transformation looks like; what it feels and tastes and smells like. Be very specific and paint a vivid picture of your transformation.
In this way you are issuing instructions to the universe and your desired outcome MUST begin making its way to you.
​​​​​​​Who is creating your life?  Are you living by default or by design?  You decide.


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