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You are FREE to have the career, money, love, happiness... anything that you want!

What does it even mean to Be Happy First? You get really good at being in love with what you have right this minute, and it gets super easy to get the next thing you want. You are supposed to love your life every day and once you figure out what you want, why you want it and how to have the courage and inspiration to go for it.... well this is when all the good stuff happens! You feel powerful and in charge of your life. Everything seems to always work out for you. So you start with you. You claim your right to be free! You love yourself, you feel deserving and worthy of having what you want and you are surprised and delighted at how new great things start showing up every day! It's about choosing and living your life ON PURPOSE! Here are some ways you can start.

FREE Video and Guide to 5 Steps to Happiness!

You can Have Anything You Want and it won't take much time.

Learn 5 easy, magical steps to begin creating your life any way you want it! 

Learn more about the FREE How to Have Anything You Want Journaling PlayShop! 

Meditating will MAGNIFY your power to get what you want!

In just a few minutes a day you can get your mind to start working FOR you instead of against you. You get what you think about and meditating builds your "being in charge of your thoughts" muscles. Try it out! 

The HOW TO Choose Happiness Show!

HOW TO Choose Happiness! 

The only things you control in this life are your perspective and your attitude. You can ALWAYS choose to look at anything with a goal of finding the gifts or finding something to complain about. You can CHOOSE happiness and this show will teach you daily life skills to do just that! Look around for the episode that's just right for you right now. 

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"You are supposed to be Happy, Healthy and FREE! That is your natural state."

Lauren G. Foster






You are free to wake up every day and choose how your day is going to go, choose how you're going to look at things, what kind of person you're going to be, where you're going to put your attention. Who you're going to BE and what you're going to CREATE! Make up your mind right now to claim your freedom and power, believe in infinite possibility and get to work figuring out what you really want. I love you, I've got your back and I KNOW you can create an amazing life! All my love, Lauren

"Lauren is such a powerhouse of positivity and joy. She’s great at assisting through blocked areas of your life (business, personal, emotional) and comes with a large tool kit of creative ways to explore growth in all of these areas. She elevates you to see your potential while also making you feel truly special. She’s been a wonderful boost for my self confidence! I love working with her!” –Evangeline Glasgow http://www.sacredstylist.com/"

Evangeline Glasgow
Sacred Stylist


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