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Andrea Firpo - Psychic Cheerleader!

Andrea Firpo is a Psychic Cheerleader focused on transformational healing by building awareness in the body and mind around the deep conditioning of emotional trauma. Learn powerful energy management tools to heal and thrive and grow!


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Here is all of the extra, insider information, resources and free stuff from today's episode. We hope you will reach out to Andrea and to the Be Happy First Team. All our love! Be Happy First!

What an amazing interview! From choosing the kind of relationship you want, re-negotiating with your partner every year, clearing the energy in your body and your home to learning to be clairvoyant, this was an action packed episode! Here's a link to the feng shui bagua we talked about. For doing your own feng shui design. 

And here's the very simple feng shui book recommended by Andrea. "Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life." by Karen Rauch Carter. 

More about Andrea. 

Andrea Firpo is a Psychic Cheerleader focused on transformational healing by building awareness in the body and mind around the deep conditioning of emotional trauma. Andrea draws from her background in psychology, feng shui, plant medicine, reiki, shamanism, and psychic energetic healing to identify underlying patterns that undermine her clients’ self-worth. The simple yet powerful energetic tools she teaches helps them identify blocks, expand their intuition, heal and make incredible paradigm shifts in their lives.


Andrea is also an author, contributing work to Dreamweavers, Ceremonies, and the recent #1 Amazon International Bestseller, The Art & Truth Of Transformation For Women. As a show host and producer, she highlights the stories and lessons of incredible women overcoming traumatic events in her podcast, "Brilliance through Resilience." She lives with her family in Portland, Oregon and works with clients everywhere.

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Transcript from Today's Show

You can read instead! Enjoy! (This was transcribed by a machine so some words will not be perfectly right.)

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 0:00
So welcome to this episode of the How to Choose happiness and freedom Show. I'm your host, Laura Foster, I am a happiness teacher, I'm the founder of the happy first. And I'm your guide on your journey to figuring out how to be in love with your life starting right now happy and free on purpose. So my guest today is my sister author in the book that was released on October 20, the art and truth of transformation for women. She's Andrea firpo. And she is a psychic cheerleader. Thank you for being here. You're so welcome. Thank you so much for having me, I am so appreciative. We're gonna have so much fun, we've got so many things to talk about. And All right, so

tell the story. I don't want to you know, I want people to buy the book and read your story, of course.

But, you know, if you were to give a good synopsis of your story, and then because your story for me brought up a lot of questions and a lot of exploration that I wanted to do. And then I want to talk to you about feng shui, and I want to talk to you about all the all the things that you're into. So, okay, tell us your story.

Andrea Firpo 1:14
Okay, so, um, in my chapter, I talk about a very large transformational period, I have several in my life, but, um, this one in particular, um, you know, there were a number of significant events that happened, you could save every secret mystic for sure. And that led me to make a huge decision in my life to change everything that I was doing. Essentially, I was diagnosed with graves disease, which is an autoimmune condition. And for me, it was a real wake up call, I was, you know, you find me in the chapter right at the beginning, going to bed, you know, waking up and having some enormous pressure in my face. Now, for people who aren't familiar with what graves disease is, because it's more on the rare side of, you know, being less flashy than, like maybe hashimotos. Graves disease actually is when your body decides to go into overdrive. And it

recognizes the tissue in your thyroid to be identical to the tissue behind your eye. And both start to get attacked and inflamed and swollen. And in doing so, it presses presh puts pressure on your optic nerve behind your eye, and your eyes start to be pushed out of your head. Now if you don't get it treated, um, you have like a bell curve, and you'll eventually lose your eyesight or your eyes will be permanently bulging out of your head. And they actually go in and surgery and make more space for your eyes so that you don't look like a frog. So I didn't know anything about this, I had symptoms probably for 10 years rolling around in my 30s. And I just attributed them to other things like most of us do. And then I had this, you know, enormous pressure in my face. And so the chapter opens up with me doing that it also gives you really great insight into what was going on in my life, my life was completely out of control. And it's completely out of my hands on the outside, it looked beautiful. I lived in San Francisco, I had the husband, I had the flashy home, and the parties and the and the daughter who was in art school, and you know, everything was going great on the outside, but I and my thought patterns and beliefs. You know, I can just be really frank and honest. And I hated myself. So, you know, I was contributing to essentially my body killing itself. I was attacking myself. And so the chapter really talks about like this transformational journey of recognizing that and being so broken at that point, being at a place of such open willingness to try anything, that everything came rushing in, you know, I teach my clients this if you if you're holding on to what you want, yeah, the universe can't give you anything new. But if you open your hands Finally, you know, everyone rushed in to help. So I was so open to not taking my thyroid out for the rest of my life. I was in my late 30s. I didn't want to go on medication for the rest of my life. And I have a holistic background. So I was like, let's get to the root cause of this. So I searched out the best people to help me on that journey. And I fell in love with it.

energy work, because I had never been introduced to it. And so a teacher, you know, attuned me to prana Shakti, level one. And that was my journey of using energy healing on myself. And I truly, honestly believe till this day, that that's the missing component and healing that Eastern medicine needs to meet Western medicine. And we need to actually integrate all of the wonderful science and data and curriculum and the psychology and allow our ego and our mental body to really understand what we're doing because we need to for sure, you know, all the contributing factors there, but our body heals on, you know, the auric field has several layers to it. And we get stuck sometimes in those layers. If we don't heal on a mental, emotional, spiritual, level, physical level, we don't if we don't heal on all those plants, that lesson gets stuck. Right? So a lot of people who keep repeating the same thing over in their life, like why am I here? Again, why am I here again? And it's not, it's not that we don't know better, you know, maybe, to therapy. And it's like, I know, I shouldn't be doing this. But why does this keep happening? Why do I keep attracting the same kind of people in my life, or the same kind of partner in my life or any of that?

Okay, so, first, tell us what prana Shakti is, ah, it's it's an it's a, a energy modality, it's, you know, similar to Reiki Reiki is probably more on the tongue of more people. But it's something that you're attuned to, you're given the rights through a ceremony, and it's an energy that flows through you, right? So I've been I've been attuned to several different energies. And that was kind of my intro to energy healing. I then moved to Portland. Through that transformation, pro process, I let go of everything. I mean, when I say everything, I let go of all my friends, I let go of my high profile career, I put our house on the market, and I move to a different state.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 7:25
I was like, nothing's coming with me everything. Okay, so but let's talk about the husband. Yeah, that that was so So Andrew, his story, this and maybe a spoiler, but it's kind of a cliffhanger. She was at the marriage. And, you know, I want to talk about how you wound up there too. And how that okay, with your mood, because you say, I put the house on the market, what was the husband doing when

Andrea Firpo 7:53
you put it on the market, but I called the realtor, I called the realtor, I certainly was not in a place of I'm

at that time of my life, I was certainly not in a place of empowerment. I had done plenty of therapy, but I still was really blocked to my throat chakra, I was still unable to really speak up and stand up for myself in my relationship. So that really that chapter is me for the first time standing up and and not worrying about disappointing everybody in my life, even though I absolutely 100% debt. Right? How did I get into that relationship? And does it still exist? It still exists? He's actually sitting out on the balcony right now. where I am. And so yes, I'm, you know, I'm when I met my husband 21 years ago, there's a long time ago, we just celebrated 21 years. And he and I both came from families that

we didn't want to replicate the marriages and that's the nicest way of putting it. I come from a background of very abusive family. And I'm not saying that that's everyone's experienced, but I will tell you that we all experienced this or you know boundaries that are unhealthy for us. And so

oh my gosh, I'm so sorry that we're getting that call right now. Hold on one second.

This is what happens when you do live TV. I know it's why I apologize for that. No, tell room so I was not expecting that. Anyways, um, yes. So um, remember I said that this you know, what I want to point out is that you so you were making a choice, but

Sort of you were not making a choice you were you were not choosing to do this, you were choosing not to do that correct. You'll another level of choice. Yeah. And I was very young, I was a single mom when I met my husband, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to get married. And that's really what, uh, you know, we rolled into that I also am bisexual. So I was not sure if I wanted to be with a man for the rest of my life. So there were several components for me, at that time of my life. I, you know, I was much younger and 24 at the time, and so it was just a very young period in my life.

And I'm, you know, not having the foresight to what this could eventually roll into, right? As your life starts to progress and these choices get made and how that starts to impact how your life evolves. Right. So, um,

what else? Did you want to know? You wanted to know? Do I still have that kind of agreement? Um, well, ultimately, we do. We renegotiate terms every single year. And I think in any relationship, and I tell my clients this as well, as you know, you have to continue if you're going to stay in a relationship that's healthy, you have to really get to a place where you're renegotiating terms, where you're sitting down with each other and saying, Is this still working? Why is this not working? Why is it working? What you know, learning how to speak up for each other? And I think really, my my segway or my entryway into that having that larger discussion that happens more often now is, you know, that turning point in the chapter really, it's not that I wasn't asking for things to change, it's that I really didn't have my husband's attention. And because he was not willing to lose me, I finally got his attention. Right. So it's not that he was silencing me, per se, I was silencing myself to keep kind of going with the flow. It's my personality anyway. And you know, because of that, you know, that was the dynamic between us. So the interesting thing that all of this, you know, relationships are so individualized, so complex, and I love seeing people who are saying, No, I'm going to define my relationship. I don't care what everybody else. Yes. And so but in the beginning, this was free and empowering to you. Yes. But at the time that you got your graves disease. This was the it was crippling? Yeah. So somewhere in there, you got your identity tangled up in your husband's

attention. And for sure, yeah, it's 100%. And that has a lot to do with my attachment style. I'm an anxious attachment style. So um, and he's an avoidant, so he's actually the opposite of me. And the two of us actually exacerbate each other's attachment styles all the time. Now, over time knowing this and being more educated on it, being more responsible about it, I'm more stable and obviously stable with my clients, right. And then I'm stable with him. But I hadn't learned how to do that. For myself, it didn't even know what that was at the time. Right. And because I was sitting on the opposite end of a therapist all the time, right, and didn't have a psychology background. This was probably what was, you know, going on in their mind the entire time they were working with me, right. And so that truly was the, the missing component for me is getting to the bottom of and this is what I teach people getting to the bottom of the psychology of why you actually have the actions and reactions, right? That you do. Because a lot of times we just think, oh, that's my personality. And yes, it is.

But it also has some major components to it that stemmed from how we were raised when we're children with our mothers. So the beliefs that got put into our head. And so I also have to point out that your graves disease was a giant gift. It was an amazing gift. It didn't seem that way when I first got it, but it was an amazing gift, right? Because it gave me the opportunity basically, you know, to really stand up for myself. Right? And and the catalysts to go and make this transformation for yourself. Absolutely. Yes, I now have a completely different career, right. I won't say have a completely different marriage, but he have a pretty different marriage than I did. And, um, you know, 21 years we'll do that anyway, but yeah, but I haven't

Very different marriage right set up. And and it was very outdated. And back to your point that you mentioned earlier. And I recommend this to anybody who's listening.

Make your relationship work for you.

I had to get over what everybody else expected my marriage to look like, right? Because for a lot of times when we were keeping a lot of the things that we were doing secret from everybody. And so there, I refer back to the chapter, right? It's like, there's this moment where I'm like, Oh, my God, everyone's gonna know. Right? The secret's out the cats out of the bag, what am I going to do now? Mm hmm. So, ultimately, um, you know, holding all those secrets, I had to really let go of, and I've done this and, you know, in many ways for other things to really let go of what other people wanted me to do. Yeah. And instead truly say, what is right for me? What is healthy for me? What is the kind of relationship? How do I want to define my own terms of the relationship? Because this is my marriage? This isn't everyone else's marriage. This is mine. So how am I defining that? Yeah, I'd love it. And I love the advice of that's going to be the Golden Nugget, I think from this portion of the conversation is that everyone should be renegotiating consciously. Your relationships with everyone. Yes. This is making a day with yourself and with each other to check in and go Okay, so we're not just stumbling along, we're living our lives together, creating on purpose. Yes. And making sure that we're communicating and understanding each other's needs. And yes.

And in your intimate circle, right, you don't need to do this with like, you know, friends on the periphery, I want us to talk about our relationship goals. Absolutely. And your intimate relationship circle, right? The people that you are connecting with that you feel deep emotions for that you have intense love and feelings for right, that you absolutely 100% should be, you know, one of the tools that I teach people in my Phoenix program is,

you know, really sitting down with people. It's called feedback format. And it neutralizes conversation, right? It's almost like a script, you plug things in, and it keeps you in your functional adult, right? So that when you're giving feedback to people, you're you're not lecturing them, you're like, this is my moment to tell you why I just reacted the way I did.

And I'm communicating with you so that you can understand my side of it. That doesn't mean you necessarily agree you have free will I have free will, we can have different realities. But I want you to know why you just saw the reaction that you did in me, this is my moment to tell you that, how do I communicate that with you? And so yes, I absolutely 100% agree that when it comes to how you build your relationships around you that you should be consistently communicating your authentic truth. Right, right. Mm hmm. Very good. That's awesome. Stop. Okay, so you have a long list of energetic modalities that you love and practice and you mentioned funk sway.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 18:27
And that's, so I'm always dabbling here and dabbling there and studying this and start eating on Yes, at this moment. I'm looking into Fung Shui. I'm doing some redecorating and, you know, that kind of thing. And so, and one of the one of my favorite teaching tools is the story of the magic orchid, which basically this beautiful pot flower is coming into your home and lending energy to the spot that it's in

inspiring you to make improvements to match up with that energy. And then that just expands on it's just another little tiny piece of funk sway. So as I was looking into this, I'm that so you can see my house behind me? Yeah, I basically this is a tiny house. There are some there's another bedroom and a bathroom that's beyond. But basically it's just one big room and not just my bedroom. And so what

let's back up and ask a more basic question.

Andrea Firpo 19:26
What applies to everybody else? Then I'll ask my selfish question. Okay. So what are the very sorry, I said, Let's start from the beginning on what Fung Shui is, so Fung Shui matches up with energy perfectly, because everything is energy, right? So depending on your belief set, we'll just start on that. You know, if you go to acupuncture, and I put a needle here, it tells your body a message and it does something to your organ or moves your blood or whatever it does, right? So your body is energy, right? It's a bunch of molecules moving around. Even if you

Don't believe in the woowoo stuff, it's a bunch of energy, you've got energy, you've got energy, I've got energy, if I give you a hug,

hopefully I'm in a good place, because I leave a little bit of my energy on top of your energy and you do the same thing, we coat each other all day, the chair that you're sitting on every single person that's ever touched it, or sat on it,

some of their energy is sitting on that chair stuff.

Okay, so if you never have taken a cell and I want, which is a is a crystal that is neutralizing. Or if you've never taken Sage to it, or if you never burned some Palo Santo around your chair, that energy is still there. So you're an energy bubble. I'm an energy bubble, and we bump up against each other all day long. A lot of the things that we're thinking and feeling aren't even ours, give me an example. You're sitting, you know, let's say you didn't work from home, you're sitting in your office chair at work, and someone comes into your office or cubicle and they like are spilling all this stuff on you. And then they leave and you're like, Oh, I feel terrible. That's someone throwing energy on you, or you're driving down the road and you happen to cut someone off, and then they get angry with you and flip you off, they're throwing their energy at you, you now have some of their energy and beliefs on you stuck in your auric field. So we're just collecting Think of yourself as like a kitchen sponge that sometimes gets a little bit of soap, but ultimately really is like carrying a lot of stuff. That's why moving your energy saging or our you know, saging you or your space is really important. So feng shui way is about how energy moves in your home. And that matches up with how energy flows in your life. So the very basics of Fung Shui is using a Bagua, which is essentially a grid that you place over your home. And everything about your life is in certain quadrants. So right now we'll just focus on a particular area that I specialize in, which is relationships, love and relationships corners, my favorite corner. Okay,

so I'm going to tell you where that is. for anyone who's listening, you're going to take the Bagua you can just type into Google Bagua, and you'll see what this diagram looks like, if you want to check it out. There's, you know, different places. Now, not everyone's home is a square, and you get and I get that. But essentially, if you're laying that over, and you're matching up the front of it to your front door, wherever your front door is, and then you're laying that kind of like visually, if you close your mind, close your eyes and look at look at where that might lay from your front door. Your love and relationships, corners and your upper right. Okay, so if you want to influence your love and relationships, there's colors that go along with that there's specific things that you can do in that particular area of your home.

Question, so it doesn't matter what the direction is. So if I have a north facing house, the, it's your front door is the energy that flows through your house and out of your house. Okay, if you have a back door, right, it's how that energy moves from the front of your house to the back of your house, is also how you have things displayed in your house and how that energy starts to move through. Right. In. For instance, when you walk into my home, I have a parlor, my house is really a grid. I have a parlor in a living room. And then I have this long hallway through the middle, right? But if I put a vase with some dead flowers in it, or a plant that's dying, right through that energy channel through the back of my house, right, that's impacting depending on where that is, and the grid that's impacting a particular area of my life, right? If you've got a linen closet in that hallway, like I do, and it's filled with a bunch of stuff in it, and that's your health area. Well, you know, you might want to think about cleaning that area, or at least organizing that area. Right. So it's, you know, I can't remember her name, but it's

the woman that goes in and organizes your closets and like she's got an entire show. My husband's watching. I can't remember her name right now. But she bases it on punctuation like she has a certain way of folding everyone, Marie Kondo. I think that's her name. Anyway, super famous. A lot of people watching will probably know who I'm talking about. But same thing it's like your relationship to everything in your home has a memory stored to it has energy

You start to it, the couch that's behind you, whoever made that whoever made the fabric, you know, all of their energy is sitting on the couch you think, Oh, it's a brand new couch. Really, it is kind of brand new.

And then other people sit on it, right? So everyone's like, well, what's this whole smudging thing? Or what's this energy thing? Well, as you walk through your home, different things, even if you're not conscious on a subconscious level are attributing to your mood, right? If you walk past that cluttered area, and you're seeing Oh, God, I got to get to that one of these days, I'm going to organize it that's lowering your vibration, as we would say, Okay, yeah. So that Bagua can also be laid out on a room as well, like you could just focus on a room. And then that love and relationships corner again, is going to be up in that upper right, if you just placed it on your living room. Like if you have that open space, and you placed it right there, right? It would be your upper right hand corner. So could you do something in that corner? for your love and relationships? Absolutely, you could put a vase of flowers because you want something to grow, right? You could put some really loving crystals, for instance, like Rose Quartz, you could put on you know, a plant that is growing because you want your relationships to grow. And make sure that that plant is soft looking don't like what

in that area. But what's interesting is if anybody looks up the Bagua, and then they kind of look around their home, that's what's hysterical is because you'll be like, Oh, I have that dead plant. And it's in my, uh, you know, career sector.

Unknown Speaker 26:54
Or my litter box, which I never want to clean is in my fame and reputation.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 27:03
Right. So it's your relationship to how energy flows through your home, which is essentially your relationship to how your life flows. This is a good time to mention that wherever you're watching this video, or listening to the podcast, if you look down, we're going to provide all kinds of links, we'll even I'll find a bug on your Yeah, include in the show notes, and there'll be links to injuries, free gifts and everything. So always look below and subscribe and participate and get on her mailing list and check her out better. Yeah, all right. So, um, energy moving through your home Talk, talk to me about the elements, the elements of what the five elements that are supposed to be represented in work do fire and wood and water and earth and air. Yes. Yeah, that that you want represented was different on every single room, I mean, it just depends on what you already have in your room, right?

Andrea Firpo 28:10
Essentially, you're looking to balance that space. And without me sitting in your bedroom right there or wherever that corner is, I can't really do a Fung Shui consult.

But ultimately, right, you're looking to balance it. And I just encourage anybody who is really interested in it, there are plenty of there's plenty of information out there, there are plenty of books as well, right, there's a great book that I can put a can give you a copy or give you the link to for for just like the dummies version of Fung Shui, right, but just an excellent book written on it, that is a pretty quick read. But ultimately, you're just looking to balance all the different aspects in each of those quadrants, again, breaking them down and not getting overwhelmed with it. It's not that you need to completely redesign your home. It's once again standing in that corner. And and looking at how that you know if it's, it's an area that's in your closet, and you're just dumping all your clothes on the float floor, like it's just your relationship to that space, right. So you're having a different, there's colors associated. I mean, there's all kinds of things it just depends what room we're talking about are what section right loving relationships, you don't need to go. The color for it is pink, you don't necessarily need to paint your room pink or that area pink, but you could put more pink and red in that area to help influence that area. They move all the different aspects right, the wood, the water, the air, the Yeah, all of those different aspects, right. And so you're just gonna incorporate different aspects of those things, the plants

Right, creating air is different ways of thinking, right? If you want fire in that area, you can put a candle in that area and burn a candle. Right? So you're just creating different aspects of that. You don't need to do it for your entire Bagua out once.

Right? Right, you're gonna break it down to focus, because that can be overwhelming. I read the book that I'm about to refer to you. And that like I was up all night, I was like, Oh, my God, I really need you to do this. I gotta paint this wall that color like, yeah, it can get a little overwhelming. So just start small, right, start small. That's my recommendation to you. If I was going in and doing that with you, if you're balancing your home, right, we would start small, I would say, Okay, what are some areas on the bog with it you'd like to focus on? Is it your career? Is it your 11? relationships? What is it that you'd like to grow? Right? Then we take you to that corner of your house and say, Okay, so what's going on here?

looks on the floor, you know, like, maybe we could clean this area up, right? Okay, what are some aspects that we can put in, that will help move the energy flow in that room, because I don't necessarily need to paint the wall blue, but maybe I can put, you know, a vase that is blue, right, I can put different blue aspects in that particular room to bring up the energy of that room. Okay. And then incorporating also the saging, as well as, yes, I have a lot of modalities, but as well as clearing the energy of that room, grounding that room are grounding your entire home, learning how to do that, teaching you how to do that, teaching you how to and and protecting, I have symbols, right, that I can place on the walls to protect all of the different areas of your home, right. I can also download certain beliefs, right? The purest form of beliefs from the creator of all that is down into your space. You know, so it's specific to your space. Because they're interesting. I love it. Then the the big reason for the elements. Question is I live in essentially a log cabin. So there's so much literal wood, there's a lot of wet beings. Yeah. Beans. So softening the beams, right? If you have beams that are laying over you in bed,

putting some kind of drapery or putting something that soft, that's flowing, that's, you know, balancing them because other ways, a lot of times those beams where they're crossing in your body, you can also have certain energy that's oppressing you, right. I know.

say like, it's specific to everyone's home. So I'm like, we can't really talk about it without being in your space. I know. Okay, but still, those are that's plenty to keep me busy right now just to get a bed got in. It's like, oh, gosh, I didn't even know that this was impacting me. Right? Hi. Yeah. That's going across your knee. And you're like, Oh, I always have issues with that knee. What's going on there? Right.

It's all contributing. Yeah.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 33:34
Very good. So all right. So that's the theme park that What? What would you do? So it's like, Can I not have any, I felt like I shouldn't have any wooden furniture because there's plenty of wood in my wall.

Unknown Speaker 33:49
I don't

Andrea Firpo 33:52
know, but I just balanced out the other aspects, right? You have a lot of red, that's a power of color. I see all the red cabinets behind you. That's awesome. Um, you know, I would balance out the other aspects, right? I don't see a lot of blue I can't see in your room, but I don't see a lot of blue, right, you're gonna want to balance out the other aspects. That's just the best best way. And you're gonna just want to soften the lid as much as you can. Right? When you come into your home. Is it soft?

Does it feel soft to you? It doesn't matter how it feels to me. I'm not living in your space, right? But if you walk if you went outside your front door and walked in for the very first time.

Does that would feel oppressive? Right. Does that would need to be softened. How can you soften that? Maybe you just need more plants? Yeah, maybe more plants are very comfortable here. My house feels very safe and cozy. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 34:59
So it's hot.

Andrea Firpo 35:00
it how it feels for you because it's your energy flow.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 35:07
Yes, it does make sense. Fascinating. Yeah. So I love the analogy of a dead plant, right? blocking the energy of your house. All right. So I know that this is a longer lesson, but and I do smudge. But I've never used the seller night one. I have one, but I've never used it for cleansing my house. Yeah. Okay. I said, I dabble in things like that. I'll do this for a week and then up it goes, Well, I get interested in something else. But just the basic idea of how you would use a smudge stick to Yeah.

Andrea Firpo 35:45
So think of it like an eraser. Okay, okay, so anything that you're using to smudge or a selenite wand, which is completely neutral, you never need to charge it, you never need to neutralize the negative energy, it doesn't absorb negative energy. I don't know if you know this about sunlight as well. If you place any stone on top of it, it magnifies the energy of that step. Yeah. Rose Quartz on top of your selling I want in your relationships, corners, you want like a really powerful

energy. So the seller might want can be used the exact same way you use it like it like an eraser. So think of it this way. You've got chakras all you know, for anyone that's heard of the word chakra, you have seven major chakras in your body. And then you have a gazillion more like, we're not even going to talk about how many, but they're all a little different energy. Um, you know, again, with the acupuncture, they're all a little different energy points, that spread energy, okay, so if you've got those major lens going through the core view, from bottom to top,

they send that energy out to the little lens all throughout your body. Okay, so that's how you that energy moves. And when I say that energy gets stuck, right, you know, are my my throat shocker wasn't completely open. When I say that energy moves from the back of us, we receive energy, and we release energy, right? So moves through us is supposed to move through us. If something has ever happened behind me, if I've ever been attacked, if you know, someone, when I was a kid used to terrify me or scare me, right, I'm not going to be so great at receiving things. So the energy is not going to be moving through me quite as easily. Or if I wasn't ever allowed to speak up for myself, and I'm like putting it mildly, right? This is going to be real tight, the energy is not going to flow all the way through. So it's not going to move to all those little chakras again, right? kind of giving you a visual of what that is. So now, when I talk about the energy being kind of stored or stuck like you that kitchen sponge, if I take that wand or I take the smoke, you know, the smoke from either Palo Santo or Sage or cedar, there's multiple different things that you can burn, right. But if I'm using that, and in the ancient ritual, and I'm going to take it and go over the top of my head, because I've got a shocker right here, right, and go over the front of me, you can't see the front of me. But losing it as an eraser, I'm waving, that waving, that waving that all the way down the front, all the way, all the way down to my feet, and then the bottom of my feet. And then I'm going to go over the top of my arm and underneath my hands, and then all the way underneath my arm and all the way down my sides. And then hopefully, someone's around and they can do the back of you all the way down all the way down the back of you. And that's going to clear the energy of your space and allow that energy to start moving. Like it's supposed to, okay, it's not gonna solve everything for you, but it's going to help, especially if, for instance, you just were at work. And that person dumped all over you and then you go home and you're so exhausted to be the day and like most of us would just pour a drink, right? Save yourself when you got into your house and not everyone likes the way that smell. So I recommend Palo Santo, I can put a link for a great person who has a farm in Ecuador. I can give you that link as well for people to purchase that in a sustainable way. Um, you know, I really love Palo Santo in the way that it smells. It's like a spicy woodsy aroma. I'm sages. I'm think of the word Sage right sage. The plant itself has a lot of wisdom to it. But it also is a completely different smell. A lot of people don't like the smell. It's very strong, right? So I like it.

Yeah, so whatever your preferences that you're using that like a want like an eraser, and you're releasing anything that doesn't belong, right, you're saying I don't need that, right? There's multiple ways of doing that. But that's the easiest one for anyone that doesn't do any practices, right? Any study right after this call, because

Unknown Speaker 40:24
a little bit later.

Andrea Firpo 40:26
If you want to do that on like, let's say, your chair or your couch, you're just gonna have like an eraser. Like if you had an invisible eraser, you're just gonna run it along. Places that everyone sets and on the

back and around it like you like you're racing it. Race, all the old energy. I love it. Yeah, do it to your bed, right, because you're not bed. There's a lot of experiences in your bed, usually, always, to your bed, get your bed frequently. Yeah. And the place that selenite wand right underneath my head, I have a really large piece of it. And I place it right underneath, on the floor underneath my bed. Little Fung Shui tip for you. Um, so that while I'm sleeping at night, I'm getting neutralized

Unknown Speaker 41:17
to do anything. I

Andrea Firpo 41:20
also have a strip of it over my front door, like on the malting. Uh huh. That anybody walks through my house and then walks back out of my house. Yep. Um, you know, it's not as good as doing their whole body. But it's, it's helping right? Like how

you think through your energy? What if? What if your front door is not the door that you use the most? What if? Yeah, questions on that? That's still your front door. The front door is still the front door where the user? Okay. Sorry. It's just the way that the energy flows through your house. Right? It's the intention, right? It's how the house was built. It doesn't necessarily matter that you use it that way. Or that your door isn't right in the middle. I get a lot of questions like the doors not right in the middle of the square. That's okay. Doesn't matter. shows up. Right. It's still you know, maybe it shows up in your, your friendship area. That's okay. It doesn't matter. It's just, that's that's how you lay out the Bagua. That's so awesome. It's so very fascinating. There's there's, there's so much to learn and study. Have you? Did you do your human design chart with Karen Flaherty? I have not, um, no, I know a little bit about my human design, but that, you know, to be honest with you, I could get carried away and at a certain point, as a healer, you kind of have to say, I mean, I continue to educate myself. I'm not saying I don't continue to grow, but taking on more modalities.

Unknown Speaker 42:57
I haven't mastered that. I'll just say that.

Andrea Firpo 43:01
I am a generator. So I generate my own energy. And I know that I'm a hobbit opportunist, which is exactly how it sounds, right. I'm just like you I work from home. I love being at home. My friends all know me. Like, I'm like silent, silent, silent and mouse. And I'm like, hey, like,

really? Like, what do you mean, you're an introvert for people who don't know me? Because they see. They see the nonprofit side.

Right, right. Yeah. But no, I haven't totally done done the Human Design thing. It's interesting, though, how energy flows in and how, yeah, it flows out of you. Mm hmm. And how we're kind of hardwired in the way we manage energy. And for sure, here there are relationships and how it impacts our relationships. For sure. Yeah. So tell me why. What is it that I should have asked you this first but psychic cheerleader? What does that mean?

Okay, so my psychic actually my psychic in Portland, Oregon, where I live. Um, she looked at my chart the very first time she met me and she said, If I was going through how I would watch you got my side. You are a psychic, traitor. I was born psychic. We all are. Most people are like, Oh, that's fancy. know, we all have intuitive gifts. We all do. You do. My husband does. We all have them. The problem is, is that we don't go to school for them. And they're kind of not passed down anymore, right? We're not Native American and have an elder who's teaching us these things anymore. We're going to school and we're learning arithmetic and science and reading. So it just isn't trained into us anymore. And depending on our background, or our reading

religious upbringing or however were brought up, it's not believed in, right? If we put we put the source of power outside of us with God, right, and God's gonna do everything magical. And, um, you know, I was raised like that. So I can I can speak to it. And I will just say that I'm learning that you actually have intuition, right? That you have your own ability to make your own answers for yourself rather than searching for outside of you to rate for an answer.

But ultimately, psychic, really, truly is several different versions of what are called Claire's. Okay, so, Claire audience is the ability to clearly hear clairvoyance is the ability to clearly see and your third eye Claire cognizance is the ability to clearly know right from wrong truth, really know it. Claire sentience is the ability to clearly feel.

Okay, so that's an empath on steroids or a medical intuitive would be a clear sentience dominant, I'm clairsentience dominant. So that just means that if I think of you,

I know how you're feeling, I can tap into your energy and I understand what's going on with you. And I really can feel it in my own body as well. I'm not doing that for everyone. That would be overload. A lot of times we are on an overload, right? If someone considers themselves an empath, right, or a highly sensitive person, then they're walking around, and they're feeling everything, right. And they haven't been taught how to manage their space, or how to protect their space, or how to clear their space. Again, they're feeling everything that everybody you know, they're listening to everything. But we all have these gifts. We've just silenced them. Because when we were a kid,

you know, if I was drawing my imaginary friend next to me, and my picture, my teacher might turn to me and say, oh, who's that? And I say, Oh, that's, you know, Billy, and she'll say, there's no such thing as Billy. Right? Because as an adults, we've been programmed to not believe, to not believe there's a lot of resistance around belief and trust, right? A lot of resistance. And because of that, we lose it. It's like, Oh, she doesn't trust me, I'm gonna shut that off. Right? She doesn't believe me, I'm gonna shut that off. That doesn't exist. And it's not psychic abilities. Like what we watched, you know, I remember it and loved Wizard of Oz, right. And she goes to the man and he's like, you know, got the velvet tablecloth, and the crystal ball and the thing on his head, and I thought, okay, he must have magic powers. Right? He's singing into a crystal ball. It's not the stuff that we saw in the movies. It truly is, when you're using your clear, clear vision, it's your ability to imagine and create, it's when a when you get a psychic reading.

You know, I'm not telling you that you have the training, because people have training for it. But ultimately, if you could go and get the training, and you would learn how to be clairvoyant, right? So anyone can do it. It's not a magic power, we can all do it. Certainly, we need encouragement, and practice and training, right? So when you go get a psychic reading, someone is reading images, they've learned how to read images that your higher self wants you to know, your higher self, the highest version of you, wants you to know. So you send me pictures. And I learned how to read those pictures. And I say, oh, a yellow balloon, I see a yellow balloon, does that mean anything to you? Right? You're sending me those messages. You don't even realize you're sending me those messages. They're also in your auric field, I learned how to read things in your auric field. Okay, so all that stuff that I was telling you, that gets stuck. I learned how to read the pictures and images that you've stored. Okay, so that's how I can tell a memory from a really long time ago. And I'm watering down the concepts that, you know, somebody who's channeling, they've worked on their Claire audience, this chakra here and their ears really open and wide and they trusted and they actually listen. And it's not just the ability to hear myself talk is the ability to trust and listen to other people talking to me, right? So that's somebody who like talks to your dead, you know, and who has a message for you. Okay, so that's how that works. But we all have the ability, okay. Now, the psychic part. That's the psychic part, the true leader part, right. So

When I was a kid, I was painfully shy. And back to that introvert, a lot of people now don't believe that I was. But I was so shy that if I had to talk to an adult, it would make me cry. I was hypersensitive and hyper aware. And when I was born psychic, and we all are, I'm also all water. So if anybody who's listening is into astrology, I'm a Scorpio, which is a water element. And I'm a Pisces rising and Moon, which is also water, so I'm all water, and that Pisces is already highly psychic individuals in general, but the oldest soul and the in the calendar so to speak. And, um, you know, the the water element, again, remember, we're talking back to boundaries, my ability to not have boundaries, if you think of like an ocean, it needs a harbor. Okay, so I didn't have very good boundaries, I didn't have very good boundaries for myself. I absorbed everything, it was very sick as a child always because I took everything on trying to smooth everybody out, outside of me, and never put the focus on me. Right.

Okay, so how these all interrelate, right? And so back to that ability to be psychic, the cheerleading part? My mom thought it was a really great idea to kind of train me out of this. She was like, no, that's not cool. Um, we're all extroverts in the family. Let me just teach you, you're going to overcome this. And you could say that that was a gift. But it was a very painful process. And we're not going to talk about all the ins and outs of that. But I will tell you that she kept putting me on stage. And one of the things that she did is she had me become a true leader. She always wanted to be a true leader. So she had me become one. And I was a true leader from seventh grade all the way to my second year of college until I finally stood up for myself and said, No, I'm not doing this anymore. I don't even like it. But there are a lot of years there. They did it. I mean, I we traveled to Florida, and I was on ESPN, competitive cheerleading, like really the serious training, but like they make movies about and stuff. So I did all of that. And so that's the cheerleader component. Certainly I have that in me as well. I've always, always, always, I mean, you know, now you could boil down what I do to being a life coach, right. But ultimately, I have always mentored if it was my daughter's babysitter that was a teenager, I was always taking her under my wing. When I was an executive assistant in the Bay Area. Or I was a senior office manager with two office assistants, I was always taking their ID them in with their stories and helping them with their lives. And as always, I was like the person at the front desk who had the band aids, and the homeopathic remedies. And that still cut oats in the kitchen because I was looking out for you and the great granola bars like I you know, I was always taking care of everybody. And cheering people on. Cheering people on and still cheering people on till this day. The psychic tutor, right. That's awesome. Yeah, I love what you're doing in the world. And the only thing I would change about what you just said is that it is magic. We can all do it.

It is magic. And we are all magicians. We're all smarter. Yeah. That's true. That is true. But I like I try to demystify it for people as much as possible. It's not like a special group of people. Right? It can be you too, right? That's what I'm trying to say. Right? Right. It's not like we get to be in the club and you don't

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 54:02
that's what I Right. Exactly. I know. I know. And I'm what now I want to go to clairvoyant school. Where's that? Yes. Oh, my gosh, five in Portland.

Andrea Firpo 54:13
Yeah, there's so many in Portland. Well, Portland's kind of like, you know, it's like Sedona, Arizona, or, uh, you know, I can't think of the place in New York, but there's a place, you know, like, there's, there's certain grid points on the earth that are

we won't get into this, that there are certain grid points that have certain energy to them, like Sedona, right? No, because it's very activating. So yeah, there are a lot of healers and spiritual people in these particular areas because of that, right. And, you know, that makes sense. Everybody can look around and see that you can see the energy of a town anywhere, and it attracts people that are the same and that are all matched up and they're like oh, I like

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 55:00
Being here, but I don't like being here and there. Yeah.

Andrea Firpo 55:04
It's a completely different. All right. So tell us as for the people that are just listening, what's the best way to work with you? What's the best way to get in touch with you and get tapped into all the goodness that you've gotten? Yes. So I have a free intuitive meditation download that I teach all of my clients, how to properly ground, how to call your energy back to you, and how to protect your energetic space. And that's available at psychic Now, why are those three things important? Why do I feel like every single person in this world like I need to, you know, advocate for that for everyone is because maybe you've done a meditation and you've granted before, but this is the way that I was trained in clairvoyant training. So it's the proper way to ground. Why is it important to ground because right now, we live in a very tumultuous time.

We're moving into the Aquarian Age, we're not going to get into that we've actually already moved into the Aquarian Age is a huge transformative time in humankind right now. And it's, that's why it's so tumultuous outside. And you know, we are blowing things up, essentially, to start over from scratch. And because of that, we need to feel supported and connected. So if you've ever heard of the term grounding, essentially, you know, you're going out to the forest and, and touching a tree, or you're taking your shoes off and walking through grass, you're reconnecting and realizing that you're supported by something so much larger than you. Why is it important to ground because all of that stuff that gets stuck in your field, your auric field, your energetic bubble that surrounds you, needs a place to go when it's no longer serving you. So when you ground, you actually have a place to release all of that, okay. So that's why that's important. It also helps you feel supported, right, and then calling your energy back. So a lot of people might know and learn how to ground themselves. But we never asked for the energy that we send out to come back to us. So I teach you how to do that. You get to the end of the day, and you're exhausted.

That's because you've sent all you've done all of these tasks all day, you've loved all of these people, you've taken care of all of these things. And now we need to call that all back and give it back to you. The last thing I teach you how to do is to protect your space energetically. And why that's important is you could say okay, it's a crazy world out there. And it is. But you're also let's be honest, not always that your highest good either. So we're protecting the world from you too. It goes both ways.

So teaching you how to do that essentially gives you a little bit of space. And it's not like when someone comes in contact with you, they feel like a wall or something. But it's just like putting a little net barricade in front of you so that not everything's coming through if that makes sense. So I teach everyone how to do that there.

If you want to know more about me or my story, you can go to Andrea if you want to follow me on social media, I would say that the one that I'm like the most active on his Instagram and that's like a cheerleader. I also have a podcast where I women and talk about them overcoming huge tragedy or overcoming large obstacles as you can see that's fairly near and dear to my heart. Oh, that's called brilliant through resilience and that's that's the website name as well brilliance through resilience calm Okay, those are kind of the ways to find me. If you want more meditations, or more of the products or resources or the book signed copy of the book by me right you're gonna get a signed copy invite you to but it was interested in that they could go to my store, which is called find peace within the storm. find peace within the storm. Awesome.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 59:10
Okay, very, very good. We are almost out of time and I forgot to tell you that the only way I know to

stop the live stream is hang up on you.

So I'll be reaching back out to you in a few minutes. Just to just to wrap things up. But um, and I keep telling myself I'm gonna figure out how to do that. Except for those forget. Yeah, yeah. Awesome. Awesome. Thank you for having me. I appreciate you allowing me to discuss everything with you and it was

awesome. And we will we'll do it again because you've got so much more to give. So

Alright everybody I'm gonna be back next week with I'm not sure who my guest is going to be next.

I never AM. But in the meantime remember that happiness is a choice and you can always choose to be happy first. These

Unknown Speaker 1:00:09
suffering is optional right?

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