Fabulous Friday Favorites!

Fabulous Friday Favorites! 
What are 7 things that you loved about this week? I PROMISE if you take the time to look for things you love in your life right now, you will be FLOODED with more things to like. I believe you can have anything you want. Do you believe that? 
Summed up:
Marie Forleo’s B-School
Magnetic lashes
Chicken kale veggie soup
Getting ready to perform a wedding for my best friend! 
My guilty pleasure. Zevia soda! It’s not really guilty at all because it has no artificial flavors or colors and is zero calorie and sweetened with healthy stevia, but it FEELS like a guilty pleasure because it’s so tasty. They are often on sale at Ingles and you can find them at Whole Foods and most regular grocery stores these days. I love the cola for daytime (has caffeine) grape and ginger-ale for caffeine free evenings. Yum! 
Favorite education/business resource. B-School With Marie Forleo. She’s my newest love in the teacher department. 
Beauty toy - Magnetic lashes! I got these and they are fantastic! SO easy to apply, pretty and make me feel all dressed up even when I’m really still wearing my sweats. https://amzn.to/2v3YnLi
Favorite prepare ahead meal. Chicken and kale soup (with other veggies) This is a real superfood, packed with healthy ingredients like homemade broth from free range chickens, celery, kale, onions, garlic, red bell peppers, mushrooms…..  add any other veggie you like, free range chicken breast. Awesome! 
New/old fun thing - tarot cards! I learned this week that you can just pluck one out of the deck and see what messages it has for you, without having to choose three and figure out how they work together, so I pulled out my mini tarot deck and guide to play. AND I claim the power to let the card mean whatever I want it to mean. For instance, the card today was The Mountain. The instructions say that this is a negative card, representing struggle, slowness, coldness, barriers, challenges…. other limiting things. Coldness is ok because, hey, it’s cold, but otherwise, I’m going to choose to take this to represent MY mountain, my home that I love. And challenges OVERCOME. And heights reached, I’m at the top of the mountain, surrounded by beauty. See how that works? Claiming your power and choosing what to think and feel and believe?  NEVER let something else tell you what to feel, especially an inanimate object like a card!  lol!  Awesome! 
New/old book plucked off my book shelf. “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael E. Gerber. 
What I’m loving and looking forward to, officiating at my best friend’s wedding next weekend. I bought a lovely cloak to wear and I’m wearing my custom made head piece. AND I asked my own personal jewelry girl to make me some other pieces to match! How cool is that?! I have my own jewelry girl, my own healer/massage therapist that comes to my house, my own beauty girl who comes here once a month to care for my face and hands and feet…..  I have a lovely woman to help me care for my house and another to care for my pets when I travel. 
If you don’t have many things, events and people in your life that help you feel like you're rocking your days and loving every minute, why not? What’s keeping you from living every day in a way that thrills you? 
I really want to know. 
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