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Kumari Mullin - Founder of Divine Human Institute

At the end, Kumari takes us through a short "being happy right now" experience. It's awesome! Don't miss it!


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Lauren and Kumari

Transcript from Today's Show

You can read instead! Enjoy! (This was transcribed by a machine so some words will not be perfectly right.)

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 0:00
Hello, and welcome to this episode of the How to Choose happiness and freedom Show. I'm your host Lauren foster happiness teacher and founder of be happy first. And this is the place where we learn to be happy and free on purpose. And it's my honor to gather guests that I want to learn from so that you can learn from them with me. And without further ado, I want to introduce today's guest, Kumari Mullin. And I didn't ask you about pronouncing your name before we started.

Awesome. Kumari is the founder of divine human Institute. She's an expert on energy healing and manifesting and attaining bliss, which we're going to talk about. So welcome. Kumari. Thank you. And welcome to you, too. Thank you so much for having me. I love your topic. And I love the on purpose part.

Kumari Mullin 0:52
Yeah, understanding that we're creating this life, right, and we get to do it however we want.

Yes, it takes us into out of this randomness. what everybody thinks happiness is, is something that happens to you, and therefore you're happy, you know, and lucky. Or it takes us out of that expectation that everything outside has to be so you know, the right car, the right house, the right relationship, the right thing, in order for us to be happy. It's like we spend our life searching outside of ourselves. And don't realize that it's an inner journey and an inner

purpose that we can align with every day. And every moment, actually,

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 1:39
yeah, you're gonna teach us how to do that. So tell us that let let everybody get to know you a little bit. What's your sir?

Kumari Mullin 1:48
So my story we're chatting before we get on and I, interestingly, was a lawyer. I was just out of law school. And I worked at Legal Aid and Baltimore, legal counsel for the elderly, actually, and first, and then legal aid, and my father died of lung cancer in a very short period of time, very sudden, he was only 16 at the time. And I didn't know it at the time, I had no clue for many, many, many years to tell the story this way. But now looking back, somebody asked me to write my story. And I realized all the connections, you know, at first, I was like, I'm not telling people, I'm an attorney, what does that have to do with being a spiritual teacher, and an energy healer. But the truth is, it

has everything to do with it. Because if I can shift out of that logical, rational brain, pursuit that I was in probably the ultimate logical, rational brain pursuit, right, being a lawyer into this spiritual teaching, energy healing, then everyone can do it. It's not like I was born with this gift. And, you know, it just happened. It's all random. You either have it or you don't kind of thing. And I think that's the beauty of this story. So my father died. And I don't even remember being conscious of it. But I remember the deep longing in my heart, that led me to wanting to do more, I think everybody has felt that when somebody's beloved to them is suffering, and I just felt like, he got the best care, he was actually a doctor in his own hospital. So people were taking beautiful care of him. But he died. And I felt like, I need to find out more, more about this death and dying process that I just watched him go through more about my own journey more about helping other people I just thought more. And of course, at Legal Aid, there was another person who was following a spiritual path. And I ended up going to see her spiritual teacher grew from India. And that led to a series of things very soon after that I was finding myself in a Reiki energy healing class, I didn't even believe in it. You know, I was I was thinking, I don't know what this is. I don't think I believe it's very, very skeptical. But there was an inner driver that was saying, find out find out, you know, there's more to this universe, there's more to this life, there's more to our own innate power to, I guess, ease suffering, that that was the phrase that kept coming to me. I want to be able to do more in those moments, where you feel so helpless, you know, where you just want to be able to give more. And I have to say that this path of energy healing and energy medicine and spiritual awakening, as put me in that enviable place, I guess I have.

I still grieve I still have sadness and sorrow, but I always feel like I can give my best, you know, that there's this whole other part of me That wasn't accessed at that time that I now have access to. And when I'm in that wholeness of self, then I know what to do. I know that I'm giving from my highest self and my highest heart and I feel sad, but complete, rather than how I got when my dad passed, which was, I didn't do enough, I didn't do enough, you know. So it's it wasn't my fault, I didn't have any of this knowledge or ability. But it started my journey. And I didn't see that, you know, one door closes and the other opens. So only looking back after probably a few decades, I went, Oh my gosh, it was totally orchestrated, as much of our big awakening and healings are right there orchestrated, sometimes by very distinct and traumatic events. Not that that's the best way to awaken. But it's,

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 5:56
it's kind of the human experience, it will it, it kind of is how things almost have to happen. And so and what I hear in your story is the gifts that were given you all along the way, first, in the the skills that you acquired learning to become a lawyer, and that seeking out for information and the ability and the willingness to learn, you brought that with you into your spiritual path.

Kumari Mullin 6:25
I didn't have that, that researching you, we were taught to research, I dropped long ago that I know anything. If anything, law school made you aware of all that you don't know, you know, and so you have to start becoming comfortable with not knowing, which is actually a good space to be in, right.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 6:44
And then and then the grief and pain of the loss of your father, as a gift for that you're sometimes things of course, everyone is going to die. And as we're, you know, on a spiritual path, we understand that there could be no life without that.

Kumari Mullin 7:00
So and wanting to understand that was the gift wanting to really understand, well, this is the other piece that happened, he started showing up for me. And I can't say that before that I was always very inward focused. And probably I didn't have these words, but intuitive. But I didn't. It wasn't really honored. In my family. It was very much a logical, scientific, oriented family. So whatever I had wasn't expressible, really. But what happened was his spirits started being with me, after his death, and it was undeniable, there were experiences where I would demand you know, show me Asian and get this little pinky thing rise up. And we used to do that in church. It was like a little family affection moment, we grab pinkies in church together. And so I asked for validation is this you dad, he was singing some of our favorite songs in the car. And that's when, you know, came from that connection. And I swore I felt him sitting next to me. But I'd never had those experiences. And I didn't want to label them as a ghost or anything. I was just like, this feels very much like you, is it you and I asked for a sign and my pinky was pulled up, you know, things like that were happening. So. So I was given different validations of what happens beyond death, you know that he was certainly fine and able to connect with me. And I didn't tell anybody for probably a good year, a dear friend said, I'm really worried about you, you're not grieving enough, you know, your father died, and I haven't seen you cry. And, and it wasn't that I never cried, but was having this whole other experience of beyond that. And that's what I really wanted to convey. I wanted to have that understanding. So we no longer have this tremendous fear and sorrow and suffering. And we learn how to have that connection. And I didn't even know it at the time that that's what I wanted to give others but because I was afraid to share that was what was happening. It seemed at that time really unconventional. If you come to find out, all of my clients over the years have had those experiences, either with family members or most often with their animals. They feel their kitty walking across the bed at night or their deceased doggie sitting at their feet or you know, but they wouldn't tell anybody because they thought everyone's gonna think I'm nuts.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 9:32
People will think I'm weird.

Kumari Mullin 9:34
Yeah, so so it became not just easing suffering but, but really diving deep into the mysteries, you know, the life of mystery and death, mystery and sort of raveling that so we're not so terrified and feeling so helpless. Right? I'd forgotten that part.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 9:56
We have we have forgotten that we are eternal. That this this you Experience is just a blip on the radar at who we really are, you know?

Kumari Mullin 10:05
Yeah. And just that knowing you have, I mean, some people have that through their religious faith, you know, they have a, knowing that they're eternal that their spirit, but I'll tell you having a direct experience, there's nothing like the direct experience, because I was taught that as well. But I, you know, you still, it's a, it's a belief that's out there, but it's not here, you know, and once you have that experience, and I've been able to share that experience with a lot of people, the deep grief goes, we still have the missing, you know, but that deep grief of, I've lost this person, and I don't know where they went and, and it brings up all our fear of death. And so it's, it's ease the path tremendously, that piece of it. And the bliss came a little bit later than that. Those were the initial sparks of awakening and the veil, you know, thinning the veil between what we call reality and the rest of the true reality, which is divine consciousness or universal awareness. All that is source, God, you know, whatever labels we put on it. And lists is that state of knowing that, and being in that knowing, and it's not just one way of being, or feeling. And that's what I used to think I used to think it was a peak experience, like I had one peak experience. Shortly after that with, they talk about in the mystical teachings of the ease, they talk a lot about the transmission of a master or guru, that you need a guru in order to awaken you know, and, and there's a lot of truth in that it really speeds up the journey, it really helps to have somebody who's already in a higher vibrational frequency than us our higher consciousness, like anything you want to learn, you go to a master, you go to somebody who's an expert. So in the same way, that's true, but there was a strong teaching about the direct transmission from such a teacher of their state, and awakening the Kundalini you know, all those ideas of awakening that spiritual energy within us that lies dormant, but it's in all of us, not just some of us. It's not a gift. It's a it's just not activated.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 12:26
Well, it it is a gift, but we all have it. We just Yes,

Kumari Mullin 12:29
thank you. It's, it's not a gift of the few I should say. But yeah,

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 12:33
it's a gift for everyone. Thank you. Yes. So let's, let's back up and break that down a little bit. Yeah, a lot of places where, you know, a lot of our listeners will be condemning Kundalini, okay, so and this was my next question anyway. So what is bliss? What, what are you meaning when you said bliss,

Kumari Mullin 12:56
and so coming back to that the classic awakening or classic. Kundalini is the dormant spiritual energy that lies within us all. And so spiritual awakening in the eastern tradition is called the Kundalini awakening. idea. And it's this awakening of sort of our lower self, to our higher self will. And many of those experiences are written about in all the ancient texts, you know, as mystical, right. unexplainable to science at that time, but every religious tradition was describing that in their, in their mistakes, the mistakes were having all the same experiences. So that's kind of cool when you realize it's not just one way or one thought, but that everybody that went deep, deep, deep into their tradition, could access these higher consciousness states. So bliss is what comes up when I say that, and it was initially, it felt like a total gift. It felt like nothing I could be on purpose about right. So it happened in a moment when I was driving, actually, shortly after a retreat with my teacher. And it was about prosperity and abundance, which I felt like I hugely misunderstood and didn't have any of at the time, I was working in legal aid, you know, very low pay a mountain of debt, and I was desperate to figure this out. So, so I took this course. And I felt like a total dud, the whole course nothing was happening. I was sitting, sitting, sitting and they were teaching, and they actually taught initially about going for happiness, rather than all the things. They asked everybody in the audience, you know, what's your greatest desire? And people raised their hand and said, a beautiful home on the hill, you know, a fast car all the things you might think of a wonderful relationship but kids financial prosperity, all of it and and finally, the teacher said, Why do you want those and underneath All of them broken down was happiness. People thought that if I have this, I'll be happy. If I have that I'll be happy. And and he started out the whole course. Why don't you go straight for happiness directly and not put it outside. And so on the drive home from that, when nothing happened for me, you know, I was feeling like a total dud, right? We all do that we sit, we have these classes or experiences, were really expecting the big, the big aha, and nothing happens, we get so frustrated. Well, that was me. Three days and bubkis sitting for 12 hours. And I'm driving home. Something happened where everything in my vision shifted. I started looking around, and I would see I can only describe it as waves of scintillating light flowing through everything. I looked at trees, leaves, grass, cloud, everything was glowing and emanating. But it was also in this subtle wave form of light and radiance and luminosity. But it wasn't just a visual, it was a full on. bliss, I didn't have the word at that time, full on connection, or inspiration. feeling like I was the tree that I was looking at that I was the leaf that the leaves and the trees were waving to me were honoring me were blessing me. And I was blessing them with my gaze with my thought with. In other words, it was a total interconnected play of this divine conscious, exquisite euphoria. Other people might say it was a really good trip, you know, hallucinogenic or something. But and that's why people take them right to have these experiences. And it went on and on and on until I finally thought you know, I'm driving on the washington dc beltway, this might not be safe. And as soon as I had that fear that I was driving it at five miles an hour and in this altered, clearly altered state. It shut down. But I started thinking well, is this just seeing life? You know, I looked at living things first trees and and I literally felt like every tree was saying thank you to me, you know, there was the deepest gratitude, and appreciation and reverence and all. And, and so I looked at the road itself. And surely, sure enough, I saw the same lightwaves emanating, it was like nothing was really solid. Everything was just this beautiful rendition. But it was a lie. Everything was enlivened. And so that was going on for probably a good 30 minutes, until I stopped it with my fear that I might be a danger to others.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 18:10
That's, that's beautiful. And, and the truth in that is that everything is alive, everything is infused with the energy, the divine energy of the world. Yeah,

Kumari Mullin 18:20
I once read is from the quantum physics world where they're starting to measure all this at the subatomic level, we are all 99.999% energy in the form of light waves, and I went holy crap.

Unknown Speaker 18:35
That's what I saw. That's what I

Kumari Mullin 18:36
felt. That's what I had the direct experience of that. And, you know, your life alters after an experience like this. And I've had several, this was just the first one. So I'm several at that. But I also put it aside and thought that's a gift. That's a peak experience. It only that's the list and nothing else is that and until I'm in that state, I'm not where I need to be, you know, and I sort of, I sort of judged it as the experience, and everything else lesser. So that's kind of what I wanted to talk about. Not that we should be in that space all the time, because I'm certainly not in that space. It was not, it's not a very functional space, you know, for operating computers and electronics and driving and sharp knives, cooking and all the things that we would not want to be in that space for. But it was the inspiration to keep going through the dry spells, you know, through the times that I wasn't that and to know that there's this whole other conscious experience that's possible, and that everything that the mystics talked about was attainable. And that to me was that was the fire that was lit in me. It's kind of a honeymoon, you know that you have this huge grand experience. And then you get to work. So it keeps you going through the deeper work of it all.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 20:06
Okay, so and the very basis of be happy first is, be happy first, don't put your happiness as a condition on anything outside of you. And so what where does the practical work from? After having this that your experience feels to me like a, like an Oh,

Unknown Speaker 20:32
now I

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 20:33
see now I see that, that I am a part of everything, and everything is part of me and everything is eternal. And it does not matter what car driving or what house I'm in? Or what's in my bank account that my happiness doesn't write on any of those things. So then then how do you after that experience? How do you begin to incorporate that feeling into your day to day? And?

Kumari Mullin 20:58
Well? That's a perfect question.

What what was taught to me was that you must sit in meditation for hours and hours and hours a day, that you must practice mantras and chanting, you know, all the ancient techniques, and they serve me beautifully. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't give up my years and years and years and decades and decades of that practice. Because I know it instilled in me, a centeredness and groundedness a ground of being ness that is raising the platform of my vibration, to have more and more of these bliss experiences. But it wasn't until I started doing certain energy, alchemy techniques, I call them

I started studying energy healing. And in those spaces with people, I would enter into this amazing appreciation, and happiness and gratitude and feeling of blessing. people as they bless me, you know, their willingness to receive energy healing was a blessing to me to be more fully me, and to give what I now knew I could give and, and their experience bless me back of them feeling veteran having different experiences of health and well being and clarity and wisdom and connectedness, as well. So I think more and more, I found methods that would put me in alignment with that experience of that higher state of bliss. And I didn't see that I could claim that I could teach it for a long time, I still felt like the perennial student, you know. But more and more my clients were reporting, that they were easily stepping into these really high level classical mystical experiences with some of the techniques I was sharing. And when that was happening consistently, I started seeing, I can claim this, you know, not as a promise that every person every time is going to slip into this, but that these days are way more accessible than I once thought. And they're not gifts that you randomly receive from outside, or from years, and decades and lifetimes of practice. That helps. So what helps is many things, you know, as you probably teach, you know, that we can begin to alter our brainwaves based on our practices on our thoughts every day on our choices, understanding that we're empowered to choose how we feel at any given moment. And that's the start of it, you know, the empowerment of toys, that what we think is action and reaction, you know, if things are going well, then I'm happy, and I have to make everything go well, so we get into total controlling, right, we try to control everything. We know how well that works. Right? And, you know, that puts us in a contraction, you know, rather than a an experience of accepting and allowing and flowing, which is more of the state that is more likely to produce happiness, joy, bliss, peace, you know, the higher states. So there are many, many practices that I now have. I decided at one point to put them all together into a retreat, the ones where most of my clients were reaching those higher states pretty regularly. And so there are techniques, energy tools, if you will, I like to call it alchemy, because alchemy is that old word of trying to change the base metal to gold, you know, but the alchemists were actually quite spiritual. They were trying to understand the true nature of all matter in all reality and how we impact that. And so their study went way beyond just trying to make money out of a piece of lead. It exposed them to all the ways, like you said earlier that we manifest our reality, that we understand the connectedness of all of us, and that we are a huge part of CO creating that reality.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 25:16
Right? So do most of your clients come to you? If we're talking about mystical experiences in this spiritual awakening? Do people come to you already knowing that that's what they want? Or do people come to you?

Kumari Mullin 25:29
I don't think so. I think some of them the first list retreat I taught, I asked people, how many people have had a blissful experience, you know, who would even claim it, and maybe half, you know, kind of, and down to some people didn't even believe it possible and didn't even know what bliss was. So I think there's quite the range, I would say that people come to feel better. They come for more well being they come because they know they're missing out on something. And I don't know that they always have a very clear vision of bliss. It's only recently that I have that, you know, recently meaning the last seven, eight years or so. But I've been teaching energy healing energy medicine, practices, and alchemy for and meditation and spiritual practices for 30 years. So it's only lately that I have felt, I guess, confident to claim that piece, and hold myself out as I can pretty assuredly get you the elements to start building your platform to more happiness to start, which turns into a higher level of joy that we call it. And then ultimately, these states of pure flow, pure connection for peace and bliss and greatest understanding, and wisdom and everything we want. But I don't know that people might say they wanted but I don't even know that I had a clue until you have an experience like that. And it's something you can read about, but it doesn't really make sense until you're in it.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 27:11
It almost feels like diversity and and pain and trauma bring people to this area. I'm tired of being broken and poor, I'm tired of being sick and tired of being, whatever, whatever, whatever. Maybe this will help me to get those things that I want

Kumari Mullin 27:31
to take however you come to that choice. I don't judge I don't ask people to be believers before they're and I have direct experience. As a matter of fact,

I kind of like that. To me, it's healthier. Yeah. You know, to come in with a, I don't know, I'll check this out. Versus, oh, I believe you're gonna save me. Yeah, it's a it's a healthier balance of I ask people to get into 51%, do you think it's possible that you can be happier, and that you can continue expanding that state until you can be in this highest consciousness, higher mind, higher self higher access,

and I think the proofs in the pudding always for everyone. And I only teach things that have produced that for me. So they're time tested, I don't just grab what everyone else is saying. The things that have worked for me and all of my clients is what I teach. So yeah, I don't expect that people are all mystical about it, you know, and wanting that. That comes later. A lot of times they came to me because their animals are sick. You know, I was working a lot with animals over the years. And that was a driver for many people, they won't do their own spiritual and personal growth work, because maybe they just don't have a clue what that is. Or they're just scared of unveiling, you know, the shadow side and the painful parts and all they don't. But boy, as soon as their beloved pets are in trouble. So I used to say that the animals are bringing everyone to their, to this their spiritual work.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 29:05
You know, I totally understand that. Because I mean, decades ago, when I was very, I don't know if somebody said, Oh, it's a pet psychic, I will go, whatever. But isn't it so much more freeing to have a more open mind and to be so unattached to any old beliefs or things like that, but our pets can't tell us? And we can't read their minds and the idea that somebody else might be able to give us insight into what's going on with them. I get that. And what what a great gift that, that we domesticated animals so that they could lead us on a spiritual path. I think that's lovely.

Kumari Mullin 29:47
And they wouldn't call it spiritual. They would just say I want to feel better too. And this over here, feels good to me. Why don't you do more of this? And some of them are very, very aware, you know, and conscious They're there on a scale of evolution as well. So some of their consciousness is highly, highly evolved. And some is middle and some is, you know, a little less but, but they trust their feeling body, they trust energy that feels good to them. animals, they

haven't let go of that like most humans have a gotcha.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 30:22
I'm going to spend some time looking into the eyes of my pets today and see if I can tell what level they're on. Thank. You

Kumari Mullin 30:29
know what the easiest communication is, and the one that we lost. Lee can recognize this might surprise you. But it's, it's a deep, heartfelt Hello. When you come from it. I had a client. I was doing a podcast with her I think. And I was in Orlando at the time, and we were walking in a park afterwards. And she was walking behind me. And I was just doing my walk. And I was saying hello to everyone with a lot of animals out. People walking their dogs and squirrels and birds. And there were swans in the lake. And by the time we got to the lake, the swans were right. But I wasn't noticing, because I was just saying, Hello, everyone. Well, she, she talked about it later. And she said, You know that thing you do when you're out? And I said, What are you talking about? Because you're like the Pied Piper. And I said, I'm not sure what you mean. And she goes remember in Orlando at the lake, when all the animals, they were all spread out around the huge league and Park, they all by the end were all around you. They all wanted to get in your, in your entity in your sphere. She said the swans when we started, were across the lake. And the closer you got, they just started swimming to you. As soon as you came in. By the time you were at the legs edge. They were sitting there and I didn't notice that. Are you kidding me? It was so obvious. I saw dogs pulling their owners to be on your path. She said, What are you doing? You know, you're calling them all in? I said, not in the sense of that. I'm just in my heart saying hello. And there's nothing that feels so welcoming, and so juicy and so brilliantly loving, then a heartfelt Hello. And so animals are doing this a lot. So you might just play with the Hulu and everybody on the call just just practicing Hello with that open hearted. I really appreciate you. Yeah. And even when they're out of the room, you may find that they often come right in. Because it's the energy you see, it's the energy that you're in, that they haven't let go of understanding that that means something and that's a good thing. They haven't shut down the

spidey sense of feeling. You know,

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 33:03
I don't want to get off into a complete dissertation about the all the pet activity. But I have noticed that I'll in the morning. I'll one. Haven't seen one of the cats out. I wonder where you are. And but if within a minute, they show up like curious. There. Yeah, like

Kumari Mullin 33:25
they are very tuned in to us. We may not be tuned into them, but they do tune in to us. Right. And so coming back to the happiness and bliss people app, you know, they think that I'm doing something unique that's making their animal that is so afraid of everyone else. And I said it's my energy field. It's not that they like me as a person. They don't know Kumari, as a person. They're not favoring me. They just feel safe. You know, this energy of being in our heart and feeling happy on the scale to joy and bliss. That feels really good, really safe. Really? Like, ah, can relax. It has. Yeah. So it has an imprint, if you will, that ripples out into our universe, so and animals can still feel that people come to when I do know a lot of times aren't.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 34:18
Yeah, a lot of us are not paying attention. Okay, so I'm your that as I was looking at your website and researching and things, there are different facets of your work. So you, you're doing energy healing to talk about that a little bit.

Kumari Mullin 34:33
So for years, it was my dad's death that was very much inspiring me to find out more about ease and suffering and learning to heat, you know, learning that there were healer energy healers around, and that fascinated me. And as I started practicing, with many, many people, that the animals started showing up as well. People said, Well, if you could help lower my blood pressure, maybe you can help my animal and I started noticing that as I tuned in to the subtle energy body, which everyone has, in the quiet stillness of being that transmitter, it's not my energy, but I'm flowing universal life force energy, which is what Reiki means is a Japanese word for hooking up through this system of attunements, or initiations. From the master to the student, also very spiritually, it came about spiritually, but it's, um, it's a direct transmission practice so that each master awakens that connectedness within each student, it exists that we need the hookup kind of like the electrician. I don't know how electricity works at all. But I know that when I push a button, it works. Because an electrician who didn't know how to hook up the wires came to the house at one point and hooked us up to the main generator.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 35:54
analogy I like

Kumari Mullin 35:54
yeah, that's, that's all I really understand that that there is there are ways to get hooked up. And Reiki was a beautiful, direct hookup to Universal Life Force. So as I'm immersing in that for years and decades, I'm starting to become more sensitive to subtle energy. And I noticed that many, many things that were blocking our subtle energy pathways that seemed to be in the way of well being that seemed to be causing the disease processes were unexpressed emotions, and so much of the work became focused on helping people to healthily and appropriately express feelings that have been maybe too uncomfortable or a long time of piling up, you know, and to start, do that work. And I found that if I didn't teach that, I wasn't able to accelerate people's empowerment to heal themselves. And I was always about people healing themselves, not give coming to me as the healer. So I never loved the role of the healer. Even though it's it's a beautiful way to help people, I always wanted them. Which Reiki was amazing. I had to become a Reiki Master to teach because I thought, That's why I'm here. I want to empower everybody that what I'm doing, I wasn't doing I was a lawyer, remember? If I can do this, so can you And that, to me was the great teacher. That was the huge empowerment, that it's not just this special thing that that God gave me, even though Yes, it's I've awakened one of my divine gifts, if you will, but there are pathways to follow that everybody can follow, and have that awakening as well and start activating those healing channels. So that to me was the great news.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 37:50
will be your healers, and you can teach us how,

Kumari Mullin 37:52
yes, and so in the path of healing, of course becomes how do we, instead of constantly diving into our pain, body, and our stuck emotions and all of the old story, I started noticing, maybe, I don't know, 15 years in that it became really important to learn how to reset our alignment, which is the work your more and more you're doing is the reset, I would call it maybe more than release, which has a lot of emotional, you know, you end up re experiencing your emotion sometimes in certain ways of people are teaching release work, I wanted to short cut, you know, to the reset, is we just spent more time resetting with meditation does, that's a reset to that inner stillness. Reiki is a beautiful reset, you know, and many of the other alchemy and energy healing tools I share help you to align with the happy peace, joy, present, grounded, inner stillness that is within us all more directly and not have to go through all the pain, body and the pain, painful moments. And so more and more, which is why I designed the bliss retreat ultimately was to get away from the hole digging into past digging into painful emotions, and to give people the direct experience of the reset. How do we consciously command and call forth these energetic states of the higher states that we all want more happiness, more peace, more fulfillment, more flow? And so the reset is where I'm mostly focusing now. And there's release involved we have to know how to let go especially now oh my gosh, with what's happening in our in our world with pandemics and politics. Oh my. We do know how we do need to learn how to let go of other people's energies because we're all impacted by the collective but More and more I want to focus on how do we reset to our highest joy, daily, regularly, minute to minute, you know, and those are the things that I am now putting more emphasis on. So it's been a journey for me as well what I focus on, but they all opened up for me within the context of the aftermath of my father's death and my journey to want to understand how to ease suffering, and understand life, and death and everything in between. So

Unknown Speaker 40:31
it all kind of,

Kumari Mullin 40:33
to me, it was all the same. And I understand the very people brand it in a very distinct way. But when I finally put my newer website together, he'll manifest awaken. To me, they were all part of the same processes. They weren't really separate, one bled into the other beautifully. And I didn't understand why somebody wanted to claim, well, I'm a medium over here, and I can connect to spirit, but over here is manifesting, and because to me, in the states that I was in, they were all happening, they were all part of the package, that we awaken one piece, and the rest is actually connected to those higher states. healing happens naturally, when you're in a high state of doing, you know, we don't have to focus on the disease or the illness pattern, the higher state will bring about the fulfillment and healing in the body. So to me, they all flow together. But I understood that people have segmented ideas about

Unknown Speaker 41:31
these things.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 41:33
Yeah, so I mean, the way that I'm the process of writing that happy and free on purpose is the working title. I don't know why that being that but but everything that we think we want, we want it because we think it's going to make us happier. And the original

Unknown Speaker 41:49

Unknown Speaker 41:52
straight for happy. Exactly.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 41:54
The way that you opened this interview, which I you know, I wrote my intention, this is gonna be amazing. It has been it's, it's just awesome. It said, you talked about your bliss retreats, are there? Are those ongoing? Is that Do you have another coming up in the future that we can?

Kumari Mullin 42:11
I do, actually, the next one will be March, the final weekend in March, I think it's the 27th and 28th. I just rescheduled that. So you're the first to know

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 42:24
in person, or will they be virtual Still,

Kumari Mullin 42:26
this time, it will be virtual. I moved into virtual given that the you know, I've been I've been teaching the phone for years, and online for years. And I love in person, don't get me wrong. But for a while I was teaching everything mixed, you know, virtual and in person. And so it's not a huge shift to go virtual. And I started noticing that I was able to do the direct transmission parts of the part where I'm really downloading that space directly in an initiatory form of the Yeshua and the Magdalene energies. And that's a whole other topic, but that's part of the blister cheat, but I was doing that over the phone Anyway, you know, without video with that. So actually, the the video platform gives me a feeling of I just taught Reiki for the first time, virtually, which I never thought I would be doing because I love in person. But the truth is, energy is energy. And it has no limits. And I could feel people over the phone for years without even a visual and tap into their energy body. So I've been doing it forever. And it's just I hope to do live again someday when it feels more accessible and safe. But right now, I'm finding that this is the way to go. Yes.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 43:50
And that you know that that was one of the gifts of this shifting the way that we do you think you can reach more people castle if they don't have to travel to you, you know, so that they can be anywhere in the world. And we know that of course energy is limitless. So yeah, it's nice for us to be in the same room together. And we will again, but we will also want let go of the new ways of teaching where you know, we have a broader reach, we can help more people. I love that.

Kumari Mullin 44:20
I love it too. And it's sort of demanding that we shift our belief system about the limits of our consciousness and our physical realities. Right kind of puts us up against that a little bit. So I had a grieving process for myself when I cancelled the retreat last year and you know, there's a business sense of loss in wanting to gather but I've been doing this forever and I can tell you the energies are just as powerful and high and and I and I trust that because it's been happening for years and I'm getting the comments for years so right.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 44:53
Okay and you also have a free gift for us. What tell tell us what that is and how to Get it on your website. Yeah, so,

Kumari Mullin 45:02
um, this is a, an activation, I call it an activation because it is not just a guided meditation. It is a energy transmission, if you will. And it's an activation of an aspect of the heart chakra, the feeling body on steroids, that which we're calling the higher Heart Chakra. And so this higher Heart Chakra activation works with opening the higher chakras and that channel so that we can expand our ability to receive the higher consciousness energies more easily, the expanded bandwidth of light and love that is streaming right now very powerfully, but we're not always in a position to receive it. So this sets up a very conscious pathway and activation to help easily attuned to those energies. And when I first recorded it, it was all channeled, if you will, you know, directly guided, it was so powerful that I had to rerecord it and tone it down, because people were having such physical openings that most of our and this was years ago. It's a different version now. But I actually had to ask, the consciousness that was coming through me the guides, if you will, to tone down the energies so that it will be more easily integrated into the body because it was almost like a blasting open of the throat chakra with the heart, you know, so it's that ability to not only be more open and compassionate, but to actually be in alignment with and express that. And I would say that's what's up for our world right now is, you know, the wisdom seekers, all of us who need to be more heard and seen and expressing our truth. Which, you know, a lot of us have been very quiet.

Unknown Speaker 46:59

Unknown Speaker 47:00
And I'm sorry,

Kumari Mullin 47:04
the world needs us to speak from that great compassion, and the higher wisdom and truth. So that's what was kind of getting opened up and it was very dramatic. I said, maybe we could tone it down a notch and it came in much softer.

Unknown Speaker 47:19

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 47:20
I can't wait to check that out. I'm gonna do that this very day. It's Laurie Boland calm. Kumari healing. camara healing

Kumari Mullin 47:28
card feeling calm. Hey, you Ma Ri healing? Yeah,

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 47:33
yeah, wherever you're listening to or watching this podcast, you can check the show notes. And I'll give you a link directly to there. And it's it's all over the website. Just look forward and download it and get to know Kumari better and maybe look into a bliss retreat in March, which could be absolutely amazing. And I'm going to look into that, too. Any anything you want to add before I, before we wrap things up? We could talk all day. And we'll do this again. bliss practice. Do

Kumari Mullin 48:02
you want to have an experience?

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 48:04

Unknown Speaker 48:05

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 48:06
sure that how long will it take?

Kumari Mullin 48:08
We can do a short version,

Unknown Speaker 48:11
maybe three to three minutes.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 48:13
Okay, we have we definitely have three.

Unknown Speaker 48:17
Beautiful, I

Kumari Mullin 48:18
love the experiential Oh, we can talk and talk. But the proof is in the experience. So the thing I want to lead people into is two vibrational states that they're going to be disarmingly simple, but they're really, really powerful. And the first is present, we're going to connect with the frequency and vibration of present. Because part of the reason we're not feeling this higher level of happiness, joy. And finally bliss state is we're not in present time. We're thinking about the past, and we're worrying about the future. And we're all over the map and our energies are very scattered. So let's, we will connect to present and then happy and I'll guide you through that. And this isn't just a thinking experience. The power of this is realizing that at any given moment, you can connect to the vibrational frequency, the energy imprint, and consciously choose to align to that frequency within your being. So we'll start with calling all parts of yourself to present. Just take a few deep breaths us when you slow down. Breathing, you bring your focus inward. And it's like a mini soul retrieval. Call all parts of yourself spiritually, mentally,

Unknown Speaker 49:48

Kumari Mullin 49:51
physically present. Right here right now. You may feel sense of being collected up feeling more contained, or centered. As your energies are starting to organize into present time.

each breath, I am more and more present, present. So we're going beyond the thought of present into the feeling, the thought is electrical, the feeling becomes magnetic, we want to align with the electromagnetics and command that present alignment consciously present and just notice how this feels from a few moments ago. Just observe be the witness. Next, we're going to connect to the frequency and vibration, the energetic imprint, if you will,

Unknown Speaker 51:09
of happy.

Kumari Mullin 51:11
We're using a stepping stone to joy and bliss. Because we want to give a platform to step into it. So let's start with happy. We all have a sense of what that feels like. Call in the vibration and the frequency of happy because you can

Unknown Speaker 51:40
have choice.

Kumari Mullin 51:43
You have the power to call forth any state or energetic alignment that you choose in any moment. And every part of you starts tuning in to that all sorts of things happen in the brain,

Unknown Speaker 51:58
in your biochemical

Unknown Speaker 52:01
body, happy.

Kumari Mullin 52:04
Just bring your focus back if it wanders, and happy might be hard for some of you. So think of a time and experience where you were happy, might have been on the beach, sunset, holding a baby or a puppy. Just conjure up an actual time until you can feel how you felt. So you start to entrain yourself to the feeling of the memory of happy if you can't get there so easily and present. Happy with each breath. I'm feeling more and more happy.

Unknown Speaker 52:46
And breathe.

Kumari Mullin 52:51
All parts of my being are starting to align and connect with happy. right down to the cellular level.

just noticed that shift each breath I am happier and happier. You can even allow your lips to turn up into a smile. It sends a signal to the brain to release endorphins. It's a beautiful practice in yoga, they always say have a little smile playing on your lips. And that's to trigger that state of contentment, that ever present. contentment that's possible. That moves you into happy

and you can gently come back to opening your eyes coming into your awareness of your environment, holding that inner awareness of present and happy. How was that?

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 54:46
loved it. Loved it loved it.

Kumari Mullin 54:50
That was great. The mind wants to fight that. You know well if it was so easy, I could just do it but the words and the choice of saying I Call for the connection to the vibration of it's very, very commanding that we are in charge of our radio station tuner. And no one really taught us that rather than being in reaction to, you know, once we take charge of that radio station tuner saying I can set my dial wherever I want them.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 55:23
Yeah, this is what I tuned into. Awesome. I love it says of your very much

Kumari Mullin 55:29
painful place to start. Yes,

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 55:31
yeah. Yeah. So where I get wherever you're listening to this, or watching this link in the show notes, and you'll find the links to connect with kamaria and get your free gift. And I'll be live on Facebook tomorrow to tell you about my experience with it because I'm going to try it tonight. So anything else you want to add before we close up for today? Tomorrow?

Kumari Mullin 55:56
There's so much to share. But I think in this moment, I want to let everybody know how powerful a creator they are. And that in any given moment, they can choose happiness. Choose contentment, choose peace.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 56:14
Okay, so next week, I'm going to be back with a psychic medium. Her name is Diana michelly. denim Michelle, Michelle Lee. Anyway, I'll tell you more about her. But that's going to be so very, very exciting. In the meantime, say goodbye to Kumari. And join me next week. And in the meantime, remember that happiness is a choice and you can always choose to be happy first. I'll see you next week.

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