The How to Choose Happiness and Freedom Show: "Could You Be Psychic" with Psychic Medium Dana Micheli

We all have the capacity to be psychic, it shows up in lots of ways. Explore this idea with us!   
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Dana Micheli - Psychic Medium

We are fascinating, multi-faceted, divine beings! We have an all access pass to infinite intelligence, we just need to use it. You'll love this conversation!


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I think we all have the ability to be psychic, we've just forgotten how or thought we had to choose between being "realistic" and being "spiritual". 

Dana was a law student, is an editor and writer and is also a Psychic Medium! This awesome episode points out how multi-faceted we all are and how you can honor all parts of yourself, both sides of your brain....  you can be practical AND spiritual! Enjoy this fun and light hearted exploration and let yourself wonder! 

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Transcript from Today's Show

You can read instead! Enjoy! (This was transcribed by a machine so some words will not be perfectly right.)

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 0:00
Hello, and welcome to today's episode of the How to Choose happiness and freedom Show. I'm your host Lauren foster happiness teacher and founder of be happy first. And my I'm so thrilled to have as my guest today. My dear friend Dana michelly, psychic medium say hello, Dana.

Dana Micheli 0:20
Hi, everyone. Nice to be here.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 0:22
Yeah, this is so thrilling. We've had several conversations getting ready for this, because we're both kind of exploring new areas, if you will, in our lives. You know, podcasting is new for Dana and psychicness. Is, is new for me. So I met Dana because she is my editor, I met her through powerful u publishing. So she's the person that takes my words and pretties them up and smooth them out. And she's my cheerleader. And she's my, my helper and my guide in writing the art of transformation for women book and the new book that I'm working on, which is loosely titled happy and free on purpose. So welcome, Dana, thank you so much for being here. I'm so happy that I met you.

Dana Micheli 1:03
Thank you and saving here. And just let me say that your words do not need that much work. Your messages are so beautiful. And they've helped me tremendously. So thank you. Thank you.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 1:13
Thank you. That's wonderful. All right. So in our previous conversations, I know that you've studied the law, you've done a lot. And editing is a very kind of practical kind of thing. And then there's the psychic medium side, tell us your story and how you evolve to this place.

Dana Micheli 1:30
Okay, so

I believe probably a lot this will resonate with a lot of people, mediums and psychic phenomenon have been an interest of mine, since I was as far back as I can remember whether it was books I read, or if there was a show on about a medium, I was fascinated by it, that sort of thing. And there was always this feeling of, Oh, I wish I could do that. Or, you know, that's amazing, or, you know, it's so one in a million, you know, and then I would have these experiences. Probably the first that I realized were in my 20s, where one time I was in my car and was not even thinking about my grandmother at the time, I was just driving along if it was going to be the boyfriend in Boston, and all of a sudden looked to the passenger side and burst into tears because they knew my grandmother was there with me and just knew without a doubt that she was there and nobody could have told me different It's not like I heard anything. It's I just felt her energy, her presence and knew it was her. So I popped in a D Martin CD, which she and my grandfather loved to listen to D Martin and said, Okay, this is for you, you know, and went about my business I I thought it was just like a one in a million thing and that she was strong enough to come here, you know. And then there would be other things as well, like more on the psychic side, where one time a friend of mine called me and said his wife was pregnant with their first child. And in my head, I'm going oh my god, she's gonna have a miscarriage and just knew it. And just again, knowing that nobody could have told me any different and I got the call a few weeks later that she had. Thankfully, they went on to have two healthy children. But that's, you know, there was that. And then I had another friend. I'm sorry. That's okay. Did

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 3:16
you tell him that you thought? No? Oh,

Dana Micheli 3:19
no, of course. Of course not. It was it was more like, I didn't know if I believed it. I didn't know what was gonna come up. But I would never say anything. And on the flip side was it was a happier scenario with a friend of mine who thought she would never have children who desperately wanted to have children. And she, when she was down about it, I would say in my head, I know you're gonna have a child, and I know you're gonna have a little boy. And I saw us sitting at a table with him in a restaurant. And her son is 10 years old today. And I didn't say that to her beforehand, either. Because I didn't want to be that friend that Oh, don't worry, don't worry, you know what I mean? So I didn't, again, did not think did not connect the dots is something that I could do on a regular basis.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 4:09
Okay. So you've always had is just it's like a knowing that that yes, that is MC I'm so fascinated by this. We're going to talk about the floor Claire's a little bit later and get some education on that. But so Okay, so continue on you were having experiences like this.

Dana Micheli 4:28
So it wasn't until I kind of coincided with my going into writing and editing full time that I had, that I could make my own schedule and sort of did more meditation started listening to more teachers that I started getting a more consistent experience at least one meditating. And that's a big one. And then but it really wasn't till this last year, that I joined a group of amazing women who get together and we read each other To do exercises all over zoom, you know, we do these psychic and medium exercises, that things have really started to deepen a lot for me where I'm starting to be like, wow, I could sit down with somebody I've never met or even just be on the phone with them and get information.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 5:16
Well, it's saying I think that it's so very cool. Okay, so help me define what what is what is the difference between a psychic and a psychic medium is? Or is that the same thing?

Dana Micheli 5:30
It's, it's, it all comes from the same place I guess. And we'll I'll say what somebody said to me some and I don't know if I believe this or not. Somebody once said to me, all mediums are psychic. Not all psychics or mediums. I don't know. I don't know. So I I kind of only recently learned how to distinguish when I'm getting information in a mediumship way, in a psychic way. So the way it was explained to me was that, like, if it's a medium, you're getting information about that. That person is coming through. So this is your grandmother used to bake, she loved to ride the train, that kind of stuff, whereas the psychic stuff would be a bit more about you. Okay, um, it's, it sounds very simple, and it is but it's when you're kind of in the middle of it. Sometimes it's not quite you're not quite sure how its unfolding. Right. Okay.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 6:28
And and actually what you said about all mediums are psychics but not all psychics or mediums that kind of makes sense to me? Because, like, like the the psychic feeling that you had about your friend's child and your friends miscarriage those were psychic things? Yep. But not necessarily a message from someone who has who has right before? Or Exactly, yeah. Okay, so, um, what are the main reasons that people will come to, to request a psychic reading or the mean? So what is there to get I post on Facebook that said, Have you ever seen a psychic medium? And one person said yet nothing came true? So is their fortune telling mean? What do you think about being able to predict a future that, you know, is affected by all of our choices?

Dana Micheli 7:29
Right? Well,

that's a question I have not been able to answer myself. So I've been read I countless times. So I could speak to why I would go. And it was, I loved the idea of hearing from someone who had passed, like, just back in those days of knowing my grandmother had been there, when then when medium medium would say to me, you know, your dad's mother's around you. And I'd be like, Wow, it was real, like she was really there. And it was amazing, it was not a painful memory for me, because she'd been gone so long and everything, but um, you know, some people, they're in that grieving period, and they, they really want to hear from that person, they want to know they're safe. They want to validate maybe their own contacts and signs that they've received from that person. And then there's the whole humaneness of it, whereas, am I going to get the job of Am I going to meet the guy Am I gonna know that stuff? And I've gone definitely gone for those reasons as well. And I have to say that some have come true, and some have not. And this has given me great pause. And you know, and there's so many factors that go into it. And the conclusion I've kind of come to is that if the medium or psychic says to me, you're going to get this job doing this, and it's something that I've never even considered, and maybe it was a deep seated desire that I never told anyone. It's almost like a sign or an inspiration to me, like maybe I should pursue that maybe I should, it kind of opens you up to different possibilities. Ultimately, I feel like something's going to be completely determined by your decisions, your attitudes, your thoughts, beliefs, because I, I believe in all that, manifesting things. So I love your work so much. And then, you know, it could be that you know, somebody up somebody comes into your life, and maybe you wouldn't have given that person a shot. You know,

it but maybe you will, you know, now because it's like puts a little, Yeah, a little seed in your head.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 9:30
There's also the theory that they're really that you know, time and space are constructs of man, and then everything else is happening all at the same time, which is mind boggling. You know that there are some things that it's just very, very difficult for a human brain to get around. So we have

Dana Micheli 9:48
some one one thing the first, the first medium I've ever went to, she told me I'm often off on the time and I found that to be true. And I could see why it would be for exactly the reasons you just said. And there's so many things that go into it that we don't understand. Right?

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 10:07
And, and so many things that we we can do differently that, you know, the the idea that everything is predestined and is already going to happen. It doesn't really matter what you do that that is no, that's not one that I like,

Dana Micheli 10:20
right? Me neither, me neither. Absolutely not. And I just I don't believe in it. It's not that I'm just uncomfortable with it. I actually just don't believe that's the way it works. Because then what's the point? Right?

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 10:34
Like, I'm here in the first place, if everything is just inevitable, and, and

Dana Micheli 10:38
yes, you guessed it, yeah. Yeah.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 10:40
Okay. So as you know, from our previous conversations, I've been studying about channeling. And I really love the Esther Hicks who, who channels Abraham. And I do, I would just really love to be able to develop the ability to get such clear answers from whomever, or whatever it is, that is expressing itself through Infinite Intelligence. And these are the these are the beliefs that I told you, I was kind of challenged by, in reading this book, and that, I've always believed that, that this energy that is me, used to be maybe other people, but maybe grass, maybe dogs, maybe butterflies, you know that energy is energy. And that is that when it's in the non physical, it's in the non physical and doesn't retain the form of humans. But at the same time, I get that our soul, this is Lauren foster soul that this focused part of energy that is me, that that can keep its own sort of structure out in the non physical. So these are all the things that I'm grappling with trying to understand. So what share your thoughts about that? Can Can what I just said be true. And also, like, the spirit of my dad is available to me through a gifted psychic medium or directly through yourself directly, I

Dana Micheli 12:13
would say directly, um, I absolutely agree that people retain who they are, that there's a core essence. And but it doesn't mean it's Lauren Foster. It's bigger than that. So it encompasses all it that encompasses a belief in reincarnation, obviously, but it's, it's that you're more than the person the personality self. And so if you're channeling and I have heard the said about this is kind of goes along with what people call speaking in tongues or light language, there's all different words for it. But that those messages are bypassing the personality self and speaking directly to that, that God self. Gotcha, you know, so that's what I believe, so that you could go to the other side and retain your Lorne Warren messages, and communicate with people who you cared about here and helping guide them. But then you might be doing that with people from other lives as well. And you know, somebody, another medium who was just I mean, she was just amazing, amazing. And a beautiful woman to just a lovely, lovely, lovely person. She said to me, she was talking about my grandmother, and she said, it's hard for you to, it's hard for you to comprehend that she could be over there, greeting new souls as they come in, and also be with you. So there's a by location thing as well, like they can do different things. There's no, there's no constraints that we experience here. So they can basically what I'm saying is you don't know anything.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 13:44
That seems that feels true. To me, that feels that feels very true. We just lost my brother in just a year ago from this past December. So we're in our second year. And I firmly believe that he can have his hand on the shoulder of his wife and online at exactly the same time. And that, you know, he can also be celebrated and hanging out with mom and dad who are out there with him. And that he can, you know, 20 or 30 or 50 or infinite other things that his spirit is infinite now. And that that feels true to me. And yeah, so we talked about doing a reading during this this broadcast, but we made up we decided to do that separately, so that we would have time to explore and you know, and I will have time to get a little less nervous about that and

Unknown Speaker 14:40
get a little too, right.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 14:43
So we can both get on our on a more comfortable kind of place and maybe in the evening with a glass of wine. That's okay, so talk to us about the the four Claire's And that this is another thing that I'm very interested in discovering in it as I've been meditating and things that are trying to pay attention to how I process things, if I'm feeling things, if I'm hearing things, if I'm, you know, seeing things, and a lot of times, I will find that my body moves. It's so subtle and so imperceptible. And then I find myself trying really hard to not pay too much attention. So I don't stop it. It just feels like a flow of spirit into my body that's just kind of swaying, sometimes back and forth, sometimes side to side, sometimes a circle, but it's just this real gentle feeling of having my body connected to everything. And this is the first time I've said that to anyone anywhere. So it's amazing. Yeah, so but what does that mean? Does that mean that it which Claire is that where you feel things?

Dana Micheli 15:56
You know, it's odd? Well, it almost always confused my Claire's. And that almost strikes me as something similar to Dowson. Like, are you answering questions? Are you asking yourself questions while you're meditating? Are you asking anything, you're just trying to be calm? Well,

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 16:15
so to a certain extent, sometimes I will, I have a little ritual where I write down my intentions for the day, you know, like, I wouldn't be very focused, I want to be energetic. I want to be inspired and inspiring one, the days that I'm planning to ride or do interviews like this, and I, I put those in a little cast iron container, with a candle of some color today's was gold, I just felt like having a gold candle. And then as that burns, then I just kind of meditated try to be completely and totally present, and just see what happens and see what comes and just, you know, kind of re ground myself. And so sort of I'm asking questions, sort of I'm trying to open myself, but really, I'm just kind of hanging out wanting to feel a connection.

Dana Micheli 17:08
You know, that I've never heard of anything like this. It's awesome. So, I mean, that doesn't mean it doesn't happen all the time. I just haven't heard about it. But the reason I asked if you're asking questions Is it sounds like when somebody uses like a pendulum, and they get an answer, that pendulum swings a certain way, or they do it with their body. So it's a muscle testing, you know, that sort of thing. So I'm almost wondering if you could start to recognize the movement and track the movement that is sort of connected back.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 17:40
That's a fantastic idea. I have never been able to get a pendulum to work. And so just if you neither yet not not to get so far away, that we're not making sense that a pendulum is just a crystal on a string or chain, where you you train it to move a certain way for Yes, and move a certain way for No. And then you can use it as a divination tool to kind of help guide yourself and, and you know, you're just kind of channeling universal energy through your own body and getting the pendulum to do things. And the pendulum always just sits there and quivers for me and never would do anything. But I have had success with muscle muscle testing, like deciding if a food was something that my body wanted. I have had some some luck with that with my body leaning forward for something that's good or falling backwards for something that's, that's bad. So I'm definitely I

Dana Micheli 18:35
think that's what's happening for you.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 18:37
Yeah, so I'll try to define what those movements mean. And thank you that that's a that's a great way to easily advance myself in that. And I, I,

Dana Micheli 18:48
I also wonder if it's like, if it's sort of like a, an initial, it's your initial process for the channeling and what it reminded me when you were talking with Esther Hicks, if you read if you heard their or read their first book, and it was about how she started out, and it was starting out with letters, and she would say one letter, and then I believe eventually started spelling out things. I almost feel like that's what's happening for you is that you're having this initial, you're learning how your body gets the information.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 19:22
Mm hmm. I think that that, that sounds absolutely perfectly true. And one of the times that one of the exercises in the channeling book is to learn to attune with different energies. So you hold it a crystal and just, you know, ask it, what it is what is what is boring, you know, have a conversation with a crystal and then you put it down and do the same thing with a different crystal and notice the differences in the air. And I got the idea that my body was moving differently with the different crystals, so how can I be to be able to just have conversations with rocks

Dana Micheli 20:03
It's awesome. When your animals or your plants or it I mean, seriously, I think that's what's happening for you. And, you know, you've, you've talked about channeling with me, and you've talked about how much you want to do it. And in my way of thinking, it's like, if you want it that badly, it's gonna happen for you. Yeah, it's a pure intention you want it for, to help other people to help yourself. Like, I believe we all have an innate ability to do these things. But it just it takes work. And it takes a true desire to do it, you know, and that's, that's it? So yeah, yeah.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 20:37
So I'm really excited about this journey. And I'm going to keep, you know, bringing up questions and meeting with people like you and meeting other teachers and things like that, because I, I, we are such expansive beings, if we would allow ourselves to, you know, become not so limited by just this body. And, you know, and it sounds so much fun. Okay, so one of the things I want to make certain that our listeners get from this interview is that, and it's it's kind of ironic, but last week's guest was also she was a lawyer. I can't remember what kind of civil rights I don't know, some kind of attorney. And now she is an energy healer. And she teaches, you know, reiki, and she's gone a completely separate way. And, you know, exploring all these things. And so, I want people to really understand that we are not defined by our past even yesterday, you know, you get to change your mind and look at things in a different way, anytime that you want. So, can you speak any to the your process of embracing this more spiritual type of activities, as opposed to your more practical, pragmatic, analytical side?

Dana Micheli 21:55
Yeah, I mean, I probably had an easier time of it accepting, accepting it than most internally. Because I was always felt like I was always being ripped into different directions. And to some extent, I still do. And I appreciate both, like, I enjoy using my mind to think critically about something and then, but there's always this other pole, towards the spiritual stuff, it was more of a question of thinking, could you do it at all? Could you do both? You know, what will people think? You know, is it possible those sorts of things, but even like, there was always, like I said, that pulled towards if there was a movie, like the sixth sense, I was watching it, you know what I mean? not scary stuff, not horror movies and stuff, but like anything that was about that ability. And it was deeper than this is just two hours to kill watching a movie. It was like, wow, you know, just to you. And yeah, and

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 22:55
awesome. Yeah, I firmly believe that we are all born with with different gifts and different tendencies and what but we're taught to push us aside and just do what's do your homework, Stop daydreaming be on time?

Dana Micheli 23:12
You know, By the same token, I mean, even something like creative pursuit, like writing is similar to that. So, you know, we're taught that, what are you going to do? You're going to write a book, yeah, right, that's not going to happen, or nobody's gonna publish it or whatever. And so we're pushed into maybe other things that aren't really, they may be fulfilling on some level, but they don't help us. in totality, we need other things,

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 23:35
right? You're, you're never going to make a living at that you better have a better have a real job and do what you love on the side. Yeah, all of this is that, you know, my parents grew up in the depression. So there was a whole lot of, you know, the value of security and a steady paycheck and, you know, doing what is seems possible, instead of, you know, dreaming and following our hearts and following our souls, and so, I love the example that you're setting by showing that you can, you can do both, it's and you and you should do both, you know, what, why would you cut off either side of your brain?

Dana Micheli 24:13
Right, you know, I mean, I have to give, I have to give credit, where credit is due and that's my clients. Because if I had gotten into a different area of writing, who knows what would have happened, it was my clients work, most of them are spiritual. in some regard. The what I've learned from them has been so incredible. And it completely shifted the way I think about everything. So I have to say, I mean, I believe that was fate if you know, we're talking about fate. I believe that was fate that I started working with these amazing people and and the, the gift that they've given me. It makes me even more passionate about helping them get their books out because if it helped me while I was just reading it and go editing it, what is it going to do for their readers? I mean, Yeah, no,

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 25:01
I love it. So that that endeavor is actually both you're using your critical skills at making the message is clear. And also in, you know, being a light worker, and, you know, sharing all this information with the world is so good, such good stuff. I love it. And so it just popped into my head that I don't know if this is a reasonable question or not. But what I told you that I did post on Facebook and people have had bad experiences with psychics Sure. So how do you go about choosing and someone to talk with in this way? And how how do you know, it's like, like, I know that I'm gonna love my reading with you, because I, I totally resonate with you, I just think that you're awesome. I think your spirit is here, I don't think you would make up something to save your life. But there are, you know, this is a world in which people are not necessarily always like that.

Dana Micheli 26:05
Well, they're, it's, it's so it's, it's, there's a spectrum. So there may be the person who's the Freud, absolutely, I've gone to people years ago that were like, buy this candle, it's $1,000 somebody out there is laughing right now as they listen to this, because everybody's heard this, everybody that's gone to like an impromptu reading somewhere, has heard Oh, there's something you need to like, there's something you know, not a curse, per se, but like, there's some sort of energy that you need to purge, by buying this incredibly expensive candle, you know, and it's going to burn and it's going to cleanse you, it's everybody will resonate with this. So that that's happened to me, and that's whatever and then, but then there's a lot of gray area, you know, then there's on the other end, there's this person that gives you this unbelievable reading that you're crying because you know that your mom or wherever is talking to them. And then there's the gray area where it's just not connecting like the for whatever reason, they may be pulling on an energy that knows you that you just don't you don't remember the person, there's some sort of disconnect, but it's not through any ill intent. It's just, it just happens. It just happens. It's not going to be that perfect experience. So there, there's a you know, there's a continuum, it doesn't have to necessarily be a bad thing. That being said, whenever I've heard about somebody through like a friend or you know, word of mouth, and I made it with somebody that made an appointment, it was very official, you know, wasn't just like, come in whenever you want walk in. I've had really amazing experiences. Okay.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 27:38
All right, awesome. Um, we're gonna wrap things up and keep this episode pretty short, because we're gonna probably do a second episode. We are you offering some free ratings to

Dana Micheli 27:51
I am.

Unknown Speaker 27:52
Okay, how many?

Dana Micheli 27:55
Oh, I didn't I really didn't give it much thought. But let's say, I don't know, what do you say that

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 28:04
five ratings. And we're going to supply you with an email address to contact Dana. And so this is being recorded on January 20 2021. And it will be so that you'll have to be pretty quick. But even if you have missed the window for the free reading, still reach out to her and see what kind of deal she might be offering or, you know, just, you know, kind of get to know her and see if they, if she's someone that you would like to work with. So and I'm, of course going to keep you informed as to how our relationship evolves, and the things that I learned and the and the ways that I open up, you know, they're one of the things when I think about talking with people who have,

Dana Micheli 28:46
who have left

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 28:47
us is what about all the other people that are still living that also know that person and it almost feels like an animal invasion of privacy or a, you know, just these weird, confused feelings that I need to sort through and get around before I proceed. But, but they're important. You know, questions are questions are how we learn. And so I'm not I'm not at all upset that I have doubts that I have, that I have questions that I have challenges, because that that's your impetus to, to grow and to discover your faith and discover where you're going to just allow things to be instead of, you know, trying to make things happen, which we do so much as humans so all right, anything else that you want to add before we wrap up for the day,

Dana Micheli 29:35
just one more thing, I would love to give a shout out to my teacher, Carolyn Dickinson who runs the the development circle that I go to every other week. And anybody wanting to learn more about exploring their psychic and their mediumistic gifts. Please, please reach out to me and I will put you in contact with her because she is an amazing, amazing teacher and as all the women in the group Okay, awesome. And she's also an author in her own right. She's the author of three full moons. Three. It's a novel and it's fabulous.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 30:09
Ah, okay. And just as a reminder matter, wherever you're watching this or listening to this, if you look below, in the show notes, we'll have all of this information, all the links and the way that you can get in touch with Dana and everything that we've talked about that that has a place for you to go. We'll provide that for you in the show notes so that you don't have to pull over if you're driving and write something down. All right, Dana. Well, thank you again, so very much for being with me. I totally, totally. And, you know, we're going to do this some more. And we're gonna we're gonna do my reading sometime within the next few days. And yeah, I'm very much looking forward to that too.

Dana Micheli 30:48
Me too. Thank you so much.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 30:50
Thank you. All right. So I'm going to see you next week. I don't know who our guest is going to be next week, because that's how I roll that in the meantime, remember that happiness is a choice, and you can always choose to be happy first. I'll see you next week.

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