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Weight loss is a phrase that we are going to seek to eliminate from your vocabulary, along with a lot of other dis-empowering phrases. “Weight Loss” is both inaccurate and negative. We want to release fat, not weight. And loss implies… well, loss. When we lose something we usually want it back; we want to find it. For our purposes, until we find the exact phrase that works for you, we will talk about achieving our ideal body and optimal health. We might say “releasing fat” or “making great progress” but we will not say weight loss.

If you are looking for a quick “weight loss” program, read no further. This is NOT a diet or fad or program designed to force your body into the shape you want it; to deprive you or tell you what your body needs. If, however, you are willing to embark on a journey of self-discovery, to learn once and for all what feels good and joyous and beneficial for your life and your body, you’re in the right place. We can all discover the foods and activities we love that are also good for our bodies. We are supposed to live in bodies that feel amazing to us, that please us in every way and carry us throughout our lives; to all the places we want to go and all of the things we want to do, with ease and grace and joy. And so I have created…

The BR HAPPY and grow thin VIP program

The Be Happy And Grow Thin VIP Program is a yearlong journey where you learn to live the life of your dreams in EVERY area; relationships, joyful work, time & money freedom and a special emphasis on your body; obtaining your ideal body weight and optimal health. You will learn the skills and habits to keep this blissful state of health for the rest of your life. This all starts with your thinking. There is nothing more strenuous than changing the way you think, but it is an absolute requirement for transforming your body and your life. The main reason weight loss programs don’t work is that no work is done to re-program your thinking and break your old paradigms. 90% or more of people who succeed on a “weight loss” program “find” all of the weight they lost and even more for this reason.

This VIP program is only for those who are serious, committed and ready to commit to investing their time, money and attention in learning a new way to live and think and move in the world. It includes:

Dream Builder Program (3 months)

Life Mastery Program (6 months)

Choice of:

  • Into Your Genius
  • Working With The “Law”
  • Custom Program designed for your specific objectives. (3 months)

You are provided all course materials, including audios, workbooks and meditations, along with a custom journal that will help you discover what your patterns are and how to manage them. This special program also includes nutritional education, shopping and menu planning, guidance in choosing physical activity and other tools to help you discover how to achieve and maintain your ideal body and optimal health and keep them forever!

You are the creator of your life and the master of your health! Decide now that you will steer your ship in the direction of where you really want to be!

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