The How to Choose Happiness and Freedom Show: Just you and me, Lauren Foster, Your Happiness Teacher

Outdoor Retreat? Lunar Cycles? Magic Crystals and Water Bottles? Numerology? Fun stuff to love in this episode. 
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Solo Show With Lauren - Retreats and Moon, Crystal, Water and Number Magic!

Today's episode with Lauren is for you if you want to learn about some fun tools to help you to choose happiness! Watch the video or listen to the audio! Get connected with us and stay the course! You choose how you are creating your life.


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Here is all of the extra, insider information, resources and free stuff from today's episode. We hope you will reach out to the Be Happy First Team. All our love! Be Happy First!

Vote! Would you consider attending an outdoor retreat in mid October in East Tennessee? Answer in the comments or send an email to [email protected] This episode talks about what that lovely retreat would look like. 

All you need is to be connected with your highest self, managing your perspective, trusting your instincts and intuition, looking for things to love...  being Happy and Free on Purpose! All of the tools I teach are to help you get THERE! In love with your life and eager for what you're creating next!

Resources and links relevant to today's show.
My favorite place to look for moon cycle information.

Proposed location for the retreat to begin October 16, on a Super New Moon! 

Safety information for retreat location, Unicoi County - 70 total cases and zero deaths from covid 

Corona stats source

Lunar cycles and crystals.  New moon and waxing crescent. - New Moon Manifestation guide. 50 pages. Fun.  

Magic Water Bottles - - Interesting video about water molecules. Masaru Emoto.  

Numerology. 22 was the number that kept coming up for me today!
Here's an excerpt from the book "Number Sequences and Their Messages" by Amelia Bert. I got it for free on Amazon. "This number matches your ideas. There is something that you are thinking about, a project that you didn't yet begin; an action that is only just a thought. It tells you "what are you waiting for?" If you finally take action, you will be satisfied with the results. Do not worry of what other people might think, your spiritual team vouches and supports you."  

This was fun because it was perfectly aligned with what the book on Moon Phases said about the Waxing Crescent! Synchronicity! 

You create your life. We are teaching you to create your life on purpose. Happiness and Freedom are your birthright! 

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Transcript from Today's Show

You can read instead! Enjoy! (This was transcribed by a machine so some words will not be perfectly right.)

Lauren G. Foster (1s):
Hello, and welcome to the how to choose happiness and freedom show. I'm your host Lauren Foster happiness teacher, and founder of be happy first as a certified life mastery consultant, masters of wisdom and meditation teacher and primal health coach. I'm on a mission to help 1 million women learn to be happy and free on purpose, healthy, wealthy, and joyfully living life on your own terms. Happiness is a choice and you always choose to be happy first. Thanks so much for being here now on to today's episode.

Lauren G. Foster (34s):
Hey there, and welcome. Thanks so much for being here with me for episode number 56, we are just rolling right along. Plus we have some older episodes from 2019. So if you gotta be happy forward slash show, you can see all the links to all of the different episodes. Good morning, Tammy. I'm glad that you get to be you. All right. So housekeeping. If you're watching this on Facebook or YouTube, you can just look below actually anywhere.

Lauren G. Foster (1m 6s):
If you're listening to a podcast, you can look in the comments and find all the links to all of the things that I'm talking about today. And you can also get to be happy forward slash 56. And I'm going to ask for your input today. So if you're not comfortable answering in the comments, send me an email because I really want to know I sent this email out to my list this morning and have gotten some responses back regarding this, but I want to have a retreat in October on the super new moon on October 16th.

Lauren G. Foster (1m 40s):
So we're going to talk about that. We're going to talk about some fun, new rituals and ways of aligning, like lining up with the moon cycles. And I'm gathering crystals that go with the cycles and creating rituals around the phases of the move, which I'm playing with and having so much fun with, I forgot to bring out my water bottle bottles that I wanted to show you today, but we're gonna talk about magic water bottles, and we're going to talk about numerology. And so just catching you up on all the things that I've been playing around with and experimented with.

Lauren G. Foster (2m 14s):
And in the last few weeks, since I've been having guests on the show and focusing on their message. So what about a retreat? So I've shared in the comments, the COVID-19 statistics for Unicoi County, where I live and where I want to host this retreat. And I've also shared the link to the resort, which is a rafting company that has little cabins and things like this. So eight, answer me a yes or no, or even a longer explanation if you want, would you consider assuming that all the money is lined up, assuming that all the time is lined up, assuming that you like all of the things that are going to be happening at this retreat, would you do it?

Lauren G. Foster (2m 57s):
Would you consider doing it? So let me know before I take further steps and planning this, because I really feel like there's 20 or 30 women out there that would be willing to come and get away from the concrete jungles in this beautiful, safe, natural environment. So the retreat would look like starting on a Thursday and going through either Sunday or Monday and every morning we would have a sunrise meditation around seven 27, 30 followed by breakfast, a nice, lovely primal breakfast.

Lauren G. Foster (3m 33s):
So we're gonna be learning about meditating, about visioning, about journaling and about primal lifestyle. So activity and Tammy would come cause she, yeah, she has traveled all the way across the country. So coming to East Tennessee would be not a big deal for her at all.

2 (3m 53s):
And so

Lauren G. Foster (3m 54s):
Just being together, outside around a campfire, doing all of our meditations, our yoga, our chigong, whatever types of things that we do, they would all be outside. And the lodging at this place is in little cabins. So you wouldn't even have to be lodging in a hotel type of atmosphere. You could still be separate then. So let me know what you think about that. Again, October 16th is the super new moon. And I think that will be a great time to, to just get together and learn about intention setting and planting some seeds, and then leaving with some tools to carry on creating your life the way you want it on your own terms, happy and free on purpose.

Lauren G. Foster (4m 41s):
So I'll, I'll keep an eye on the comments, but even if you're watching the replay, share your comments with me because I'm really gathering this information. I really want to know what, what your thoughts are about this. All right. So,

2 (4m 54s):

Lauren G. Foster (4m 56s):
Lunar cycles, I just happened to get an email on Sunday that said, tomorrow's the new moon, read this before tomorrow? So I'm like, Oh, this is very intriguing. It was a little short book that was describing the different phases of the moon and, and how they're likely to manifest them. You know, everything is energy. And so the fact that the tides respond to the moon, that there is an effect, in my opinion, on our bodies and on our brains, which are very, very watery organs in conjunction with the moon.

Lauren G. Foster (5m 35s):
Now I want to preface all of this by saying you don't need in air quotes, real life quotes, capital letters, anything you don't need an astrology chart. You don't need taro cards or the eating or a book or a church or meditation, or any of the tools that I teach you in order to have an amazing life. All you need to have an amazing life is to be lined up with who you really are to be completely and totally connected with your source with your inner being tuned in tapped, in turned on is the way Abraham Hicks puts it, that I've never found a better way of saying that, that you are tuned into your own intuition.

Lauren G. Foster (6m 24s):
You're tuned into your own instincts and you are purposefully choosing to look at the next moment of your life in ways that are joyful. You're looking for things to appreciate you're feeling the abundance that is at your doorstep. Every moment, now, all the tools and tricks and things that I'm teaching you are ways to get to that place. And some of them will be very, and you know, if you've been around for any time at all, is that I dabble around and play around in all of these different things, because I think it's fun.

Lauren G. Foster (6m 57s):
And I think it's interesting. And so my new fun, interesting thing is the cycles of the moon. So on Monday, Monday morning, I did my new moon ritual, which consisted of really getting intentional about what I want to create over the next 29 and a half days or so, which is how long the main takes to go through all four phases and just getting still. And I wrote all of this down on a little piece of paper and lit it on fire and did a very intense meditation with candles, incense, and just being really intentional about setting aside a three day period to kind of be quiet to plant seeds, to really get in touch with my vision and with what it is that I want from my life.

Lauren G. Foster (7m 47s):
And so that's what happens in the new Memphis and said, today is the waxing Crescent moon. And this is the time to start getting your hands in the clay of creating the intentions that you said in the last three days. So this is the time for putting things on your calendar. This is why I'm asking you about the retreat. If this, this is a project that I really want to do, it's brave and it's bold, and it's likely controversial.

Lauren G. Foster (8m 17s):
There are going to be people who are mad at me and saying that I'm, you know, perpetuating the gathering and all of that stuff, but I'm taking that chance and having an expectation that more people are going to say, yeah, I think it sounds amazing to get out where there's abundant oxygen and abundant trees and nature and negative sounds and all of the awesome things that we'll experience at this retreat. So the waxing, Chris, and I want to put that on my calendar.

Lauren G. Foster (8m 49s):
I want to put the course that I want to launch in September on my calendar. A trip that I'm planning in late August is going on my calendar. And this is where you're just really getting to the action steps, the inspired action stats that go with the intentions that you set and the three days before. So they're, they're supposed to be a watch party going on over on the Lauren Gabrielle foster page. But I don't know if that's working or not. I apologize if we got people started and then the video didn't happen, but again, you can always get to be happy forward slash 56.

Lauren G. Foster (9m 27s):
To see this video, listen to the audio, see the notes, see the transcript, everything to do with the show will be on that page. All right. So the lunar cycle, so, and I don't know about the other ones I'm just studying as they come up. So I'll keep you posted as the month goes by as to what the next phases of the moon are. So another cool thing that I did about this is I, I got with my local girl, Heather at black cat design, and I'm going to share the link to her Etsy shop because she's so cool and so amazing.

Lauren G. Foster (9m 59s):
And so I had her make jewelry with specific stones for each cycle of the moon. That's actually a work in progress, but today this is Rose quartz, and it's a beautiful little pink stone. And I'll wear this for three days. And you know, I'm carrying around my little piece of Rose quartz, tumbled, crystal. I painted my fingernails pink. They look red, but they're really pink. And this is just fun.

Lauren G. Foster (10m 29s):
This is a way of keeping me focused on the things that I want and keeping me in the high vibrational place of the life that I want to manifest from this point forward. So the winter cycles are a lot of fun. If you want to study up about that and, and read some fun things, I'll share those in the link on the show page. All right. So the crystals that these, again, this black cat craft design, she's, she's amazing. All right. Oh, the magic water bottles.

Lauren G. Foster (10m 60s):
All right. So what I did was I

3 (11m 2s):
Got some

Lauren G. Foster (11m 5s):
Sparkling mineral water that comes in a glass bottle. It's a German name. I can't remember the name of it at the moment, but I peeled all those labels off. And then I just posted little posted notes and tape them down real well on the outside of that bottle. And I have two, one that says abundance and one that says energy and enthusiasm. Now this is just a little ritual that, so every time I take a drink from that water, whatever it says, it's reminding me of what my intentions are.

Lauren G. Foster (11m 36s):
Now, there is

3 (11m 38s):
Ants that says that

Lauren G. Foster (11m 40s):
Water molecules are actually affected by the energy that's directed towards them. And there are just as many, maybe more scientists that want to debunk that and say, Oh, that's just a bunch of Huey, but either way, what, whether it's true or not, that I have actually transformed the molecules in my water bottle. I'm transforming my own mind. I'm transforming my own intention. The same with the crystals, you know, D does this crystal have magic because of its energetic makeup?

Lauren G. Foster (12m 12s):
Maybe it does, but my intention for certain in wearing it and keeping it as a reminder is most definitely magic of the most powerful kind. So, so in the morning I drink from my abundance bottle. So, and I made abundance in everything abundance in health, abundance, and freedom in money in opportunities and ideas. And it's thrilling to think, Oh, every time I nourished my body with this awesome, magical water that I happened to have here in the mountain anyway, from straight from my well completely unfiltered, the way mother nature brought it to me is also in, in fusing my body with abundance.

Lauren G. Foster (12m 56s):
How fun is that? And then I have a tendency to kind of fade away in the afternoons. And so one of my intentions, one of my desires is to have lasting energy and to feel engaged and interested throughout my day. So in the afternoon I use my energy and enthusiasm water bottle, and that makes me feel awesome and amazing and cool. So magical water, magical water bottles, rituals that you can do. All right. And so finally, numerology and again, but started this whole conversation with getting a, an email about the moon from the numerology people.

Lauren G. Foster (13m 33s):
And again, I'll share all of these links, but everything has energy, including numbers, and I, I've never been a math person. So the actual science of, if you're a Harry Potter fan, you would know it as arithmetic Z. This is the magic of numerology, but it's interesting to me that it, when, if you start to see sequences of numbers that show up frequently all the time in your life, is that the way one way of the universe sending some sort of message to you and maybe it is, and why wouldn't it be?

Lauren G. Foster (14m 10s):
So this morning I woke up that, which didn't make me happy at two 26. I'm like, Oh, two, two repeating sequences of numbers are even more significant. So, Oh, that's interesting that that's a repeating sequence of numbers. And so I went back to sleep and then I woke up again at six 22, Oh to 22 showing up again, and then several other things happen. I wanted to look for something in a book and it was on page 22. So I went to the numerology book and looked up what, 22 minutes.

Lauren G. Foster (14m 44s):
And it was all in line with the phases of the moon. And what's on my mind right now. So how much fun is that synchronicity? So I'm not looking to numbers to tell me what to do, not looking to the lunar cycle to tell me what to do, just, just enjoying it. And at the same time, seeing it, the synchronicity. So the numbers two, two are about, and your hands in the clay about making plans about taking it inspired action. So just further reinforcing that I'm on the right path that this, that feels so amazing to me, the activities that I'm doing are exactly the right course.

Lauren G. Foster (15m 22s):
According to my spirit guides that are talking to me through numbers. So the universe can communicate to you in infinite ways, through emails, through billboards, through friends, through songs on the radio last week, my sister and I were on the phone and she said, I thought of you today when I heard this song and it turned out, I was listening to the same song at about the same time. And I, I was in the car and I never listened to music in the car. I listened to podcasts and I listened to books and I listened to YouTube things.

Lauren G. Foster (15m 57s):
But I, this day I happened to want to hear this particular song. And I told Siri to play it. And she did. And it turns out that my beloved sister was listening to the same song at, we don't know exactly the time, but it was around the same time. So, you know, the universe has your back life is trying really hard to give you all the things that you want, what we just need to, to do the work, to get ourselves lined up and able to see able to see them, the opportunities. Have you ever been looking for something that, you know, you just can't find it and you're looking, you're looking, you're looking finally, you just relax.

Lauren G. Foster (16m 33s):
And there it is. And a place that you looked five times, this is how the universe is working when you're not working so hard when you're just really lining nothing, expecting and anticipating, waiting the greatest outcome, then things seem to appear as if by magic. All right, cool. So that's our episode for today. We have David G is going to be on my show precision, and I have a, an amazing author and fellow meditation teacher that I met from Finland. That's going to be on with us next week and all kinds of amazing things.

Lauren G. Foster (17m 6s):
So be sure to subscribe wherever you are, like follow comment, send me an email, get any of our freebies. You'll love our guided meditations at be happy. or our five secret steps, secret magical steps to [email protected] forward slash journal playbook. And anywhere that you click on the be happy website and put in your name and email, we'll get you in the loop and get you in the room insider's club where, you know, I, I share private things that I don't really share out here in the rest of the world.

Lauren G. Foster (17m 45s):
And, you know, we interact on a more intimate level through, through the email. So I hope to see you in one of all of these places. And I'm so happy and appreciative that you took the time to hang out here with me today. So I'll see you next week. In the meantime, remember that happiness is a choice and you can always choose to be happy first. I'll see you soon.

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