The How to Choose Happiness and Freedom Show: "Laughter Really IS The Best Medicine" with Cindy Lybbert

Cindy is certified in a long list of healing modalities, all of which unite mind, body and soul for a joyful, healthy life!  
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Cindy Lybbert - Energy Healer and Health-Wealth-Happiness Coach!

Do you want to be happier and healthier right this minute? Laugh! Laugh for any reason or no reason. Your body and soul will instantly respond. Laughter really is the best medicine!


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Quantum physics suggests that the observer can affect what is being observed – meaning that our consciousness affects matter.
Quantum Healing: A way to connect to your inner being & Divine/God & living your true purpose.
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Transcript from Today's Show

You can read instead! Enjoy! (This was transcribed by a machine so some words will not be perfectly right.)

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 0:00
Hello and welcome to today's episode of the How to Choose happiness and freedom Show. I'm your host Lauren Foster, happiness teacher and founder of Be happy first, and I am continuing on my quest to have all of my sister authors in the art of the art and truth of transformation for women book. That's a mouthful on my show. And today I am absolutely thrilled to have with me Cindy livered Cindy is an energy healer and master psychic a facilitator that spelled p s YCH. k, and I can't wait to learn more about that and to get to know Cindy better. Thank you so much for being here.

Cindy Lybbert 0:40
Thank you for having me.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 0:42
Yeah. So tell us who you are, where you came from? What is your story? And how did you get to where you are today and master all of this long list of healing modalities?

Cindy Lybbert 0:52
Certainly Thank you. Boy, you wouldn't know me if you if you knew me in the past. I'm a totally different person. But I am a country girl. Yay for the country. I grew up with seven sisters and one brother. When my father I was I started first grade we moved to Washington from Pocatello, Idaho, we moved to Washington, my father bought 10 acres of farm. So we had all the animals, most of it. Well, now I'd say about less than half of what was up with fruit trees. And so we spent the next few years planting fruit trees. My father had horses, and we had the rabbits and chickens and cats and a dog. So we had take care of the animals as well as the fruit. My father didn't hire anybody because my mother and my sisters, my brother did the picking. So when I was six years old, when I December after, right before after first grade, he handed me a bucket and said, this is how you pick cherries, take this stamp and pull up. No leaves, bird packed ones, no bad one. So we were sorting as well as we picked. So it was it was difficult. Should I say summer, because that was our childhood was working and picking fruit all day long. And at the time we picked in boxes. And then at the end of the day, we loaded the boxes on the wagon, and my father and my brother put them on the truck and he took them to the warehouse. He left he left the grass in the orchard grow very tall because he cut it down. And then we had to rake it. And in the evening there was changing sprinklers so there's always work. And so I learned to be very efficient, hard worker. And but when summer time came, it's like it it was kind of depressing for me because it's like oh man so much work to do. And so I thought I'm gonna have to change it up a little bit to get through this and survive it. So I told myself I'm going to be the fastest cherry picker in the family. And you know, it didn't dawn on me my family's probably saved Yeah, because the less the more you pick, the less we have to pick. I just wanted to get through the day but it made me happy I was the fastest got the most boxes that made me happy and get through the day. I remember as a child I'd be sitting on the steps resting and it just made my day when I would find and spot a caterpillar you know little things like this just makes brings a smile to a child. And I would pick them up and let them walk around on my hand or my arm and it just amazed me i would i would just watch them and think how can they transform into a butterfly the beautiful butterfly beautiful colors and sometimes I don't know why but my I would catch a butterfly and I would just watch it. I was just an all these little creatures. So little things like this made my day. And then school would start is like, Oh, I would enjoy the first couple days. But back in those days, it just seemed boring. Then I had to deal with you know, bullying. My first grade teacher was a bully. So it just turned me off the school is just like Well, many people can relate okay to not being able to have a fun childhood, or going to school and being bullied. So I had to find things that would resonate with me make me happy. You know, I just love the title of your show be happy first. And and laughter laughter is the best medicine. So I dealt with a child growing up with abuse and I shut down because I felt it was safer to not be seen and not be heard. Now I had two parents that children should not be heard while I was a child that should not be heard or seen. So I grew up quiet and shy, and I never found my voice either. until later in life when I went to college, and it was like a whole different life, I was making friends. And it was a lot of fun. And I was coming out of my shell.

So, long story short, I married and had two little children. I married at age 26. My children, I didn't have my CentOS 32, I believe none of my choice. But I, I first wanted a dozen children. But I'm happy to say I was very blessed. At least I was blessed with two children. Okay. So after 10 years of my marriage, my husband wanted to divorce one of the different roles in life and dealing with a narcissist and abuse Anyway, it was like, okay, so anything to protect myself and my children. And so I became a single parent, with two little children at age three, my son was about five years old. And then I moved from Utah to Washington, excuse me. And then I had to learn how to be both parents, Father, and mother. And it was stressful at the time. And I worked, I used to be a graphics, commercial artist, I put myself through college cleaning homes. And I loved the work I did everything by hand depends on me. But when my son was born, I quit working. And that's when they transitioned into computers. So later down the road, nobody would hire me because I didn't have computer skills. But I couldn't afford to go back to school. So I got a part time job at Walmart, and decided to try and pick up some classes. As I went into child Elementary, and one of the classes that I took happened to be stress management. And it was at a time when my elderly mother moved in with me also, and she was nearly blind and has to be taken care of. So I was juggling different things that were going on in my life. So one of the classes that I decided to take was stress management. And she asked us to do report and I thought what I could do an on will laughter would be fun. So I did the report on laughter and looked into it. And just amazing stuff as finding good stuff. I mean, this was a lot of fun. And it was making me laugh. Well, eventually, I got an A on it. So my teacher must have enjoyed it also. And my counselor called me one day from colleagues said, I need to talk to you. So I went in and and talk to her and she didn't want to give me the credit that goes toward child development, or child education. And I said, what I said,


I mean, don't you think that teachers who have to deal with 20 to 30 children a day would benefit from a stress management class? I had to laugh and she got the point and I got credit for it. Okay. So moving forward, I came to a point I

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 8:15
was age 45. My mother, did you stay on the path towards child education and become a

Cindy Lybbert 8:21
I did not die? I know I ran out of money. And I, I should have I could have, but we should never shoot on ourselves. So we'll take that back. I just I actually, I wasn't where I was working. They cut my hours down and it couldn't survive on less than 20 hours a week. So I said fine. So I decided to because I've experienced in house cleaning, I opened my own business and started cleaning houses again, which was perfect because I was making more money. And I could I could drop my children off at school. I went clean two homes. I picked him up and then I went home and I couldn't afford a babysitter so

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 9:07
right so we're done perfectly by this point. You're in your 40s is this is that right? Is this time? Yes, you're in your 40s I guess I'm loving that this whole story in that when we first started talking about being a little girl I thought what an amazing way to grow up but really all year long you were in school that you did that you despised and then when you were supposed to get to have fun you had to work.

Cindy Lybbert 9:31

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 9:33
But I loved that you were able even as a small child to find things that fascinated you and that made you happy like the caterpillar and the butterfly and and you carry that into your work. I've seen that quoted on your website that I think it's if nothing ever changed, there will be no butterflies. Is that the question? Yes. Yeah, yes. Which is awesome and amazing and your winding path and the the reap challenges. Being in an abusive marriage, that's kind of a reflection on how you were raised and you know, not being able to be yourself not being honored and respected and taken care of. So, continue on, but what happens next?

Cindy Lybbert 10:12
Okay. Well, at age 45, I took a big turn around about my own healing journey. And I heard spirits say, it's time to heal. And I had no idea what that meant. So, rather than asking, what does that mean, or, or what do I have to do? I just kind of shrugged it off. Okay.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 10:36
Let's back up a step, though. How did you learn how to listen to the voice of spirit?

Cindy Lybbert 10:42
Okay, good question. Thank you. When I was a child, again, my two sisters had married at a house at age 18, and 19. So my oldest sister would take us younger kids to church, my parents were inactive. So she took to the church. And this was my escape from everything, okay. I just loved it. A lot of times didn't know what to talk about. I didn't know how to sing songs, but I listened. But it was a wonderful spirit just to feel just to feel. And I don't know, if I was maybe seven years old. I remember taking a break. Everybody else must have been outside because I was alone in the house sitting in the chair, just sitting there and feeling just defeated. And, and then I heard God's voice say, talk to me in my mind that everything will be okay. And that he loved me. I can't remember the exact words, but I will never ever to this day, even at my age now. I'll never forget the feeling that I had. So I knew God existed. And I learned how to pray. But I didn't don't. It was a gift to be able to hear spirits voice. All of our Claire's to be able to feel I've had experience with all of them. But I didn't know that I was gift. So if I heard her voice, sometimes, like, Who is that? What are you talking about? I didn't understand it until later in my life. It's like, Whoa, okay, now, I get it. I just and I grew up not trusting adults. So the only one I knew that we've truly really loved me, and could understand me and that I could trust was God.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 12:19
Okay. Oh, you don't see nation? Yeah. So I mean, I believe that everyone can hear the voice of God, but not all of us know that we can. And so, so we don't, you know, if you don't know, there's music, why do you? How do you know to listen?

Cindy Lybbert 12:35
So correct? Yes. Still voice? Yeah, so people can hear their angels speaking. And so once again, when I heard the voice of the Okay, well, it played out, my son was probably 11 or 12 at the time, and he had a phobia of spiders. And I thought, Okay, this is not good. I cannot have kids teasing him because he's afraid of spiders. So I knew lady was good counselor, and took him in to help him get rid of this phobia. And after session two, it did, it really helped him. So he wasn't afraid of spiders anymore. But the first session, I took him into I sitting out in the waiting room, and she came up to talk to me, and she said, what your son says you're very, you're angry and crying all the time to say, I felt so bad because I didn't want my children to, to remember me being angry all the time. I didn't know. But I guess at the time I was because I was going through some feelings and emotions I didn't understand. And I find myself crying. I didn't know why. And so I was she asked me a little bit about my life. And I told her and says, well, because you've been through some trauma, and a divorce, you're dealing with PTSD. And I would like to see you too. Is it okay? So she helped me get through the rough spot, which is really, really good. And then I understand this is what God was talking about. It was time to heal. And I was having flashbacks and things had forgotten. And she was helping me through the process. And about after six months, I thought I was at a place it is feeling really good. But I knew and felt there was something else. There's something else I just couldn't put my finger on it. And at the time, I was also dealing with some health issues, and I didn't know it's related to stress at the time, stress can really play havoc on your body, you know. And so I went to three different doctors. And at the time, I didn't have any health insurance. So they wouldn't really do anything for me, except give me an antidepressant and send me home. So I was like, Okay, well, I learned I cannot take medication, because I have all the side effects. So I thought this is not gonna work. And I'm praying and say there's got to be something else or I'm going to die. I don't know what else to do. And then a friend handed me a flag one time said, you might be interested in this. And I looked at it and it was from the Academy of healing arts. And you'll learn about Reiki and massage and therapeutic touch. And reflexology is like, Oh, yeah, this is what I need, and was perfect. Because I was starting to heal from the inside out. You know, therapists and counselors have their place. They're very, very good. But unless they understand or did you work also, and learn and know how to release the trauma that's stored in our nervous system and our subconscious. Not going to heal from the inside out while I started healing from the inside out, like I wanted to. So I became certified in these areas,

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 15:45
that that's what I was gonna ask is if you were in training for that, so yeah, okay, cool. Yes,

Cindy Lybbert 15:50
yes. And then again, I knew there's something else. I couldn't put my finger on it. Well, one day my allergies flared up, and they're really bad. And I visited my girlfriend, she said, Oh, you should go see. So and so she was she does psyche. And I don't have allergies anymore. She helped me with mine. I said, Really, I said, I'll try anything. I'm desperate. I've tried everything and never worked. Sure enough. I went about, every time I left, I felt better. And about the third session, they were completely gone. So I, and then it kind of put that to the side because I had making other transitions in my life when my children were now 18. It didn't know me. And I had remarried. My ex, which isn't always the wisest decision I made in my life, but we make choices and decisions, you know, but we were once again, married for 10 years, and he's ready to move on. And we divorced again, my children are 18 and didn't need me anymore. So it's like it was devastating. And so I was just working and getting things back together. And a year or two down the road again. I met a good man, and we married and, and it's like my allergies flared up again. And it's like, what am I gonna do? I heard that voice again, getting back into psyche. So okay, so I go gold, who I could go see, that would give me sessions, and I found instructor here in Oregon. And she was giving workshops. It's like, perfect. So I took the workshops, I became certified, mostly I did it for my own for my healing, and to help family members who were dealing with different health issues. And after I'd be concerned if I, you know, heard that voice again said, not take it to the world. It's like, don't do that. And you do not have this fight going on the spirit. No, I can't do this. Yes, you can. No, I'm too quiet. I'm shy. You can do this. You're certified now. It's like, No, I don't want to do this. And then I heard a little reprimand. And you think you're the only one that deserve deserve enough healing? It's like, got me there. I said, Okay. So I've been working on got my website and spoke on a couple summits. Now. I'm hiring people all over the world. And you're an

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 18:27
international best selling author in the artists. Thank you formation for women's? Yes. Be sure to give yourself credit for that. Yeah. So Cindy is now providing healing in a kajillion different modalities and helping with life coaching and with financial wealth mindset and all kinds of different things. So what we're going to talk about today, though, are the things that I'm curious about. And so let's let's start with the cy K, what exactly does a master cy k facilitator do? And what Yeah, explain to me what it is first.

Cindy Lybbert 19:05
Certainly cy k is a process that changes your subconscious beliefs that are limiting and self sabotaging. And we grow up with beliefs that I'm not good enough, I'm too fat or ugly, or we've been told as children, you'll never amount to anything or, you know, limiting beliefs like this. Everything or if we see something negative on television, or that scary or that can scare us as children. These are all stored in our subconscious. And so when we're in adult life, we don't feel good enough and we try everything and and nothing's working. It's because sometimes on a conscious level will will remember, but there's subconscious beliefs that we forget, but they're still stored in there and they're going to treat us the same way that we believe as we were a child that we were not good enough. So psyche is a modality that has different balances. And there are instructors. So I have to say I'm not an instructor. So I'm not teaching anything about psyche. But I know you need to know the benefits, and a little bit about what it does. So we change subconscious blocks. So I take affirmations and turn them into belief statements where that limited belief is totally gone. And you have a new belief stored in there. So it opens doors to more more held better prosperity, better relationships, better self esteem and empowerment. And it helps you through grief and loss. I've lost two sisters who have passed now one two MSL into cancer and grief, we can we can feel our feelings is okay. But there comes to a point where we need to transition out of that and move on. So it doesn't keep us stuck. And our subconscious limiting limiting beliefs can do that.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 21:00
And that's fascinating and that that's so very much what what we're teaching here and that that reminds me of the work of john s Rath. And that neuro neuro gym and neuro reprogramming and all of the things that he's doing, and it is so very, very true. We're operating according to our belief system, whether whether it's right or wrong. And and I've never thought of that as manifesting as allergies though. And I have some people very near and dear to me that suffer terribly from allergies. And so

Cindy Lybbert 21:33
that that's very useful information for me. That's Yes. Well, I didn't know. But I learned that we could have allergies to a person, place or thing. So with psy k, we use muscle testing, and find out exactly what it is that is causing the allergies and do balances for that. And again, it's like taking the affirmation and turning it into belief statements. And we also work with goals. If so I'm actually committing to communicating with the other person's higher self and their subconscious. And asking through muscle testing. Well, we don't ask the subconscious questions because it doesn't know how to respond we, we put them in a form of statement, and through the muscle testing, because the subconscious will let us know where that person needs to heal, whether it's with relationships, or with money, or

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 22:27
personal power trabajar whatever it is, that's Is there a hypnosis element to them,

Cindy Lybbert 22:34
no hypnosis in any of this, or any of them all it modalities how to use.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 22:39
Okay, fascinating. So, wherever you're watching this video, or listening to the podcast, whatever, if you just look below, we'll have the show notes that will let you know how to spell things. And then how to find things, how to find Sunday and find out more about all the things that we're going to talk about anything that we mentioned today. So just look below for the show notes. Okay, so I'm looking at a list of all of Cindy's modalities, because I still very, very interested in all of them. The first one is divine channeled prayer, what and I'm also very, very interested in actually studying and trying to learn how to be a channeler right now. So that, of course is very interesting to me.

Cindy Lybbert 23:20
Certainly, well, that goes along with the process that I learned with clearing and balancing the chakras. So energy scan technique, and a practitioner. And so when I focus in on the person that I'm working with, I go through each of the chakras and ask for the block or the pain where the struggle is. And I'll take little notes on each of the chakras, their energy centers on our body. And then I will ask spirit once I'm tuned in, where it needs to be cleared, and how or what better thing can they have received, turn them around to help them and I'll take notes doing that. And either I will receive an image or, or words, pictures. Things may not always make sense to me, but they will the person I'm talking to or if I want more clarity, I'll ask for more clarity, so I'll get the information I need. So once I have all of this and discussing it with like if I was to give you an energy scan, and then and talk about it, and then the notes, the good points that I wrote down, I will use those in a form of a divine prayer that will help clear those blocks in the pains in the struggle so that energy is open, the chakras are open. So I'm communicating asking divine or God for assistance also, he's the one that's always doing the healings, all of these modalities. I'm just a facilitator. So it's very important to me to stay humble and stay in tune with you, the person needs to hear

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 25:03
that Okay, so the chakra scan healing and the divine channel prayer kind of work together. Yes, yeah. Okay, awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Okay, so the word quantum always fascinates me. I saw on Facebook today, I was playing to take my kids to quantum leap. And I thought it was the TV show with gorgeous Scott baculum actually turned out to be a trampoline park. So it didn't really give me any great information. But what what exactly is meant by quantum energy from from Cindy's point? Well,

Cindy Lybbert 25:41
it's like Reiki, it's just, it's just the quantum energy, it's just worldwide, very open to everything. It's a safe and beautiful energy, that helps me tune in to once again with God. So with the quantum energy, once I connect with God, and it's meditation, and breathwork, also, so that I can, when I'm talking to a person who wants to do the quantum energy healing, I tune in to what they're feeling and ask God, where is the highest priority pain point that we need to focus on. And then words are sensors, just thoughts that come to me, I will relate to the person. And and I tell them, they're free to talk to me, anything that comes to the mind, something will come up. So it verifies what I'm feeling and sensing in, in my mind, and, and I'm talking and sharing with them what I'm feeling. And so it helps them open the communication better, okay. And so then I can focus them and direct them in their healing, simply tell them to release that take an in breath, and allow that to be released. And then we just continue on and, and when I feel like a great love, and I tell them it's safe to feel and be loved and and download feeling of being loved. So it's great way to communicate and just, again, feel spirit and what needs to be directed.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 27:16
So you are a conduit to spirit for those who can't reach that on their own?

Cindy Lybbert 27:21
Yes. That's a good way of putting it.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 27:26
actually mean? I mean, I literally feel like I should be googling it and saying What? Oh, yeah, you should have quantum.

Cindy Lybbert 27:34
Oh, I should google that too. Because I've never really taken the time to look that word up. So I'm sorry, I can't.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 27:42
I will open the door is Yeah, that to me? I don't know. It feels like it should mean, infinite. My everywhere, something I don't know. But again, look, I will look it up. And I'll write the definition of quantum in the show.

Cindy Lybbert 27:58
I think it's all of those words that you just said.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 28:00
Yeah, I think I think so too. But we're gonna make sure we're not going to Yes. All right, um, okay, that the other very, very fascinating modality is called m braining.

Cindy Lybbert 28:14

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 28:14
What in the world is that? And? It sounds? Sure, well,

Cindy Lybbert 28:19
we're aligning our three brains. Okay, we have our brain, our heart and our get. So we're aligning these for greater wisdom and, and decision making. So because sometimes, you know, you hear the, you hear the phrase, follow your heart, or Well, what's your gut telling you? Okay, and our brain. So these are three brains. So when a person wants a session using the ambit, we go into a discussion. And, and I take notes again, because we're asking as we're gearing through a meditation process, we're asking the heart a question, lining up with the gut, and then bringing that energy back up to the heart. And then we bring that energy up and ask him to bring questions. And we really are getting answers to a person's question, bringing the energy of the of the brain back down to the heart. So we're balancing and bringing it all three together. I love and then setting goals and it's really a beautiful process.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 29:25
Oh, it sounds beautiful. And and, you know, now that you say it, it makes perfect sense that how better to be in alignment that your your mind and your heart and your gut are all in agreement. Yes. And instead of making decisions exclusively from your brain, or flying by the seat of your pants, and going exclusively from your gut.

Cindy Lybbert 29:45
Yes, exactly.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 29:47
Yeah, I love that and embracing using your multiple brains to do cool stuff that so yes, you definitely want to go to heal and check out all of the Great Depression. and stuff that's on Cindy's websites. Fabulous. Okay, so what is what is something that without coming to see you or Kevin to see me or even leaving the house, something that our listeners can do right now that will help them shift into that happy place that place of choosing happiness and laughter and fun freedom.

Cindy Lybbert 30:23
Oh certainly. Practice smiling. Hi just laughing. When I, when I was older, I remember laughing but I didn't laugh out loud. It was it was quite laugh. And I didn't realize that until I started listening to people voice laughter is coming out of the mouth. So I actually had to force myself to laugh. So if we force ourselves to smile and to laugh, then it becomes habit. And we can get into the energy and start laughing and smiling. You want to do things that have been entertainment, that brings you joy, and makes you laugh. Give yourself permission to laugh, and treat yourself to some flowers. laughter You know, laughter really is the best medicine. And Emerson once said, The Earth laughs and flowers, and journaling. I would like everybody to start a new journal, get a notebook paper, and have fun designing the cover things, photographs, family members, or your pets that make you smile and laugh. And pilot my happy place. So when you're feeling depressed, go to your journal, go to your book and look at those things. There's also music that can put you in the mood now who cannot dance and smile, laugh to the song I feel good by James Brown, or the beegees. If you're having trouble laughing and smile, you can see me

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 31:52
I love this. This is in the happy and free on purpose book. And in all of my teachings, we have something called the magic orchid. And this is one thought that you choose every day that you write in your journal that is guaranteed to make you smile and guaranteed to make you laugh and that you can if you're losing control of your mood or feel your days getting away from you, you can always conjure that thought back up and and make yourself laugh and smile. And so I love this. This is such an amazing episode. I'm loving it so very much. And here's grovia again. I just thought of something else that I wanted to say oh there's

Cindy Lybbert 32:31
Oh out there also some wonderful TV shows. So I grew up with Lucille Ball Carol Burnett. Red Skelton laughing combine those shows on YouTube or your television and watching comedy.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 32:46
And this is this is truly scientific, you can look at the evidence that your your brain doesn't know whether you're smiling because there's really something to smile about. Or you're doesn't know if you're faking it. So that all of the good feeling chemicals are released in your brain, your serotonin and your dopamine and, and fake smile will become real very quickly. Because yes, it just feels awesome and amazing. I love air very much. Okay, um, I'm not I didn't exactly know what time we started. But I think that we're in a good place. Was there anything else that you wanted to add to? Anything that you're promoting any free gifts, any projects you're working on?

Cindy Lybbert 33:28
Thank you. Yeah, yeah, on my website, I do have some free music and meditations. And I have lowered my price for this month. If anybody wants a session. Let's see. And I have a Facebook group that's also titled healing afraid it's a private group. And I'm going to start doing some free calls every other month every week, which is going to be like a healing session with me a group one. So that will be wonderful as well take advantage. It's going to be free for a while. And I will be posting on my Facebook group and am on my website when this is available and YouTube channel and lots of stuff going on. With me.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 34:17
Awesome. Yeah, we will provide links to all of that. And just for reference, this is being broadcast in February of 2021. So if you're watching it next year, the next then these things might not still apply as far as prices and free things but I'm sure she'll have something else for free that's available and everything in perfect time, right? Yes, right. Okay. Awesome. Thank you so much for being with me, Cindy.

Cindy Lybbert 34:43
Thank you had a lovely time.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 34:44
Yeah. Oh, and everybody. You can also do you have the transformation book for sale on your

Unknown Speaker 34:49

Cindy Lybbert 34:50
I do.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 34:52
Okay, so I found meaning to put it up there for sale and the the technology always gets me just attracted, and so it doesn't get done so but you can also look on Sandy's website for the art and truth of transformation for women, which is the book that we read together with 18. Other beautiful, amazing authors. And you'll find so many uplifting stories of transformation in that book that will hopefully help you to begin to transform your own life and begin to be happy and free on purpose every single day. Alrighty, so we're going to say goodbye, say goodbye, Cindy. Hi. And I'm going to see all of you back here next week when my guest is Maura and Mark, who are the authors of a really great book that's been published by powerful u publishing. And we're going to learn all kinds of great things from them, too. So, in the meantime, remember that happiness is a choice. You can always choose to be happy first. I'll see you next week.

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