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Lisa Pezik - RN turned Entrepreneur and Business Strategist!

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Transcript from Today's Show

You can read instead! Enjoy! (This was transcribed by a machine so some words will not be perfectly right.)

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 0:01
Hello and welcome to the How to Choose happiness and freedom Show. I'm your host Lauren foster happiness teacher and founder of be happy first, as a certified Life Mastery consultant, masters of wisdom and meditation teacher and primal health coach. I'm on a mission to help 1 million women learn to be happy and free on purpose, healthy, wealthy and joyfully living life on your own terms. Happiness is a choice and you can always choose to be happy first. Thanks so much for being here. Now on to today's episode. We are here it's a beautiful noonish in East Tennessee in the Appalachian Mountains and this is September 10 2020. I started using the date so that we can reference where we are in history when you're watching this. I am so honored to have with me Lisa plasic. Lisa is an author and business strategist and two time best Selling Author of women who illuminate and the beauty of authenticity, which is right along the lines of what we're going to talk about today. And we met through our publisher, Sue irda, at powerful publishing. Thank you so much for being with that.

Lisa Pezik 1:16
Oh, my goodness, thank you for having me. It's such an honor to be here and serve our audience. And I can't wait to dig in.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 1:22
And so do you just love how this these networks build and we make friends. And even though we're so isolated, I've met so many new people, since I signed my book deal with this publisher. And it's just

Lisa Pezik 1:37
that's always one of the main reasons why I do those kinds of things is so I can get into communities and meet people. And absolutely, it's the best

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 1:46
meet like minded women. Awesome. So tell us about you. So you were not always an entrepreneur, business strategist. How did you get there?

Lisa Pezik 1:54
No. So I grew up in a very small town coal mining town in Pennsylvania. blue collar worker, you know, family grand father was a coal miner. Entrepreneurship was just not something that was talked about it was in our family. And my mom had this very clear vision of my life from when I was very young. So she would tell me, who I could date, who I couldn't date, who I could be friends with, where I can go where I couldn't go, what I was going to go to college for. So nursing, which was very, you know, white scrub white hat, very noble. And that was my mom's dream. And I found myself in the middle of living it because if I didn't do what my good old mommy dearest said, there was going to be heck to pay. So for the first two decades of my life, I really didn't make any decisions for myself. I didn't even really know how to make a decision and I found myself hundred pounds overweight, working as an ICU nurse, being frustrated, uncomfortable, overwhelmed, and just feeling like something was off. But it didn't make sense, right? Because on paper, I was a successful nurse and I graduated, I have my apartment and I was independent. But something assigned to me just never felt right. And I decided to take a trip with awesome single girlfriends to the Dominican. And it was there that I met this guy from Canada. And we started doing this long distance relationship, and quickly quickly fell in love and quickly realized he was the man for me. So now here I am at 20 something years old deciding that I want to move, I want to go to Canada. I want he was always entrepreneurial. I want to marry this guy. And I want to start a different paths in a different life. And I told my mom and they were like, no No, if you do this, no, not, we don't we don't agree with it. We don't want you to go there. And if you do this, you don't have our blessing anymore in life. And I had to make a crossroad decision of what to do. And I decided that I was going to stop calling home, I was going to stop paying attention to those voices that gave me no other options and started doing what I wanted to do. And we were about a couple years later, so I moved up here I married my husband had a child, and I hadn't spoken to my mom for quite some time. And then one day, I'm pulling out of a parking lot. And I hear ding ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, text text text on my phone. And I think oh my god, something like if someone's texting you this much Something must be wrong. I pull over and I pull out my phone. It's my mom. And she says Lisa, we haven't spoken in a really long time and some things. I need you to You are heartless, you are soulless. You are no longer my daughter, you are no longer welcome in this family and goodbye. And I threw down the phone, I grabbed the steering wheel and my hands were shaking, and the hot tears were coming down my face. And I was in the car by myself. I threw the car in dry and I heard this voice say stop. And I slammed on the brakes. And just as I looked up this transport truck was seconds from completely wiping me out just move

right past

and that was the moment that I realized, wow. In one second, I could be here in the next second I can't. And it was literally a crossroads for me that even though I had physical made changes in my life. So I had started taking care of myself, I lost that hundred pounds. I had moved to Canada, I married my love. I was still working as a nurse. But I was doing some stuff on the side, some online business stuff on the side. inside my head was my mom's voice. And that was the moment when I realized I can't let that stay up there. I can't let that dictate every decision that I make moving forward, because at that point, I was comfortable. I was working as a nurse, but I was also working this online I lost over 100 pounds. So I thought I'm going to help people in health and fitness because that's when they get a bunch of certifications. That's what I can do. But I wasn't really putting myself out there. I wasn't really being visible. It was like if you wanted to work with me, you had to find me because I was so afraid to make decisions. I was so afraid of judgment, I was so afraid that I wasn't good enough. I was trying to be perfect. I was trying to be a good girl, I was trying to do what I was told. And all these things were sabotaging all the success that I really truly wanted in my life. And it wasn't until that moment that I realized I do some inner work. Physically, I changed my body, but I do some inner work. And I got to get help if I wanted to now go bigger, get more visible. And that's where I started studying under a ton of mentors, and really becoming an expert in this space now, but it was almost that moment of life being completely taken away. That really woke me up and made me realize that I have a bigger purpose on this planet. I am here and I better start living into it.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 7:51
Yeah, okay. So the two big events right there in that same moment is all that with your mom and all of us experienced this too. some degree or another, usually not as drastic as that but sometimes, yeah, there there are a lot of people who live their lives through their children and think that they know best. And we, we forget how to trust our own guidance system. They teach us to look into the eyes of others for approval for guidance for decision making. And yeah, so back to back with so I, my life could be over in the next man and I never made my decision. I totally love that. And that's everything that we're teaching here is undoing all of the stuff that's in your mind that's keeping you from being happy and the way that you want to be happy. Ah, I totally love that. So, as a mom, are you what what lessons did you bring from the way you were into being a mother yourself? Are you remembering to let that child think for itself and

Lisa Pezik 9:01
That's a great question. You know, my I had a lot of anger. I had a lot of anger that I didn't know what to do with. And a lot of why can't you just change? Why can't you just love me? Like victime? Almost right? It was always, always playing this. This is the way I want the scenario to be. And no matter how many times I went to therapy, and I feel that I did my part, when you have someone that's not willing to do their part, you can't change someone. So I had all this anger, anger and anger. I didn't know what to do it until I was able to process that and realize that it was actually a gift. You know, our someone said a quote to me that stuck with me and he said, a mentor mindset our parents shortcomings are actually our greatest blessings and our greatest gift.


you know, he was saying how can you honor your mom and thank her For that, because it helps you, it helps you have awareness that I don't want to do that. I don't want to say that I don't want to be like that. I don't want to parent like that, you know, we do the best we can given what we know. And this was this was, you know, more emotional abuse and verbal abuse. And this was generational that had been passed down. This was not just something my mom experienced. This was, you know, decades generations. And for me, because I chose different and I chose to heal, I was able to break that I was able to heal the past generations, and heal the former generations, and truly have that freedom. So I'm so conscious with my words. I'm so aware of how much our words have weight and the way that I see things and taking that pause and the anger that I had was really grief is really what it was it was grieving a relationship grieving that mother daughter love, you know, grieving that Mother Father that that daughter, Father kind of love that parent kind of love. And I realized I get to pour, it's gonna be angry about it. I get to pour all that love into my family. It's a my husband and my son. And we're so connected and so bonded. I mean, where we were the matching pajamas at Christmas time. Like, we are like, you know, the fit the postcard family that loves to do everything together. Even my entrepreneurial stuff, our little guy comes along with us. And he gets kind of in that world schooling and he seeing the world through a different view than I ever got to see. So when I learned how to take that anger, and make it a blessing and take that anger and realize that I wouldn't be the woman I am I wouldn't be the most All my hand if I didn't have those kind of experiences, and being really careful with my words, just being really careful about the way I say things, how I say things, and if I say something I shouldn't saying I'm sorry. That was never a word we said in a we never apologize in our household. Two people could be screaming at each other, walk away. And that was it. And there was like, forget about it, move on, never talk about it. We talked, we communicate and we talk so much in our household, that really the communication in our words are like the anchor of my marriage and me as a mother.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 12:37
Right? This reminds me of Wayne Dyer story of his father, have you had the father abandoned them when he was just a baby so never carried all this resentment? And the forgiveness of him was a life changing event for him. And yeah, that's what you've arrived at. You've arrived at forgiveness about that. Now. Longer allowing that to define me.

Lisa Pezik 13:02
Oh, yeah. Yeah, that sets you free. It's like I'm not forgiving you by saying it's okay. I'm forgiving you so I can have more room. I can have less weight I can carry last. be better,

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 13:16
right? Yeah, that's one of the big misconceptions is people think that if they forgive, they're condoning, but you're not forgiveness is for you. To your anger and resentment wasn't hurting your mom, she didn't even know this was only hurting you. So, letting that go. That's all right. So one of the things that I encounter a lot with all the people that I talk to is, the first thing that we try to get people to come up with is what they would really love. And so you are in that place where you can even conceive of a different path than the path that your mother chose for you. So overcome all of those bots and but most people are still even without that situation out there. And Instead of thinking of what would I love, they think, Well, what do I know how to do? What do I deserve? What do I think I can do? And being able to scale up, this is what I would love. And then reading house and everything fill in. So talk to us from your personal experience about how how you can get to that place where you're able to imagine and to tap into the

Lisa Pezik 14:25
Mm hmm. A lot of it for me came from being still something that I did not know how to do. I was one of those people that if you've ever seen that quote, or that meme where it's like, you know, I have 47 Google tabs open in my head and the music is playing somewhere and I don't know where it's coming from. That was me. I I didn't know how to be still because I was afraid of the emotions that would come up if I was still so I constantly was either working I was constantly cleaning my home, organizing My home scrapbooking pictures of my son's first year of life. Like, I was always busy and I didn't know how to meditate. I didn't know how to be still. I didn't know how to listen and tap in to

what felt good to me.

And what my gifts work and usually it was all the things that I was so scared to do. Were the right way that I was supposed to go. If you have a thought, and you're like, Oh my god, that'd be so cool. I would love to do that. That could be so fun, but oh my god the judgment Oh my God, I don't know enough. I'm stupid. Oh my god. I'm not this. I didn't come from the right family. I don't have all of that before the but that's the thing. That's the thing. When you go, Well, how am I going to do that? How is a losing question? Because how you're going to come up with all the ways you can't. So I always say don't get stuck on how you're going to do Do it, visualize that end pitcher of whatever it is you want, and start telling people about it. And the right people will come and the right people will help you. And you've already probably grasp skills and things that you can already use you don't know about, like, nursing wasn't my forever calling. But I learned empathy. I learned how to hustle. I was an ICU nurse and emergency room nurse. I learned how to think quick how to critically think all of that comes with me into the work I do. Now. As a wellness coach. When I was in the health and fitness industry, I learned how to really get to the root of what's going on with people why they choose that the mindset why they choose the habits that they choose the voice that they do say to themselves, and being able to help people be kinder to themselves because that's what I had to learn how to be kind to myself. Um, you know, and it's like I take that over into the business world that I'm in now. So every job every profession even for when you were 13, or 14, or a babysitter or lifeguard or that's what I was, I was a lifeguard in the beginning. It's like, all of those skills you can sharpen and use towards whatever that vision is that you have. It's never about the how that you get there. It's I want to do this, I want to be this. What skills do I have that I can use to support that? And then where do I need to ask to get


That's where I don't know if you saw in like my bio I have I studied under Brendon Burchard and booysen and Marie Forleo and Roger love and I was like I don't know about the online space I need to learn deeper I know how to connect with people know how to problem solve and think quickly and and and connect

with all the technical and But the sales and all of that around revenue that so I had to go and study and learn. So I think it's knowing who you are and the gifts you have. And then committing to committing to being a learner a constant learner life and saying, If I don't know this, there is somebody out there who can help me and teach me. I think go the universe rewards action. When you start, when I wanted to be an author in the books that were in, I was like, I better start, like practicing. So I had a blog, and I just start, I just started writing. When I wanted to be a speaker. I put a podcast together. And the first couple times that I filmed it, I had no audio I had no intro outro buffer. I didn't have all the fancy production quality. It was just me sitting in front of my computer, filming the podcast, it was me sitting in front of my computer, typing on Microsoft Word, some blog posts, not even knowing where I was going to put it. Take the first step. And then people will come and say, Hey, I'll help you, Hey, I know someone that can help you get that up and going. But you got to be clear, and you got to take that first step.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 19:11
Yeah, that's that. I love that. So I want to add a few things into that just to round that out, because that's just such a perfect message. And being curious and being open and being aware of when the universe is bringing you resources is bringing you ideas is bringing you you know, the people who can teach you the things that you need to know in order to get things done, and then the confidence that you get from mastering a new skill. So everybody's bad at things when they first start, you know, and so having confidence as a beginner, is kind of a misnomer, but that's when you have courage. You have the courage to do the best that we can and then you get better and get better and you get better. You know. I love it in You build what the dream that you have envisioned for yourself. When I have been on and off for I've been writing in different ways, forms and fashions most of my life marketing, sales letters, whatever. And I've started probably 20 books. And I'm going on sabbatical to write my book. But instead of writing, I would get party and meet up. And so I started over and over and over well, recently, I'm like, Okay, it's time to get serious about writing my book. I get it done. I cut off all my fingernails and typed out whatever I was, was on my mind at the moment. And then, email came from a woman's organization that was a compilation type of book, like, Oh, this is a good idea. But the language didn't really resonate. Like Ah, so I didn't really act on that. But then the very next day, a personal note from Kathy Pilar came and the good that the name of the book is the artist Truth of transformation for women like what would be more perfect. The name of the company is powerful you publishing just like our free thing resonated with me perfectly. This is exactly the next step that How did she find me? This is the universe at work. This is how things happen. As as long as you're saying this up, I just love it. I love your story. So, you were in business with your husband? Tell me about Tell me what that looks like. What are you? Sure? So one of the big things in life are career and money. Yep, physical fitness. And really, you know, once once you get all three of those down, Pat, the rest of the stuff is just kind of floating around out there. So and finding that So talk to us about how that evolved and what that looks like and, and how the mind awakening the imagination of our listeners. So I could think these are possibilities for me. These are things that I can do.

Have the courage to get the land.

Lisa Pezik 22:03
Yeah. So I always bring it back to how important communities also we were talking about the beginning how we met through this community and your support system, whether that's directly in your household, a partner, a spouse, whoever it is, or other people in your life are so important. My husband believed in me before I believed in myself. He was the one because he he has a more he didn't grow up in an entrepreneurial background either. But he was able to think differently, see the world differently and became an entrepreneur long before me. So he had the bug. He had the knowledge he was doing it while he was working for his agencies, and then having freelance clients on the side and he was the one who originally said to me, when I've lost all that weight, and I got all my certifications of fitness, I was teaching and other gyms. I was teaching fitness classes and I was doing nutritional counseling. And he's like, babe, have you noticed your classes are the most attended people gravitate to you? And have you noticed, you know, you're the busiest trainer, you're the busiest nutritionist. And he's like, people want to be around you people. People want more of you. You should do this as a business. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, I can't do that. I'm not cut out for that. I can't be an entrepreneur. I don't know the first thing about it. And I realized that even talking about money, I was getting paid my no $20 an hour to come in and do my work. Meanwhile, the gyms were getting more and more and more and more participants in growing when it was me that they were coming for which was so eye opening and humbling. He was one that said, hey, you're an entrepreneur, like you have to and you're always being creative and doing things your own way and figuring it out, putting your spin on it. So he actually created my first business cards website logo, he kind of created it and then went go. And I went all okay while we're doing this. So that's how that came about. And then, as I started doing health and fitness, I realized how much I love coaching people with their voice and their story and their content. And then he was full, full time now as an entrepreneur with the tech and the coffee and the website and the funnels and the social media, Facebook ads. And literally one day over over a beer we were like debriefing about our days having like a glass of wine and a beer. And we were mapping now what is the client journey and the client path for entrepreneur? And we thought, well, they need an idea. They need to know who they are, what their stories are, what they want to create, how they want to serve the world, how they want to do it, which is what I was really good at, and I was doing that My coaching. And then after they have all the content and the copy in the language and the video shot, then they need the technology piece of it, then they need to be able to launch it. And they need to be able to tell people about it. And that was what he was doing. And it's so funny. The two people who are so connected in so many other areas in life, didn't see it, that we were working separately doing separate things. And we went, Oh, like, Oh my God, why don't we come together and do this as a couple and do this as own our own company, a husband and wife run company that takes you through the entire process, when you want to create something, and that literally was where it was born. But it's interesting because you know, when are married, even maybe in our parenting, there are things that he's really good at, but I'm not. So he does it and then there Things that I'm really good at. And he's not. He doesn't want to, and I do it. In the business, we're both really good at what we do. So we always have to make sure we're on the same page first before we ever talk to a client or we ever bring something forward. Because sometimes Hey, man, I will not buttheads but it's like, No, I have a better idea. No, I have a better idea. No, we should do it this way. No, how about we do it this way. Because we're both really innovative and creative and good at what we do. So we always have to make sure that we're on the same page before we go ahead and move forward. And then the second biggest thing, I think, is the boundary setting that you know, will be on a date night. And because we both love what we do, my husband will be like, Oh my God, we have this client and this thing and I want it and I'm like, we're on a date night. Like, I don't want to talk about business right now. You know, it's like when you love what you do. are so intertwined sometimes you forget Oh yeah, we are a married couple. Oh yeah, we you know we do we do have this other whole really important part of our life it's not just all work even though we work so much we work so well together. So really that boundary of shutting off have family time of date nights of knowing when to shut it down. Even though we are literally joined at the hip for parenting and working and playing and marriage and all of that is so key. So that was a hard battle. It was a how do you how is your work life balance and for why they wanted me to come up with this answer and say oh yeah, we have it so perfect, and it's great. And for the longest time I was like it's awful. Like we are literally trying to work our way through it and figure it out. And now we finally have it at a pretty good place where we know the boundaries and we know the balance but it took a little bit to get there. Right.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 27:56
Okay, cool. So you know, I'm interested keeps popping into my head. had that I always have like a general loose topic for the month just in case I don't have a guest so that I don't have to dream up something to talk about. And this month would have been relationships. Yeah, so I'm and along with the theme of there are a lot of people who are in relationships and are being defined by those relationships to their own detriment. There are also people who are not in relationships and they're defining themselves by that, you know, so having your relationship be a wonderful addition to my dog has found her way outside and can't find a way back in. So now she's barking needs to come and open one of the doors there. So I apologize for the dog bark. She's just, she's just gonna have to wait. So talk to me about how you met and the mindset Did you hear her?

Lisa Pezik 28:59
Oh no, I'm saying About how we met. Yes.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 29:03
And so I think I understood that you were 100 pounds overweight when you met him.

Lisa Pezik 29:07
No. So I had I had

just lost all the weight actually in that year prior. And yeah, I was invited to go on a trip with my single nurse girlfriends and he wasn't planning to go on a trip with his single guy friends. I was in Pennsylvania working and doing my thing. He was in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, working and doing his thing. And we both of us almost didn't go on the trip. So I was working like crazy. So I was young, didn't have children working as a nurse had all the student debt. And I was just work, work, work, work work, and I had worked almost, I think was six or seven. Back to Back 12 hour night shifts. Before this trip. I can't go on this darn thing. I'm so tired. I don't want to In the money, I want to put it towards my loans. And my friend said, Lisa, you need a break, you're going, we're not letting you not go. He went with his best guy, friend, the guy, friends, girlfriend and the friends friend, and his best friend and girlfriend. We're having all these problems they were arguing. And Eric said, If you my husband said, if you go on this trip, and you're going to break up, I'm not going because I don't want to be on a trip with you when you're miserable. Well, lo and behold, right before the trip, they break up, but they decided that they're still going to go anyway. So he was like, I'm not going okay, fine. I'll go so neither one of us almost went to this island. And he was there before me. He was already a few days into the trip. I was in the lobby, getting out of the airport, taxi, and he will tell you that he saw me walk by him. He stopped. He turned He felt this energy hit him. And he nudged his friend and he said, I gotta go talk to that woman. That's the woman I'm gonna marry.

And it's like, what are you crazy? Like, what is wrong? Have you actually drinks? Like, what is wrong with you? You're not going over there? And he's like, Yes, I am. And he's like, dude, dude, give her a moment. Like, she's not even. She's not looking for you. Like, she's not she's here with a girlfriend. She's not even settled enough. You don't want the resort yet? And he was like, Okay, I'll talk to her later. So he didn't approach me. But we were at the Disco later that night. And he was aware of my friend group. My friends were dancing on the dance floor. I was at the bar and he said, Hey, he walked over to my friend group and said, Hey, tell your friend to come over here. I want to talk to her. My girlfriend comes over she's like, hey, come dance on the dance floor. And we literally bumped into each other. I'm sure he planned that right. we bumped into each other and he will I looked into his eyes. And he literally was like, Hey, I'm Eric, it's nice to meet you. Do you want to go get a drink? Do you want to talk a little bit more? I'd love to talk to you. So not a cheesy pickup line, not making any first moves. There was this feeling of safety that I had with him from the second that I met him. And we started talking and they said, Hey, do you want to go for a walk on the beach kind of loud? At The Disco, we can't really talk. There's a lot of music. So in hindsight, when I tell my friends and family, they're like, what are you crazy? You just met this guy at a resort and you're like, going for a walk on the beach and you don't he could be a murderer or a rapist or whatever, I would be crazy. But I just felt this insecurity. The second I met him. So we went for a walk and we started talking more. And there were chairs, there were beach chairs, and I said I'm tired. I think I was gonna like sit down. Do a Look at the stars. I fell asleep on our very first date. my now husband and like a complete gentleman. He led me sleep for 45 minutes, stayed beside me like rubbed my head, walked me home, we had our first kiss gave me a kiss. And we spent four days together on this vacation. And then when it was time for him to leave, I guess I wasn't aware that I play that kind of cool. He got really upset because he thought that was it. He thought we have these four beautiful I mean, we in the fitness four days, we were talking about our careers and and if we wanted to have children and where we plan a dream home that we want to live, we were talking about all this deep stuff in the first moment that we met each other and he thought I was never gonna call him again. Oh, and he left We exchanged numbers. As soon as I got back from the trip, I called them and said, Hey, you know, I hope you made it home safe, would love to come and see you. And two weeks later, he was driving down to see me at my apartment. Now again, friends and family are like, what are you crazy? You're gonna let this guy that you met in the Dominican from Canada come and stay in your apartment for a weekend you live by yourself. He came, I will never forget. I lived on a top floor apartment where I had to walk down the steps and he rang the doorbell. I walked down the steps I opened the door and then we had our first


and kiss since we were on that vacation. And that was the moment for me. When I knew this was the man I was going to marry. It was in that embrace. He knew from the first second he saw me and we kissed and I knew from that first reengagement embrace that we had when he came to see me that that that was he was going to be the main that I was going to marry and we did long distance for almost a year. And then, you know, got engaged. I moved up to Canada immigrated, you know, the whole bit and it's been amazing but it was definitely you know, divinely guided was not looking for love was not planning to meet him and my life has definitely you know where it's supposed to be because of him and his influence and his just the nature of who he is, you know, pushing me and growing me and me the same with him pushing him and growing him. It's just it's He is my soulmate and I as I am I am asleep for sure.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 35:42
I'd say Aren't you glad you didn't listen to your family and friends? I always tell clients that don't share your dream with other people because no matter how much they love you, they don't get it and they'll knock your feet out from under you from their lack of faith and their lack of understanding so, you know, you keep your your seedling dream close to you and keep it safe until it's good and strong enough to withstand all of that. Oh,

Lisa Pezik 36:09
yeah, absolutely. They don't understand sometimes unless they're in it, they're not feeling what you're feeling. They're not seeing what you're seeing. And it doesn't matter. All that matters is what feels right to you. That's all we kept saying the whole time. And my friends, Verizon, what do you want to go to Canada for? Why do you want to move to a different country? You know, and then his family were saying, what do you want to go through all this with a girl from the US and why do you want to do that? And we're like, because you don't know what's in here. You don't feel what we feel we know it when you you don't have any other option. When your gut and your heart knows that it's right. You have to figure it out. You have to find a way. You have any other option. You're going to go with that.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 36:54
No, you're going to your wonderful parents and creating an awesome awesome future for that little boy.

Canada now still,

Lisa Pezik 37:04
I am somewhere outside Toronto. Yeah, so I've been here since 2006. And I became a dual citizen in 2013.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 37:13
Yes, you're still there now. Awesome. Awesome. Okay, so in the event that we have listeners who are wanting to start an online business, you are wanting to get into business and would like to work with you. How do we find you and what's the first step? And

Lisa Pezik 37:29
yeah, absolutely, yes. So my name if you Google it, my website is www dot Lisa pietrzyk PZ ik comm that has all our offerings and free stuff on there. I have a podcast and a blog. I have a weekly newsletter. So I love giving out all sorts of free information. And then also how to work with us is on there. We do everything really individualized and customized. So yeah, send an email and that's the best way to get started on their Facebook is Lisa Pease ik strategist? Instagram is Lisa Cusick. My podcast is the lease of music show. So pretty much I mean it's simple if you search my name, you will find me but the website is the best place to go for now.

Lauren Gabrielle Foster 38:14
Okay, that's awesome. So before we go what would be the most important thing you could say to someone who is just feeling like they're not living their life on purpose that they are not on their own path that they are not? So many times we feel like I can't we have this mentality of Well, I would be happy if he would have tried if my spouse would I tried if my kids would I try to come you wouldn't prove it this without all these outside circumstances. What would be your advice, to teach people to be happy anyway to not let themselves be victims of circumstance?

Lisa Pezik 38:55
Hmm, it's I always say

There's a reason why my six year old when he was in kindergarten when our kids are little, it's showing tell it's show first. We always say how do I get them to understand what do I say to them? How do I get my spouse to support me or my mom to love me or my kid to do this or this investor to believe in my business dream or you can't with words, you can't there is no right thing to say. When you show them when you do it, when if they don't approve of your relationship, when they say our families are good, like when they see how happy you are, they get it. When you start putting in the work to that business, or that passion, or that thing that maybe you're not even sure it's going to be a business but you love it and you're passionate about it. The more you do that, people see how happy it makes you in the ripple effect that makes On the world, the more that you do and you show and you just stay in your lane and do your thing, the more people will understand the more they'll come on board, the more they will support you, the more they'll see that this isn't some passing fad or newest, you know, flame or thing that you're into that this is what you're really serious about. And you're going to keep getting up even if you get knocked down. You're going to keep asking for help. You're going to keep going, you're going to stay true to it. You got to do you got to do do do take action, even if it's messy and mucky and doesn't go the way that you plan it to. You do what feels right and in your heart and your gut, you know is right to you. And people will start to see and the support will come and the dreams will start happening because you're committed to the Dream. You know, I'm not, I don't care so much about what you do one time I care about what you consistently do.

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