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Who needs a life coach?  Everyone!

Just look around, the people who are living the most joyous, most successful lives, get help and support and structure from a professional coach.  We cannot see our own paradigms and will just remain stuck in the same patterns, unless we enlist the help of someone to help guide us, and keep us on track toward the life of our dreams.

Ask yourself these questions.  IS YOUR LIFE everything it was meant to be?  Do you have all of the money, love, joy, health and freedom that you want?  Are you deliberately creating your life in joy and growth, each and every day?  Are you thrilled with your work, your body, your relationships, your bank account, your time and money freedom?  Do you wake up every day saying “I LOVE MY LIFE!”  If you are not, ask yourself why not!  And how a professional life coach can help you to finally learn to have, do and be what you want.

All of our Coaching Programs are designed to help you discover your dream and to move confidently and joyfully in the direction of that dream life.   When you know what you really want in the areas of health, career, relationships and time and money freedom, you have the tools needed to guide your own ship.

 “When a man does not know what harbour he is making for, no wind is the right wind.”  Seneca.

Choose your destination!  Dream your dream!  Feel your worthiness and the limitlessness of the universe!  Learn to live your life On Purpose, with joy and focus.

Private, Class and VIP Coaching Programs


Dream Builder

Life Mastery

Into Your Genius

Working with the Law

Standing Firm – When Your World is Shaking

Be Happy and Grow Thin VIP Program


4 Day Mountain Retreat

Total immersion at a secluded mountain location for 4 days of coaching, meditation and yoga, hiking, and communing with nature.
Dates to be announced

On line Coaching Program

Coming in 2016, this program will allow you to work through the steps of the dream building process on your own, with limited access to your coach.

To find out if you would benefit from one of our coaching programs, sign up for a free strategy session.  You will have about a 45 minute long conversation with your coach to determine if you are truly ready to take the next steps to creating your dream life and which program is right for you.  I look forward to talking with you!  

“Be Happy First”

What does it MEAN to be “happy”?


Ok, so you say, “be happy”, what does that even mean? Well, it means something that is completely unique to YOU! A recurring theme is that we are all completely and totally and utterly UNIQUE! I know that’s not good grammar and that the word unique should stand on its own, but I really want you to hear this. UTTERLY UNIQUE! The worlds of science and medicine and psychology and education and fitness….. all the worlds strive to fit us into some category or find some “solution” that works for all or most. This will never be effective because we don’t fit into any category. Each of our needs are unique, they define us, and knowing ourselves and loving ourselves is the best path to achieving anything. There is no right or wrong, no judgment, no prerequisites. Just a simple knowing that tells you when the thoughts you are thinking, the activities you are engaged in, the food you eat, the places you go, where you choose to live, are pleasing to you.
So, what IS happiness? Hopefully each of us has at least one thing that we are absolutely certain is pleasing to us and makes us feel good. It might be making love, or holding your baby, or playing with your pets, or dancing, or listening to music, or lying in the sun, or hiking….. you get my drift. Of all the things in the world, look at your life and pick something that you know always pleases you. Do that thing. Tune in to your heart and your body. What do you see, and feel? Are you smiling? Do you have a feeling in your chest or stomach? Get yourself in a place that you KNOW is a happy place, look around and get really, really familiar with this place. I can’t say exactly what this feels like to you, unique remember? But I can promise that it feels GOOD! Remember this feeling. This is happiness and this is your intention; to figure out a way to have this good, joyful, full feeling as often as possible. Now, there will always be events and circumstances that show up and make it very difficult to feel good. This is ok, actually this is good, because this is where the contrast and learning and growing come in. First, we learn what happiness is, then we learn to find it wherever and whenever we can. An unfortunate event is a learning opportunity and a chance to better define what it is you want. And a “negative” event further highlights the joy of all those other awesome joyful events. I always hesitate to even mention unpleasantness, but for the sake of example. A loved one falls ill or is injured. Most of us can agree that it is practically impossible and most likely feels inappropriate to be happy in this situation. The goal now is to just feel as good as you can, to offer as much positive energy as you can to this situation and person. Maybe you can’t be happy, but you can be hopeful. You can hold a picture in your mind of your loved one, whole and happy and joyful. Joy and bliss are their birthright too. This topic may need a lot more attention, maybe its own retreat, but the simple message is to reach for the best feeling you have access to at the moment. Instead of despair and terror, reach for something a little better feeling to you, maybe even anger, then something better like numbness, then maybe hope, then maybe…… you get the idea. Just try to feel a little better and think the most positive thoughts you can at the moment. All of your creative power is in the now, and the way you feel is the indicator of the type of energy you are transmitting. Resource: ‘Working your way up the emotional Scale’, from the book “Ask and it is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Highly recommended!

Be a Deliberate Creator


You are the author of your own story.  You get to decide how your life goes; what kind of people and events are attracted to you.  Each and every one of us is determining what happens in the next chapter by the thoughts we are thinking now, most of us by default.  It’s better, so much better, to choose the thought that feels good now and watch the other thoughts, events, money, ideas….. everything good that begins to appear in your life.  Creating on purpose, that’s what I do.  In every aspect of my life.  You can do it too!  

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