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FABULOUS SPEAKER!  You, your guests, your attendees will walk away feeling inspired and joyous, eager to put the practices Lauren teaches to work in their own lives!  Lauren Foster is an energetic, amusing, enthusiastic and passionate speaker.  She delivers a dynamic, interactive, inspiring and uplifting presentation, in a ten minute speech or a 3 day weekend workshop and everything in between. Her powerful message of living, working, loving and creating according to your vision guarantees amazing results and transformed lives. She is a versatile speaker who can tailor her message toward virtually any goal that you have for your group or business. Her specialties include:

Sales Trainer and speaker:

As a veteran of more than 30 years in Sales, Sales Management and Entrepreneurship, Lauren has seen first-hand how these principles work in the sales and business building arena. One of her greatest passions is sharing this knowledge with powerful presentations and workshops that inspire, motivate and exponentially expand results. Work less, earn more! Love your work, love your bank account. Love your life!

Weight Loss and Health Management coach and speaker

Like more than 90% of Americans, Lauren has encountered the problem of carrying around more weight than she would care to. Like very few, she has learned how to apply the principles living a vision based life to attaining the ideal weight and optimal health and KEEPING it. Her intensive studies of food and nutrition and her life work have ideally suited her to teach people to get in touch with their bodies and design a lifestyle that is suited to their unique needs; not trying to get one “diet” to work with everyone. We are all unique, and Lauren is an expert at teaching us to embrace and love ourselves and to work in harmony with the laws of the universe.

Business Building and success coach and speaker.

Similar to sales training, but specifically tailored for entrepreneurs.

In ANY area of life: health, relationships, joyful work, time freedom, money freedom; Lauren is a speaker who has a mission of expansion; For every person and for the Universe.

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