Finding Meaning and Truth in Everything: Even the death of a wild deer.

I find myself very upset and emotional about an encounter with a wild deer yesterday. I'm not perfectly clear as to why I keep crying over this, but maybe by the end of this post we will have figured it out. Here's what happened. 

Soon after sunrise yesterday, I noticed my cat staring intently at something outside. It was a young doe and she was practically ON my porch, right in my yard. I live in the forest and it's not unusual to catch a glimpse of deer in the woods, but to be this close and so still was highly unusual. I have two largish, noisy dogs so the wild creatures tend to keep their distance from the house. 

At first I was excited, very quietly racing to get my phone to take pictures before it ran away as expected. Something didn't seem right so I eased open a window to get a better look at her. She heard the window opening and looked right at me but still made no move to run away. Now I'm starting to worry. Maybe she's hurt? Maybe she needs my help? ...

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Have You Been Imperiused?

Happy Friday the 13th 2020! 

I LOVE Harry Potter books. I own every one in hard cover and paperback and have read them all many many times; I've even seen and enjoyed most of the movies. I also love the story of the author, J. K. Rowling. Inspiring! 

One of my favorite parts is when Harry is in his 4th year Defense Against The Dark Arts Class, learning how to defend against the Unforgivable curses. The Imperius Curse takes over your mind and makes you do whatever the person who cursed you tells you to do. No will of your own, no way to resist except......   you can! Harry could. He just said to the command, "why, though?....  No, I don't think I will, thanks."  (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter 15)

We live in such a connected world, something can happen and we can know about it (or someone's perspective of it) within seconds, all the way around the world. "Digital marketing experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to around...

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Do you dare to dream? Are you exercising your daily right to vote?


You get to vote on EVERYTHING in your life, not just an occasional political election! You vote with your feet, you vote with your dollars, you vote with your attention and energy......  you're molding the world around you every second of every day, so for god's sake mold it ON PURPOSE! :-)  

I feel inspired today to share with you just what we are doing at Be Happy First; why we’re here, what we want, what we believe, how we serve.   

There are millions of women in cubicles, at desks, at counters or in cars, struggling through each day, feeling powerless, limited, pulled a thousand different directions, drained, out of time, out of resources and they don’t know what to do about it. They are settling for lives of misery or mediocrity because they think they have no choice. They feel like they are at the mercy of their bosses, husbands, kids, aging parents, needy siblings, the economy, the housing market, their age, fitness level, health, appearance....

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Fabulous Friday Favorites!

Fabulous Friday Favorites! 
What are 7 things that you loved about this week? I PROMISE if you take the time to look for things you love in your life right now, you will be FLOODED with more things to like. I believe you can have anything you want. Do you believe that? 
Summed up:
Marie Forleo’s B-School
Magnetic lashes
Chicken kale veggie soup
Getting ready to perform a wedding for my best friend! 
My guilty pleasure. Zevia soda! It’s not really guilty at all because it has no artificial flavors or colors and is zero calorie and sweetened with healthy stevia, but it FEELS like a guilty pleasure because it’s so tasty. They are often on sale at Ingles and you can find them at Whole Foods and most regular grocery stores these days. I love the cola for daytime (has caffeine) grape and ginger-ale for caffeine free evenings. Yum! 
Favorite education/business resource. B-School With Marie Forleo. She’s my...
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What You Can Learn from Keeping a Food Journal


Twice a week we do the How To Choose Happiness Show and we teach you how to reclaim power over your life. 

This month is all about your Body! The big message is that you HAVE a body, your body is not who you are. 

Don't let a number on the scale or a pants label define who you are or keep you from seeking out your dreams. You are enough, just as you are. 

Having an amazing relationship with your body will magnify your personal power and enhance your life and every way, and a food journal is a great tool to start a conversation with your body. 

Often our food choices are not choices at all, just mindless actions based on emotions and beliefs that we are not even aware of. If you write down what you eat, when, why and how you feel before during and after, you will get some valuable information about what you're doing and set up a line of communication with your body. 

Try it for a week, along with our free Connect With Your Body Meditation and start becoming...

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A Fine Line

Every subject is two subjects.  The thing and the lack of the thing.  Money and lack of money.  

Health and lack of health. Love and lack of love. Sometimes we can think that we are thinking about something that we really wish for, but what we are really doing is shining the light on our lack. And we attract more lack.

Learning to REALLY pay attention to what we are noticing is such an important life skill.  

Are you really looking forward with eager anticipation to the manifestation of your dreams, or are you keeping score and lamenting that your desires have not yet been fulfilled? Pay attention. 

Be in love with this moment and vibrating in harmony with your fondest desire.  Make it a wonderful day!

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Do You Have "Faith Shackles"

“So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains; and we never even know we have the key.” —Jack Tempchin – (Eagles “Already Gone”)
Theme for the Month – Intention
The month of July is a really big one;  we are going to be learning all about Intention. This is the most basic life skill, the premise on which all of the other lessons are built. Thoughts are the makers of things. Everything was created twice, once in thought and again in form.  
You are a creator whether you like it or not, but you can choose to be the master of what you create, or you can continue to create by rote, at the mercy of your past and your circumstances.  It is all about setting your Intention for what you want, and then giving your attention and energy to that. It is about becoming, at the cellular level, the being that is living the life you want.  
Dig in!  Make a note of where you are today and set...
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How to Love Your Body and Magnify Your Power

Be Happy First is all about helping you to reclaim your power to create success, abundance, health and happiness in your life, to live your life on purpose. How to stop being a victim of circumstances, feeling constricted, limited and helpless and to start being confident, courageous and powerful! Connecting with your body is a fantastic way to remind yourself of who you really are.  You can catch up on all of the videos for this month and previous months HERE. 

This month so far, we have talked about the importance of having a loving relationship with your body and how to do that. As a refresher, you have a relationship with your body just like you have any other relationship; by communicating, listening, caring, understanding... getting really familiar and intimate. Most of us are critical and mean to our bodies and guess what we get back? Disease and discomfort, extra fat and malfunctioning parts. Love your body and your body will love you back. Feed it with amazing...

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How to Do a Ketogenic Diet

Flip everything you’ve been told on its head! This is one symbol that really can change your life.

Everybody’s talking about keto.  What is it?  Is it safe?  Who is it right for?

What is a Ketogenic Diet

The state of ketosis simply means that your body is using fat for fuel.  Ketone bodies are the by-product of burning fat.  If you want to lose fat from your body, you must reset your body back to burning fat, instead of the carb and sugar-addicted, hungry all the time state that is the norm.  It’s not complicated or difficult.

Is it Safe?

I have to say that you should always check with your doctor before making drastic lifestyle changes.  However, our bodies were made to use fat for fuel.  That’s why we can store many many pounds of fat to call upon later.  We can only store about 600 grams of glucose so a carb-burning body has to be constantly fed.  Our natural fuel and our natural state is fat-burning.


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Is Your Mind Driving You Crazy?

Meditation Can Teach You to Quiet Your Mind

In our Secrets of The Master Mind Class, we just completed a book study of The Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer.  As is always the case, like attracts like, so I have received a lot of questions about people being driven crazy by their own thoughts.  Not able to sleep, not able to stop thinking about things they don't want to think about, etc.  This is why meditation is such a powerful tool.  

You Are NOT Your Mind

It's so very important to remember that you are NOT your mind.  There are three parts of the creature walking around that you call you; your body, your mind, and your soul.  Your soul is who you really are, the part of you that is a part of and connected to god for eternity.  It is this part of you that is observing the sometimes ridiculous antics of your mind.  Your body is just your temporary earth-suit with a built-in brain that develops a mind of its own through what you teach...

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