The How to Choose Happiness and Freedom Show: Super Self Care and Energy Medicine with Sarah Lascano

You can heal from anything! Perfect health and comfort are your birthright. Get to know Sarah! Enjoy!   
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Sarah Lascano - Energy Healer and Founder of RayZen Energy

Are you ready to uncover the Light of Potential within you, that is already there? Are you having trouble seeing it, feeling it, living it? Move the blocks that are holding you back and step into your full potential. You are the Light you need. Join me as I talk with Energy Healer Sarah Lascano and learn how to take back control of your health and wellness! It's going to be great!


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Transcript from Today's Show

You can read instead! Enjoy! (This was transcribed by a machine so some words will not be perfectly right.)

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 0:00
Welcome to the How to Choose happiness and freedom Show. I'm your host, Lauren Foster, it is Thursday, October 15 2020, I decided to start putting the date in because we could be creating history here. And it could be 20 years from now people want to know when we're broadcasting here. So my guest today is one of my sister authors in the upcoming book, The Art and truth of transformation. For women, our launch date is October 20. So you definitely want to buy your book on that day, because the Kindle edition will be only 99 cents, and you will get 35 plus free gifts from all of our partners, all of our authors. So this is going to include coaching sessions, counseling sessions, video series, all kinds of different guides, one on one consultations of all kinds with energy healers, and nutritionists and functional medicine doctors and happiness coaches like me, so it's great, great, great value, and you'll help all of us, like showgoers lightworkers, to reach bestselling author status by purchasing your book on that day. So that's on October 20. And this is the book. It's so amazing, and so special, 20 different stories of transformation that you're gonna identify with, and you're gonna love. So my guest today is the founder of raising energy. She's an energy healer. She has an amazing story of discovering energy, healing and healing her own body and her own life. And she's going to share all of that amazingness with us today. So welcome, Sarah.

Sarah Lascano 1:44
Thank you, thank you. It's wonderful to be here.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 1:47
Yay, I, I really hope that we are live on Facebook. But if we're not, we're making an amazing recording. So we'll we'll be absolutely fine with that. So tell us your story about how you how you made yourself sick and then made yourself better.

Sarah Lascano 2:07
So my full story, of course, it's in the book. And it's a great read. I was so exciting to write it and and see it in the book. But it was a physical health journey. During my first pregnancy, my health completely crashed. And I ended up with a food poisoning event led to complete gut problems, multiple food sensitivities, eczema, joint pain, and then eventually it led to chronic fatigue. So I was completely exhausted all the time, couldn't eat anything. And my child also showed significant stress signs as soon as he was born. So my journey was really about trying to find my way out of that situation. And energy healing was one of the key pillars that I used to make progress.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 3:01
Okay, so let's assume that our listeners don't know anything about energy healing, what what is the basic explanation of what energy healing is and how it works.

Sarah Lascano 3:15
energy healing is a non invasive, easy way that we can remove blockages from the body. So we remove stresses of all kinds. Prayer is a form of energy healing. Reiki, of course, is a form of energy healing, acupuncture is a form of energy healing, these are all ways to remove blocks that are keeping the body from being able to find wellness. So I believe that the body always knows how to heal. And if it can't do so, there's something in the way blocking its ability to do that. So these non invasive methods can move those blockages so the body can then begin to heal the way it knows how to do.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 4:01
Okay, so let me tell you something that happened to me recently, and you tell me if this is an example of energy healing, I think it is. I'm pretty sure I broke my pinky toe. I didn't get the doctor or anything but it was so excruciating Lee painful, my whole foot and all the way up my leg. And so I took a luxurious Epsom salt bath and I stood and it was still just hurting so badly. It was keeping me awake. And then I stopped and I remembered something that I learned from Abraham Hicks. And I said thank you, thank you for the pain. Thank you for the swelling. Thank you because these are all signs that my body is doing its job, and it's healing all of this and I trust you and I trusted that you know what you're doing and I'm just going to get out of my own way and let you heal. And then by the next morning, the pain was gone. Now I still, you know, I'm not going to wear high heels or you know Burn day long hike on it. But it was just it was like a miracle overnight. So that's an example right of energy healing for myself.

Sarah Lascano 5:11
Absolutely 100%. Because a lot of our suffering and pain comes when we resist what is in our midst when we are unhappy with it or dissatisfied or angry? And if we can try to work through those feelings and understand, okay, well, this is happening now, what do I do? Then we can really move forward quickly. And that's actually one of the tips in the in the free ebook that is that that is my tip is to really, what do I need to know to move through this so that this can resolve so that I can come to solution?

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 5:51
That's awesome. And again, wherever you are watching this video, or listening to this audio, if you just look down, we'll provide links to everything that we talked about today. And you know, some things will come up that we didn't even plan and we'll make sure that we share all of that with you in the show notes or the comments or somewhere around, you'll be able to see and click on these links. Okay, so one of the things that I wanted to ask you, I have this giant skeptic in my brain, even though I know, like, I know, like, I know that energy healing is real, that, that I have a dog who has seizures, and he can be in another room, he can be outside, he can he do not in my line of sight or where I can see or hear him or anything. And yet I know when he's having a seizure, and it's just like this awareness that comes over me, and I go find him and help him. And so that's an example that shows up in my life. But I'm also I'm a primal health coach. And I have a hard time convincing people that something they can see and hear and smell and taste and touch like food and exercise is affecting their health. How do you teach people and convince people allow people to remember, however you want to put it, that energy healing, which is something you can't see, you know, how do you get them to have the faith that this type of healing is actually going to help them?

Sarah Lascano 7:24
That's such a great question. I think the answer lies in desperation, I had to get to my lowest point to be willing to be to be ready to change, to be ready to look for solutions and to consider a new way of being in the world. So frequently, we encounter difficulty, it might be a physical difficulty, it might be an emotional difficulty might be a loss in your family might be a physical limitation. It could be anything could even be a pet, a pets journey, as you mentioned your pet. So difficulty makes us strive for answers. And when answers aren't clear, or when there are no answers. We frequently turn to things where we're like, well, if there's a shred of hope, I'm willing to try it. And frequently, a lot of the people that I see are in that category, they have tried everything else and have made no progress with Lyme or strep or anxiety or weight loss, whatever it is. And so they're willing to consider something out of the box. That's a little bit different.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 8:36
Right? Right, right. And so often, that this, they reached this point, once they've tried everything else in the world, and all the doctors have not been able to help them and all of that. So they've tried everything. And so finally, yeah. And so that I love this, because then now there's a gift in the pain, there's a gift in the, you know, the desperation in that this is finally going to bring you to the place where the answer is and so much more. Okay, so there's the you talked about physical things and spiritual things and emotional things that so for instance, we lost my brother last year. And he and my sister in law just had the the love that everybody wants, you know, they had the relationship that everyone wants, and her heart is so broken. Yeah. It's, so this is one of your Healing Sessions could be of help to her. Is that right? 100%. Yes,

Sarah Lascano 9:41
yes. So sometimes there are spiritual reasons why we go through these losses in these journeys. Sometimes, you know, it's just helping us cope with understanding how you can move through this. Sometimes this pain gets locked in the physical body and that's where I You know, my work goes very deep into the physical. So I use a lot of anatomy and physiology and I free these energies. So maybe there's grief stuck in the heart, maybe it's in the, the valves of the heart, maybe they're not functioning properly, and she's not able to get good movement of that grief. So sometimes our physical body can really hold on to these energies. And my work really allows the physical, the emotional, and the mental bodies to let go of what's keeping us stuck, so that we can move through it.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 10:32
That is so interesting. All right. So now that these are the days when it's difficult for us to be physically together, but we're required to be physically together for you to do this kind of work, right? Explain how that works.

Sarah Lascano 10:47
So this is all explained by quantum physics. And I'm not a quantum physicist, but we are proving that if you take two atoms and split them apart and stimulate one half of it, the other half immediately feels, shows and demonstrates that stimulation, and this is like 14 miles apart, I think, was the experiment. So it is very clear that if we are part of a system, and one change affects one part of the system, the other parts will feel it too. This is the foundation principle that that allows for this to happen. The bottom line is energy has no bounds. It's instantaneous. So I can tune into someone who is half a world away. And, and and ask their body, which is how I work. I asked their body, what can I do for you today? Do I need to balance something in the physical body and the emotional, you know, where do I need to go? How can I be of service to you? And then the body lets me know, because the body knows, it has an innate wisdom that knows how to move forward, we don't always know or we would have figured it out.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 11:53
Right? And and so then your work is to help us get out of our own way. And let that energy flow. Dig Did you ever hear the study of and I'm probably gonna botch some of the details. But it was I think there was part of the experiment was in America, where they took some seeds, and they they planted some seedlings in one pot, and they print planted some seedlings and another pot, and they took a picture of one of them. And then a group of people across the world, maybe Australia, looked at that picture of the seedlings and sent positive energy and meditated together and just kind of concentrated on sending love to that picture. And that set of seedlings grew like exponentially faster than the other. This is the same principle. Right?

Sarah Lascano 12:42
It is exactly the same principle. And I can't remember the gentleman's name, but the very famous person in Japan who studied the impact of water crystals, so sending energy to water and then freezing it and you could very much see the impact of that different types of energy being directed at the water in the ice crystal structures. Yes.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 13:06
Perfect time to show my magic water bottle. I'm infusing my water with clarity, abundance, energy and inspiration. And it's just yeah, love it. Yeah. And, you know, and this is an I also love to work with crystals and stones do you do you? Do you do that as well? And

Sarah Lascano 13:29
I do not. But I love I use them in my own life, but I do not use them in my practice.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 13:34
And that it's it's like, it's so much fun. And I had someone asked me one time Do you really think that that stone hanging around your neck has magic? And? And I said, Well, you know what? Yes, I do. And even if I hung a piece of gravel around my neck, if it was bringing attention and focus and clarity to the type of energy that I want to create, then that's its own magic. And I'm right. That was a was that a correct answer to that question?

Sarah Lascano 14:03
Yes, it is because it's intention, energy follows intention. So if our intention is that something brings us healing, then do it. Yeah.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 14:13
Okay. All right. So describe what we're gonna add that we have a 50% off a half price on demand healing session for the listeners and viewers of this broadcast. That's good until October 31. And the code to use again, we'll put this in the link is be happy first. Right? Correct. And doesn't matter if it's the being the H and the f are capitalized, like in the I do not believe it matters. No. Okay. All right. Cool. So you have a special code to get 50% off of this and try it for yourself, but describe for us what that session will look like and feel like and what it who should actually go and seek this out.

Sarah Lascano 14:55
Sure. So these on demand Healing Sessions are so amazing. Their 30 minute energy healing sessions. They're pre recorded. And they're designed to be a little bit General, so that they can cover more stuff. So each time you listen, they're designed to be listened to more than once, each time you listen, your body is going to go and shift the energy that it's ready to shift. So each time you listen, it's going to be a different experience. When you so this is a 30 minute audio session, you listen to the healing, the healing comes through, and you have lifetime access with your purchase, you can go back to this session anytime. And I have a library of I don't remember how many are out there now probably six or seven different sessions, you can read the descriptions, depending on what you're working through in your life at this time once for parenting stress. One is for helping the heart and nurturing loving yourself or compassion or compassion for yourself. One is stepping into health if you're really struggling with moving out of a particular illness or health struggle, so there are just various themes that each session has.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 16:11
Okay, um, is there one on weight loss?

Sarah Lascano 16:16
Not yet, but it's in the plants.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 16:19
And this is the, there's so much conversation and, and so much desire. So what what I'm trying to teach all of my clients and students and, you know, people that I reach is to, you know, respect and love your body just like it is, and, you know, kind of get out of the way and let it become its own thing. But I'm, I turned 55 this summer, and so I'm carrying extra weight around my middle. That just is, I mean, you know, I'm not miserable about it, but it's kind of it kind of makes me uncomfortable, it makes my pants not feel good. And, you know, makes me not want to put on pants besides flip hands. And I hear a lot of times now afraid this might be in my brain too, is that that's just what happens at middle age. And I reject that with all my heart. So if you and I were together, and I brought you this issue, yes. How would you help me? What would you say? What would you do?

Sarah Lascano 17:21
Yeah, so it is it is definitely not what has to happen, there is a way to unravel. We are energetic beings, and we can change things we are able to change at any point. So there's always hope for change. I actually have one of the sessions recorded this is I see this as a three prong approach. There's the loving yourself, the body image piece, there's the physical piece of the metabolism. So our hormones, really regulate whether we can lose weight, or whether we need to gain weight, or whether we're stuck where we are. These are thyroid hormones, their cortisol and stress hormones. Lots of different hormones regulate this. So there's a physical piece. And then

let's see. And then there's a third prong to

probably like I'm blanking right now. But it's a three prong approach. So my vision is to create three different sessions that will address each of these components, this is for on demand healing in person, obviously, I would focus on what is what is coming up as the need for the person. And so if we look at this holistically, we can free the body from what is locking it into the current state. Okay,

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 18:40
so and you know, of course, again, at my age, there are said there's hormone replacement therapy, there's, you know, all kinds of different physical options, but I don't really want to do those. So is that am I? Is it possible for me to heal and balance all of these things energetically without the intervention of medicine and things like that? Or do you recommend medicines as part of the process?

Sarah Lascano 19:10
Well, if you are my client, I would ask you, how are your energy levels? How is your sleep? How is your body functioning? If it's functioning well and in balance and your physical feels very balanced? You have plenty of energy, you are able to sleep well. You don't have issues with constipation, you're not showing any, any hypothyroid or hypo adrenal symptoms, then I would say, Yes, we should focus on the energetic if someone came to me and said no, I actually have really low energy, I would recommend getting some tests done just to check your thyroid function. And and see because sometimes the block is in the physical, but until we get the energy out of the way, we're not going to find that physical block right, until we're ready to let go of the weight on the emotional mental and spiritual levels, we will not find the physical solution.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 20:06
Okay, so let's let's talk about that. That's perfect. That's, that's a perfect answer. So let's talk about like autoimmune diseases which are so, so prevalent and uncurable, like, Fibromyalgia pops into my mind, there are so many women who are, you know, I don't know of any men that I've met who have fibromyalgia is that just thought of that. So what is the hope that you offer for people who are enduring that kind of thing.

Sarah Lascano 20:42
So typically, under a chronic health condition like that, we typically have chronic infections, we typically have chronic viral, chronic bacterial, chronic fungal infections that are subclinical, they are under the radar screen, and they are continually taxing our body's resources. So my work typically ends up focusing on those infectious agents that are lurking in the body that aren't causing physical symptoms, but they're draining the energy. And we'll look for other drains, maybe someone had a really abusive or controlling relationship in their past that they're not free of maybe they're still connected energetically, severing those ties can allow people to start holding on to their energy, that then allows the body to start fixing some of these chronic issues. Now, in my opinion, those physical issues, the bacteria, the virus, the fungi, those are feeding on energy. So if we can figure out what are the mental stories, what are the emotions that the body is stuck in and clear those from the past, as we become clearer, the immune system really takes off and starts firing and starts cleaning house, our immune system knows exactly what to do, it's just that it's stimulate its arms are tied behind its back, what can we do to free that immune system, to allow it to fix the problems?

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 22:11
That's so awesome, I have a visual of how the immune system is supposed to work. And it's like a, you know, it's like a little fire department, it's hanging out and, you know, just getting fit and getting rested until something happens. And then it rushes out, and does its job, and then comes back home and and hangs out in the fire station for a while. And and yet we are taxing ourselves through bad physical choices and bad mental choices. So that our immune system is working all the time and never getting to, you know, go back to the firewall and breast is that is that an accurate analogy of how the immune system should work?

Sarah Lascano 22:53
It absolutely is. And there's really a very close relationship with the heart energy and the immune system. So if we think about putting happiness first, getting into a state where we're not afraid, we're not sad, we're not burdened by negative emotions, we're able to work through things and accept life as it comes at us. All this ability to generate joy. This is what fuels the immune system and keeps it strong and keeps it in a nonreactive state. You know, we have two branches to our immune system, we have a memory side, which is antibodies and remembering what's happened in the past. And then we have an offense a let's go kill things and keep the body safe. And frequently, we get into the reactive side where we're too much in the memory side of our immune system and not enough in the offense. So we can bring balance to that immune system by working with the heart energy. It's it's quite miraculous.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 23:53
So you've just you've just explained why I haven't been sick for decades, I have a rockin immune system. And I'm all about joy and happiness and do my life's work and every single second. So very, very interesting. What about diet and nutrition and the physical things that we give our bodies does that play into your work?

Sarah Lascano 24:19
Of course it does. Yes. So typically, when we're stuck, when we don't feel well, when we're low on energy, when we're having trouble feeling good, we, it's hard to muster the energy to really focus on healthy and good choices. It we're stuck. But if we can start getting unstuck energetically, start moving forward, start getting rid of those barriers, we make better choices for ourselves, if we're not worthy of abundance. If we're not worthy of loving ourselves, we are not going to stick to a weight loss program or a nutrition program. So if we can nurture that self love, love myself and really open up That we're worthy of feeling better, we can start sticking to things, and we will get rid of the cravings. Oh, that was the third prong of my weight loss was emotional eating. It wasn't Yep, dysfunctional emotional eating. That will be the third piece because the food cravings keep us stuck, right? We crave the foods that are bad for us, or that aren't going to help us move forward. As we release all these blockages, healthy foods start to be appealing, and we start to crave the things that will move us forward. And that's where we want to be.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 25:33
That's awesome. And so there's not any beating yourself up or, you know, trying to exercise your will, it's getting the cart before the horse. And if you have a beautiful, amazing, awesome sports car, that you just love and treasure and cherish, you're not going to put crappy fuel in it. And by the same token, when you love and respect yourself, that's what you're saying, right? That that when you have this feeling of worthiness, you're not going to put crap into your your special body that is the only one you get.

Sarah Lascano 26:06
The way to think about it. That has really helped me and I really feel this now because I'm I'm tuned into feeling energy, everything we put in our body has energy. So if we select food that is dead, it's it's been it's been canned or it's been preserved or you know, with chemicals or whatever. It's not got the same energy as fresh produce are fresh food that has been made with love that those that energy comes through that food. So I will feel a difference between the exact same food but from a different brand. Because it's been treated differently. That's no, it's a way to think about what we put in our body has energy and we want to select higher frequency higher vitality foods.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 26:55
That's, that's incredible. All right. So do you work any with muscle testing?

Sarah Lascano 27:01
I use an intuitive form of muscle testing. Yes.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 27:04
Okay. So it's what I'm picturing is walking through the grocery store, picking up something in muscle testing it if you will. And I learned this from a girl Long, long. years before I even had an inkling about energy work, she was just cool to pick something up. And if her body swayed towards it, it was a good choice. And if it slipped away, it wasn't. And I started doing that. And it just it works. But I don't and I have an amazing diet. I eat all you know, as local as possible. And, and, you know, nothing's canned except for the wild caught salmon that made my dogs eat so. But within all of that, I could still like pick up a beat and pick up a watermelon and see which is better energetically for me. Right?

Sarah Lascano 27:52
That's right. That's right. Yep. And absolutely, muscle testing is a great way to do it. And once your energy it's clear enough, you can actually just hold that food to your heart and feel and ask, Is this gonna make me stronger, and you'll feel it, you'll feel it once you are open and clear as as your as your system becomes clearer and more present, this becomes easier and easier to hear. And feel.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 28:21
That's awesome. That's so so very, very interesting. Okay, so I had said that I wanted to ask you about body. What was it buddy talk, buddy talk? Yeah, what is Body Talk? Your Body Talk this year.

Sarah Lascano 28:38
BodyTalk is an amazing system of energy healing. It is a the international body chalk association is a group that governs the Body Talk, probe or method of healing. And it's very comprehensive. It's very detailed. And it's a wonderful way to learn how to do energy medicine for for others. And the BodyTalk Association kind of makes sure that everyone is continuing their education, keeping their skills up and always looking for new ways to improve the tool.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 29:13
All right, that's awesome. Okay, so is there it What have I forgotten to ask about that we need to make sure that our that our listeners and viewers get to know about and learn about that. Do you have a physical location right now where you actually see clients?

Sarah Lascano 29:30
I do I have an office in Winchester, Virginia, where I see clients in person. And I do probably 75 to 80% of my work over the phone though. I work with people all over the the country on the world and it works great. Yep. So either way.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 29:48
All right. So we're gonna recap this by saying if there's anything ailing you, whether it is pain and discomfort in your physical body, whether it is emotional pain, Whereas if it's not feeling like you're able to advance your career, your business the way you want to, or attract the abundance if you're, if anything, if your life doesn't feel like it's just flowing perfectly and amazing, then Sara is going to be able to help you to clear out the blockages and get your energy flowing and serving you the way that it's supposed to. So be sure to take advantage of this special offer that she has for you today. All right, so Oh, and her story is in the book, The Art and traits of transformation for women, you definitely want to check that out raise in is her website. This has been awesome. Where where it's only 1201. So but but I feel like we've covered

Sarah Lascano 30:46
everything if you do we have it's been wonderful.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 30:49
Okay, awesome. So again, Sara's offer is for the on demand energy healing for anything that you are struggling with. It's half price, just until October 31. So use the code. Be happy first, when you check out and get that for half price. And yeah, be sure to like and subscribe, wherever you are. Get on Sarah's email list so that you stay connected with her and stay connected with me. And that's going to do it for us for today. Sarah, Mo, we're gonna say goodbye. And I'm going to end this but I'm gonna reach back out to you after we're done because I don't know how to end the broadcast and the other way besides ending the call. So thank you so much for being willing to do this technological experimenting and learning and growing and crawling with me so much. Thank you for being with us. We're gonna be back next week with another great guest. In the meantime, have yourself a wonderful weekend. Remember that happiness is a choice, and you can always choose to be happy first. I'll see you soon.

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