The How to Choose Happiness and Freedom Show: Special Guest Eva Provedel

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Eva Provedel

Eva Provedel is a Leadership Coach, Communication Trainer and Laughter Yoga Teacher who helps professionals develop the skills to lead from a place of empowerment and confidence. Eva speaks six languages and has lived in three continents. She is passionate about helping others grow and develop. In her spare time, she loves to dance tango and travel the world to explore different cultures and cuisines.


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GET IN TOUCH WITH TODAY'S GUEST. Eva Provedel - Co-Author of BOUNCING BACK: 107 Tips To Become More Resilient
The 9 Pillars of our book are:
  • Appreciation & Celebration
  • Self-Reflection & Awareness
  • Taking Charge, Taking Action
  • Support & Community
  • Mindfulness & Listening
  • Goals & Mindset
  • Wellness & Self-Care
  • Learning & Motivation
  • Reframing & Visualizing
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