The How to Choose Happiness and Freedom Show: Special Guest Linda Beach, Lifestyle Coach and Retreat Mentor

Linda's greatest passion is teaching others how to dust off their wildest dreams and create a life they don’t need a vacation from. Fantastic episode!
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Linda Beach - REAL Freedom!

Today's episode with Linda is for you if you are ready to start creating a life that you don't need a vacation from! Watch the video or listen to the audio! Get connected with us and stay the course! You choose how you are creating your life.


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Linda Beach is the adventurous founder of Linda Beach Coaching, a multi-faceted company that teaches coaches and wellness professionals how to up-level their businesses (and lifestyle) through the power of transformational retreats.
In 2016, Linda was inspired to sell her spa school and give away nearly everything she owned to move to Ambergris Caye, Belize. After two glorious years, she left Central America to embark on new adventures and travel the world. Her greatest passion is teaching others how to dust off their wildest dreams and create a life they don’t need a vacation from. To read more about Linda and grab her FREE Ultimate Virtual Retreat Roadmap, go to
Linda Beach, Lifestyle Coach & Retreat Mentor
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Transcript from Today's Show

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Lauren G. Foster (2s): Hello, and welcome to the how to choose happiness and freedom show. I'm your host Lauren Foster happiness teacher, and founder of be happy first as a certified life mastery consultant, masters of wisdom and meditation teacher and primal health coach. I'm on a mission to help 1 million women learn to be happy and free on purpose, healthy, wealthy, and joyfully living life on your own terms. Happiness is a choice and you can always choose to be happy first. Thanks so much for being here now on to today's episode. Lauren G. Foster (36s): All right. And we, so today I was getting ready for the show. And as you know, I've been doing this inside for a really long time, because I was all worried about the audio and that there might be birds chirping, which there are, and there might be this. And like I'm sacrificing my freedom and working where I want to work for this weird thing. So I'm back outside again. And if the audio isn't professional, you know what that's okay because that's what I choose. So I am so happy to have with me today, my guest Linda Beach, Linda and I went to the same life coaching school, the life mastery Institute. Lauren G. Foster (1m 14s): And she, when I first met her, she was in the process of liquidating everything and heading off to Billy's, which I had done something similar back in 2008. So I was so fascinated watching her travels. And since then, we've gotten to know each other better. I've taken her retreat leadership courses. And so we're just going to dive right in. Welcome Linda. Linda Beach (1m 45s): Well, thanks for having me. I'm just giggling because I love that you're sitting outside because your dog just walked by and it's real. And it makes me happy. Just looking at you in this beautiful natural setting. Yeah. And this is my health, you know, this is, this is real life. And soon we're going to talk about this today. Soon as I can, you know, get my itchy feet out on the road, I'll be doing these from different locations. You are. So just start at the beginning, tell us about Linda and how you arrived at what you're doing now. Linda Beach (2m 17s): You've had an awesome career as an entrepreneur and all kinds of things. Tell us about that. Yeah. An interesting journey. So I've been an entrepreneur pretty much my entire adult life. So probably 40 years I've started 13 businesses. Over those years. Some are more successful than others. The last brick and mortar business I owned was a chain of massage and aesthetic schools in South Carolina. And my background is in the spawn wellness industry. And I just loved teaching. I still love teaching in it and that, and being in that industry, but there came a point right about the time I met you when I was becoming certified as a DreamBuilder life coach. Linda Beach (2m 52s): And we had to work through our own dreams. I mean, to become a coach, you go through the coaching, right? As I'm working on that, I had to Ask myself, what is my biggest dream? And I had not given myself permission to dream like super big, because you know, we both know there often we put these little, what are you calling like obstacles, parameters, you know, based on our current limitations. Perfect. So I was going, well, I can't do it because my kids are here. Well, wait a minute. Linda Beach (3m 22s): They're grown. Okay. Well, I can't do it because I have this brick and mortar business, you know? And so I kept coming up against these limitations and then realizing that those were self-imposed. And what if I kept saying, what, if you, you could get rid of all the things that you own and what if you could sell your business and what if your kids were cool with that? What would you do that? So I've always wanted to live in the Caribbean. I love to scuba dive. I love to travel. I just wanted to live somewhere right on the Caribbean. Linda Beach (3m 54s): So that became my dream and my focus. And then I went about the steps of, you know, knocking down what each, what is each obstacle as I went along. And it was crazy how things started aligning and happening. Because once you focus on your dream and really dream big and give yourself that permission and not necessarily know how the heck you're going to get there, right. You're just going to take the very next step. Just, I mean, people say, I can't believe what happened to you. Linda Beach (4m 26s): Like I can't believe that you're so lucky. And I remind them, it's not about being lucky. It's about following your dream, taking one step at a time and having a whole lot of faith that the universe is going to provide what it is that you want. So super long story short, I was living on an Island without a bridge, and I had to pretty much, like you say, liquidate everything and I own including my business. And that wasn't an easy process. There was no, I had to take a boat to the Island. I lived on. Linda Beach (4m 57s): If I wanted to get rid of anything, I had to pay to ferry it off the Island. So that took several months. It was huge. Like that was bigger than go moving to Billy's where I'd never even been. And I didn't know a soul, you know, isn't this going through the process. So I ended up getting rid of everything. I ended up selling my business, which is another really cool story. Maybe we'll say for another day, just amazing how things lined up. And I did, I did move to Belize and launch my online business. Linda Beach (5m 27s): I guess it's been a little over three years ago now, maybe four gosh, 2004 years ago, 2016, I think. Right. Oh my gosh. You know, it's time flies when you're having. Yeah, really. Lauren G. Foster (5m 44s): Okay. So w I don't want to go ahead and get this out of the way. What has this whole COVID-19 thing done Linda Beach (5m 54s): Or for limiting our freedoms to travel? And I Lauren G. Foster (5m 58s): Live here, I live in on the, the border of two States. So Tennessee has some rules and North Carolina has other rules. And then our mutual print, Tammy just moved from California back to Michigan. So she traveled all the way across the country through all different States. And you're getting ready to do that too. So assuming, and we're, we're totally coming back to this, but assuming that our listeners have gone, okay, you know what I'm getting rid of all of my excuses, I'm getting rid of all my limitations. Lauren G. Foster (6m 30s): I'm going to go and see and do what are, what what's different today about being able to travel freely. Then Linda Beach (6m 38s): That's an interesting question because I no longer live in beliefs and I'm actually not in Portofino Portofino. We'll talk about that. Why I have this backdrop up, but so when the whole COVID thing was coming around in March, I was in Hilton head Island, South Carolina, which is near where I started my journey to move to Belize. That's where my, my massage and aesthetics school was. And I had four months of travel planned out, which took me months to plan. Linda Beach (7m 10s): So I was headed to Costa Rica, March 30th. I was then going to Dominican Republic to do, to wellness, tourism events. I was then going to France to look at retreat venues. And then I was going to Italy for a month and a half to travel and host my own retreat. Well, suddenly all of that was off the table. And I had already given up the Villa that I was, had stayed in for five months to go travel for six months. And then I rented it starting this October 3rd. So all of a sudden I was left and I, for lack of a better word, homeless. Linda Beach (7m 42s): Cause I, you know, I just that now what, so it threw me in a bit of a tailspin where to go. So I actually, and I did it. I didn't post this. I'm very visible on social media typically, but I kind of went into a hiding phase as, as a lot of my friends and clients that we've talked about, this where everyone was just in this weird little shell shocked. Oh my goodness. And I grieved first, you know, like I just had to give up this dream and this, and all this work and all this, you know, either refund money and all these things happening. Linda Beach (8m 16s): But I decided that, okay, there are certain things that are outside of our control and COVID is one of them. I couldn't, I couldn't help not being able to travel. I had no control over that, but then you, I shift, I don't believe in a plan B because I believe that if you're focusing on a plan B, then, then your energies are drawn toward that. I was feel like, you know, just plan a all the way. And if plan a doesn't work, then you just get a new plan. So my plan, I didn't work. So now it was time to get a new planning. Linda Beach (8m 46s): And as you and I both know as DreamBuilder life coaches, you have to be specific about what it is that you want. And really think about that and, and put a feeling into it. And so I thought, well, I still want to travel. I still want to be somewhere fabulous. I still want to be in nature, but I have these limitations. So a friend of mine reached out and said, you know, why don't you come to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. My cousin has a, a bill up on the mountain that she that's empty right now. You know, everyone here is wearing mask and it's safe. Linda Beach (9m 18s): And so my family was not okay with us. Like they tried to do a zoom intervention and everybody's like, you can't go. And I'm like, well, first of all, I mean, I'm driving. I drove across the country. That's why I say I did it post about it because I didn't want people. I didn't want negativity. I just knew I would take all the precautions I had. My, my car was armed with like every sanitizing, you know, mass in gloves. And, and I figured I'm going to be in the car most of the time. And so that was the case. It took me actually five days because when I got tired, I just stopped. Linda Beach (9m 50s): And I found a hotel and I did research what States I could travel through and which States had hotels open. And, you know, it was real particular. I had my own sheets and pillowcases and things like that. So I made my way to Colorado and I, I was there for, gosh, let's see. So I got there mid April, may, June, where are we? I was there up until a couple of weeks ago and, and had a lovely time and was able to get out in nature and do some hiking. Linda Beach (10m 20s): And so that's what I imagined that I could do during this time where I'm trying to regroup and figure out what was next and work on my business. And so, and now I'm in Southern California right now. I came here to attend a conference. Well, it was virtual, but I came here to connect with some other entrepreneurs. And now I'm flying back to Denver and getting in my car. I kid you not Lauren, come Friday. I have no idea where I'm staying until October 3rd. I'm going to be in my car driving because I decided that this is my freedom lifestyle. Linda Beach (10m 56s): This is my dream is just to go find quaint little towns where I feel safe, where I, where I can explore, find nature, do some rafting, you know, things that right now, you know, we have certain parameters around what we can do, but I just know that this is my vision, and I'm going to go for it. I'm going to go and figure it out. And under, I know the universe is going to provide that what, whatever it is I need along the way. And so, yeah, I'm heading toward Michigan. I need to kind of go to Tammy and see where she is and we'll see how it unfolds because honestly, I don't know. Linda Beach (11m 31s): People are like, you are so brave. I'm like, it is really kind of scary, but it comes down to just trusting, trusting in myself. I mean, I have, I have what it takes. I've done this before. I've traveled solo. Many times I moved to a country. I didn't know a soul, you know, a foreign country. So I can certainly travel across the United States, even though I can't travel out of the United States right now. That's the plan. Lauren G. Foster (11m 56s): No. And it is such a beautiful demonstration of how we're living our lives. So, and Oh, and I'm so envious. We're going to talk about the reason. I've not like doing what you're doing at the moment and how we allow things to, you know, we had to make decisions about, about our freedoms and things, but so Linda's going to be taking off on the next step that she can see. And then once she's there, she's going to take the next step that what she can see and enjoy every minute. Lauren G. Foster (12m 29s): And by the end of this, she's going to have an amazing journey. And this is what our life is. This is, ah, this is what I so want people to know. And that, that big, important, first step of going, you know what I get to choose. I get to decide how I want my life to be. And then I get, I get to co-create with this amazing universe and get that to happen. It's Oh, I just hope everybody hears this. And I hope that you're blogging and videoing your whole journey so that we can follow you across the country and all the things that you did. Lauren G. Foster (13m 4s): So let's, let's, I also love to travel alone because for a lot of reasons, but sometimes when you travel with friends, you, you stay with your friends and you don't get to meet anybody else. You kind of insulate yourself. So it's, so you miss out on that, on all the new people that you could become friends with. And I like to just do exactly what I want to do without having to consult with at sounds, sounds selfish, but like, if I want to stop and eat hamburgers, I want to do that with no matter what mood anybody else's in, so that I could talk all day about the joys of traveling solo. Lauren G. Foster (13m 44s): But they, you know, I want to hear, I want to hear your thoughts about, about, Linda Beach (13m 48s): Well, I'll tell you I travel. So the first time I went to Italy, I, I knew I could stay 90 days. So I bought a plane ticket for 87 days. I want to give myself a little funk. You know, when I don't speak Italian, I never been to Italy before I had some of the craziest stories. And I did share, I had one, somebody messaged me and said, you know, you shouldn't talk about the mistakes that you make and makes you look unprofessional. It makes me look cumin, go away. When I first got there, I was, I had been traveling all night. Linda Beach (14m 20s): I got on a train in Rome. I took the train. I was going to stay in this little town near Venice. And I had only ever I'm from the South. We don't have a lot of public transportation, never been on the subway in New York a few times. So when I got to my stop exhausted way too much luggage, I mean, I learned so much on that trip, but when the train stopped, I stood there by the door and waited, and then the train took off and I was like, and nobody spoke English on the train. I didn't know what I did wrong. It's so some guy walked over and showed me, there was a button with green arrows. Linda Beach (14m 50s): I was supposed to push it, make the doors open. I thought the doors would open automatically. So I missed my train. Stop ended up having to go way up the road to another town, get off the train and go buy a new ticket, go back the other way, day one, it was foibles, the foibles of Linda in Italy. When I went back last year, where I took this picture, I hiked up to this fabulous castle and I went back and I felt like I got this. Now I've been there three months. But as, as two years solo travel, I went there to travel solo, but I did get lonely. Linda Beach (15m 20s): And especially in a country where I don't speak the language because Italians love to sit around and eat together. And I would be in the corner eating by myself. And I can't, you know, like in Belize, it's an English speaking country. So when I went there and people were chatting, I could, you know, sort of overhear and button or say, Hey, or what Italy, that wasn't the case. So I found myself longing for, to meet up with friends. And thankfully actually had two different friends hosting retreats in Italy during that three months span. So I just jumped in, you know, not only do I host retreats, design, retreats, teach people how to design retreats. Linda Beach (15m 56s): I go on a lot of retreats because I want to have that experience of a small group of likeminded people that are traveling together. And yes, I know what you mean. Like after I travel with friends, I like to have a little solo travel time to do what I want, but it also is fun to say, you know, to my friend who came with me to Portofino this day, she wanted to go in sushi. I'm a vegetarian. So she took a taxi to go to some beach, teach sushi. And I hiked up to the top of this castle because I love castles. So, you know, we were able to kind of come back together and share and share our fun stories from the day in our pictures. Linda Beach (16m 32s): So yeah, my travel is, you know, all over the place. But one thing I don't like to do is get on a big bus with a bunch of people and you know, a guy with a paddle and a microphone and, you know, and then running you through the streets of all the tourist places. I'll never travel ever. Lauren G. Foster (16m 50s): I did one little tour like that in while it wasn't Italy. It was, I can't, I can't remember. But yeah, that, that I did that one time. I'm like, Oh, never again. I'm never going to be herded around to wherever somebody wants me to go though. That's awesome. Okay. So tell us about the picture that is. So she is actually in San Diego, but she's using the beauty of technology to have a backdrop of where she supposed, supposed to be, where she was planning to be. Linda Beach (17m 24s): Yeah. So I went to Italy last fall for a month to, so when you're hosting and planning a retreat, you certainly can do it without not ever being at that venue or that location. Like I hosted a tree retreat in Bali. And even though I'd been in Bali before, I'd never been into any of the venues where we traveled to, but it takes a lot of research. I had an assistant, you know, scour, hundreds and hundreds reviews and contact the venue and see videos. And so you really have to do your due diligence. Linda Beach (17m 55s): Me, I just figured it would be a great tax deductible, excuse to go back to Italy and visit the venues. I'm actually where we would be staying for the retreat that was planned for June 3rd that I had to cancel. So this was one of the days of one of the excursions that was planned for the retreat, which I'm rescheduling for next month. And it was called Footloose and fancy free. And that's what it was about. It was about really like diving into another culture. And you know, the thing about retreats that's different than a tour is that, you know, like on a tour you're running around and, and you're, you know, going to see as much as you can, whereas the retreat. Linda Beach (18m 33s): Yes, you do go visit these wonderful places, but it's about the experience and it's all tied around the theme that you've created for the retreat. So this particular retreat is just about finding your joy and happiness right up your alley, you know, like rekindling that part of you, that is the inner child that wants to delight in just, you know, exploring a castle or eating pasta or gelato whenever you feel like it. That's one thing. And when I got myself permission to eat, whatever they have, I'm not on a diet, I'm going to eat, drink, whatever I want, you know, and I'm going to, if I wake up one day and I want to go left and right, or right, and go, I just do it. Linda Beach (19m 15s): So this is about creating space to go do things together like that. But giving people the time to go off and explore if they want to, or be alone or sit in their room or just sit by the beach. So it's a nice little balance. And that's what I love about retreats. If they're designed, right. It's all about having that balance around a central theme with likeminded people. Like there's a lot of elements that need to line up when you're designing it. So that it's the right experience. It's an, it's a memorable experience. Lauren G. Foster (19m 46s): So, okay. That's a lot of our, a lot of, I ran across a lot of people who are still stuck in their nine to five and they are, they're just, you know, I think a human, one of the basic human desires is freedom is, you know, not, not being constricted and restricted and controlled. And I think we're all yearning for freedom and, you know, varying levels. And so how did you, one of the ways to get time and location freedom is to start your own business. Lauren G. Foster (20m 23s): And a lot of people are like, Oh, well, I don't know. I don't, what can I do? And of course, you know, Amy Porterfield, you're the one who introduced me to her is that you can teach anything. So there are so many options out there. How did you arrive at the, the business that you're in that's location independent, and it's sort of at the same time, how do you teach women to discover what their options are? What their opportunities are to have this freedom lifestyle. Lauren G. Foster (20m 55s): Good. Give us a little bit about that. Linda Beach (20m 57s): Right? So that was a real eye opener for me because I started studying, creating an online business about five years ago before I sold my brick and mortar business, because that was my goal. If I was going to live in Belize, I mean, I couldn't go there as an ex Pat. And I mean, you can start a business, but it's very time consuming, expensive, and a lot of hoops to jump through. I wanted to work online so that I could take my business. So I dove in, but I did everything. I call it bass ackwards as backwards. Linda Beach (21m 30s): The first course I bought was how to create a Facebook ad. I didn't even have a product to sell advertising. I've done everything. I bought all the things I've invested. I don't even know thousands and thousands of dollars in programs and coaching trying to figure it out. I think I have, after almost five years, I have a good grip on it. So as the curriculum developer, someone who's owned a school and designed curriculum and written a textbook for years, I can take a lot of information and boil it down to, I think, an easy to follow step by step plan. Linda Beach (22m 4s): So originally I was going to teach people how to create an online business, because like you say, you know, there's a lot of people stuck in their nine to five as a business owner, mine wasn't nine to five. It was like eight to eight, do whatever it takes. And sometimes even later than that. So it's all about creating the freedom, but that can take a lot of different forms. Like you're saying, you know, I think that, you know, there's, there's, there's like maybe four avenues. You can main avenues, you can sell a physical product. Linda Beach (22m 35s): And there's a lot of people that are in direct sales that so, you know, a skincare line or wine or whatever, right. You could create a course, you could do retreats and then it might be one or two other main, Oh, coaching of course. Right. So originally I was just doing like coaching and the DreamBuilder live coaching. And then when we get on our coaching calls, we would discuss like, what are the next steps to take? But I found, cause I like, I like to do all the things, you know, I wanna, I, I jump in and want to teach everybody everything. Linda Beach (23m 10s): So it became overwhelming where I was trying to teach everyone, you know, like how to create their business, how to decide on their business, how to do retreats. And it was too much. And there are people that do it better than me. I mean, I have to admit that there are people that have great programs that will teach you how to be an online entrepreneur based on what your goal and mission are, because it's not the same for everyone. Right? So for me it was about, okay, well, if, for instance, if I'm in a nine to five job, could I still host retreats? Linda Beach (23m 42s): I actually think it's one of the most brilliant ways to start working in a way that takes you out of your nine to five, gives you the freedom to travel well when, when we're able to travel and make some really good money doing it. So initially I, you know, I started shifting toward just teaching people. That's when you jumped into my program, I was living in Mexico and I did my first launch of rock your retreats and, and, and took people through that. And during that coaching, and that course, you learn about becoming an online entrepreneur and you, so there's a lot of elements involved in that program that teaches people about creating an online business. Linda Beach (24m 23s): But now when this COVID thing happened, it's like now what I was about to relaunch rock your retreats. And I thought, well, that's just that conversation field kind of icky, you know, people aren't thinking of, they're thinking about how to keep, you know, stay safe and healthy, not how to design a retreat to go wherever. Lauren G. Foster (24m 43s): Yeah. Well, but I, I want, I want people like you to be assuming the best that this is going to be behind, as soon as it's all going to be, you know, we're going to survive this and come out better. Just like every other pandemic that we've ever had. Yeah. Linda Beach (24m 60s): I'm just saying it when it first, when it first hit, I was like, wait a minute. Are people really thinking about designing retreats? So the shift I had to shift and think, well, how can we create? Because I still want to work with my clients. And a lot of your listeners are thinking, well, I mean, I want to do a retreat, but what I'm trying to say is in a, probably taken the long way to get there is that I shifted to a virtual model. Like how can we create this experience for now and do it virtually, but do it so that people have a transformation. Linda Beach (25m 34s): Because for me, that's about, that's a reason to have a retreat is because you want to help someone have a transformation. Let's say you're an artist. Maybe you want to teach them how to do a particular type of art. You're a musician. You want to teach them to find their voice. If you're a speaking coach, whatever it is. I mean, people don't realize that they probably already have one, two or 10 gifts that they can take and, and create a retreat around. Lauren G. Foster (26m 1s): Yeah. Limitless, limitless, just courses. You could, you could do a retreat around it, Linda Beach (26m 8s): Anything, anything. And I remember one of the lessons in the course is called one, one big idea, because we all as multi passionate people and multi-passionate entrepreneurs, we have a gazillion ideas, so we need to take it and narrow it down. So your retreat is designed each one around one particular idea and one promise, you know, typically. So, so now shifting to a virtual experience, which is kind of fun because you can do backgrounds like this. Linda Beach (26m 39s): Like you can have everybody, you can teach them how to do a virtual background. And then everybody up at the virtual retreat with their own background where they want to host their next retreat or where they want to travel next. And you know, so you can call it, some people call it a game of finding your virtual retreat. I call it fun of fine. So you're going to fund it by your retreat, creating an experience where people can have the transformation that they crave or that you can provide for them. But there's also ways to monetize it too. So right now I'm focusing on teaching people how to design virtual retreats. Linda Beach (27m 12s): And then of course, in person retreats, they take a lot longer to design. So why not? Now, now it's not. And that was actually the perfect time to start working on your retreat for next year. And I don't know if it was you, but several of the students have reached out to me and said, you know what, I'm going to go back through because now I have the time I'm at home, I have time to really work on creating this retreat experience. Yeah. So to answer your question, I mean, there's a lot to learn about having an online retreat and I don't, I don't want people to get overwhelmed with it because there are, and I do some coaching around it too. Linda Beach (27m 49s): Like how to just, let's just start with what you love, what your dream is. And we'll just start in the very first step. You don't need to take all the steps. You know, you just need to take one step at a time, right? So maybe a retreat is your first step that it gave you a taste of, of whether it's virtual or eventually in person of having the freedom to create an experience for your clients or for, you know, the people that you're going to invite your participants, whether it's virtually or in person Lauren G. Foster (28m 18s): Something you can do while you're still in your nine to five and be, yeah, Linda Beach (28m 22s): Yeah, absolutely. I just need to carve out a little bit of time each day to work on the planning and give yourself a nice long runway. And, and yeah. And then I teach people how to, you know, like, and then what, you know, once you've designed it, how do you get people to sign up? Because, you know, you need to find the right participants. I went on a retreat once and it didn't have a center, it had a central theme, but there really wasn't a clear promise. And so it attracted the weirdest group of disconnected people that didn't, that really, you wouldn't put in a room together on a good day. Linda Beach (29m 0s): You just wouldn't. And that caused some serious problems during the retreat with personalities conflicting. So, you know, it's important to us to have a clear promise around, like, what is it that you're going to get out of this so that you attract the right people to what your event, whether it's in person or virtually with Lauren G. Foster (29m 19s): Or expectations. Yeah, that's, that's a, that's an awesome, important point. Okay. So this is a good time to tell us about your freebie, that she has a something awesome to give to all of you for free. Linda Beach (29m 32s): Well, I have the ultimate virtual retreat roadmap, which is it'll, it'll tell you the, the steps that you need to take to start putting together your virtual. And I have to tell you, and I just probably today, I'm going to post the Lincoln saw, give it to you. Maybe you can post it under this video, but I'm doing a virtual retreat challenge. So grab the freebie because you'll automatically get word of the challenge. I'll send you an invite, but August 3rd, I'm doing a five day virtual retreat rock, your virtual retreat challenge. Linda Beach (30m 3s): And so it's going to take you five days through like all a little dive into the details of creating the virtual retreat. So that it's a fun experience for your participants so that you can make some money doing it so that you know, all the elements to add into your retreat, what to do, what not to do. And, you know, it just had to make it an unforgettable experience. So that's going to be coming up soon too. And, and, and if you design a virtual retreat, you've got a really good headstart on doing an in person retreat. Linda Beach (30m 35s): So you'll have this really great template to get started with because really you'll, once you have your program design, you can take that virtual retreat program and plug it into an in-person retreat. You just need to then go find the venue and, you know, do some of the logistics around traveling. And it doesn't have to be Italy. People are saying, well, do I have to go far, far away or Costa Rica? No, you can also retreat in your backyard. And that might be right. The best place to start is somewhere close that you can drive to, or you can go check out or that people feel comfortable where they don't have to get on an airplane to travel to. Linda Beach (31m 11s): Because even when you know, it is safe to travel, people might be a little, you know, timid at first to go terribly far away. So that's probably where you'll start anyway. So doing virtual retreat is a great place to start for anybody new, or if you've done retreats in person, it's a great place to go to. Now it just to kind of get your mojo back about, you know, leading retreats for sure. Lauren G. Foster (31m 37s): Your five day challenge is for people who want to learn about hosting retreats, right? Linda Beach (31m 43s): Yeah. Virtual it's around virtual retreats, but so the freebie is a blueprint and the five day challenge is going to go through that blueprint in much more detail. So they're both free. So get, grab the freebie. And I'll give you the link to the challenge too, because I would love everyone to participate in that. It's going to be a lot of fun where you can get a lot more detail about designing your virtual retreat. Awesome. Lauren G. Foster (32m 6s): You know, you're inspiring to Linda. It's like if every guest I have on, I'm like, Oh, I'm going to do that. Well, I'm going to do that. Ooh, I want to do that. And I, you know, I took your class a couple of years ago. I don't know, time runs together before COVID-19 and, and I still am just always playing with ideas, but I'm definitely going to get in your challenge and, and see if that gets more solidified in my mind. Cause that's always been, my dream is to let people see the beauty of where I live. Lauren G. Foster (32m 38s): You know, I live in a temperate in Linda Beach (32m 45s): One of these days. Yeah. Lauren G. Foster (32m 47s): That's totally lovely. You know? Well, we'll talk off camera about having you swing by here for a visit on your way back because you know, I can drive you on the scary mountain roads. Linda Beach (32m 59s): Oh, funny. You mentioned that. Well, let me tell ya. Yeah, I did make a little post and said, you guys, I need some ideas on where to go. As long as there's no scary mountain roads. That's still an, Italy's got quite a few of them. It's I keep saying, I, I, you know, we have these fears and I tackle a fear and then I go, Oh, wait a minute. But what about that? It's just a matter of just, you know, one, one at a time, one at a time, right. Lauren G. Foster (33m 25s): I'm totally with you, you know? And so I don't know, fear conserve us and, and fear can hold us back. It's you know, how we, how we look at it and you know, and it's also about what you like. I don't, I don't, you don't like to be on scary. Linda Beach (33m 42s): I like where the roads go. So that's a fear. I really need to talk therapy around it. I have a, one of my cousins just recommended a book. So it's because Italy has a lot of scary mountain roads. And especially driving through Tuscany. I stayed in a little town called Volterra, which is at the top of a tippy top of a mountain. And I had to drive up there and I was just like, you know, going people were honking. Italians don't have any problem on the window because I was going so slow. Linda Beach (34m 14s): That's on my list. I'm working on it. Yeah. Yeah. Got it. Got it. I jumped out of a plane when I was in Belize. I thought that's going to knock that fear out of me, but you know, jumping out of a plane and driving on a scary Mount road, aren't quite the same. But listen, if, if your fear is holding you back from the life of your dreams, then it's time to really do something. And I've had to tackle a lot of fears moving to a country. I didn't know anyone, you know, getting re I actually was afraid to get rid of my possessions and be, I had years and years of accumulated possessions because I loved those things. Linda Beach (34m 52s): And so there was a lot of fear around that. And so just, but listen, if you let these fears hold you back, you're never going to go anywhere. So you just got to, you got to design the dream. You gotta take the first step. You gotta trust in the process. You have to find really good mentors. And that's been a lifesaver for me is finding my tribe, finding people that had my back finding mentors that could kind of lead the way I've worked with many coaches. And I continue to work with coaches every step of the way. So we got each other, right. Lauren G. Foster (35m 23s): Totally. Got it. Got it. All right, guys. It's Linda Beach, Go there and get hooked up with her and get downloaded the freebie and get ready on August 3rd for the challenge that's coming up. It's going to be a lot of fun. I'm going to be there and I'm going to be back here with you next week. So in the meantime, remember that happiness is a choice and you can always choose to be happy first.

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